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Level Help Answers
How do I beat Galactus? 2
Plot/Storyline Help Answers
Do you still get crap endings? 1
Other Help Answers
DLC question? 0
About downloading it? 1
Anyone ? 1
Can I buy the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Strategy Guide online? 1
Can you use Galactus for VS mode or only Arcade? 1
Can't download Jill...? 1
Card Farming for Heroes and Heralds? 2
Does anyone know when Heroes and Heralds will be released? 2
How do you change the L1,R1,L2, and R2 buttons to show different messages? 1
I'm having trouble reading "annotations/acronyms/codes" for button inputs...? 1
Is felicia a teenager or adult? 1
Is the story mode still like the first one? 6
Is there a difference in game speed between the two platform versions? 2
Menues? 1
Sould i get this for ps3 or vita? 4
Ancient Warrior ? 1
Are all the trophies i earned from the original one can be still be unlocked?? 1
Can anyone a Morrigan scrub out? 1
Can dlc other then the characters for the orignal MvC 3 work for ultimate? 2
Do i have to download dlc characters again? 2
Do the old characters have new themes? 2
Does all the characters are unlocked from the beggining? 2
Galactus moveset? 3
How do you pick galactus from the lineup ? 2
How were the new character leaked? 2
I have a mvc 3 save file so what do i get? 2
Is this an expansion or a compleat game? 3
Is this game hard to play without a fight stick like sf4? 2
New Mode? 1
Nudity? 4
Resetting Online records? HVH 1
Should i get this? 3
So i have MvC3, is the gameplay still the same in Ultiamte? More combos? 1
What are the power grids for the new Capcom characters? 1
What new stuff is in the online? 1
When will the DLC costume be available? 2
When will the Hero and Herald mode released? 1
Where is Jill?!?! 1
Wheres mega man? 3
Why? yiffg 1

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