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How do I beat Galactus?

I've tried to beat Galactus, but i barely damage him in time... I've tried different characters, but that doesn't work either. How am i supposed to kill this thing?


MyJeffHardyhat answered:

Stay in close and go combo crazy, use Advanced Block on all his attacks, Save up Hyper Combos till 3 or more and use Team Hyper Combos when its safe. Do your best to wipe out his hearlds with your point character WITHOUT using any meter. Save X factor when you are down to your last character and let him have it. Thats whats been working for me every time I've dropped his goofy helmet ass.
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supersushichef answered:

Do what MyJeffHardyhat typed, but instead of using team hyper combos, use vergil's dimension slash
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