Vergil by Zenet11

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                  Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3

                       Vergil Character Guide

                         Created by Zenet11

          Table of Contents:

            [CB]  Character Bio
            [PN]  Personal Notes
            [ML]  Move Layout
            [BA]  Basic Actions
            [SA]  Special Actions
            [HC]  Hyper Combos
            [GM]  In-Game Missions
            [CS]  Combo Suggestions
            [CN]  Closing Notes

[CB]  Character Bio: In-game
 Real Name:

  Dark Knight

   In addition to his super-human powers, he is also a skilled swordsman.
 Similar to Dante, his Devil Trigger allows him to transform for a limited
 time and gain access to demonic powers

  Devil Arm "Yamato," which is a katana he inherited from his father Sparda.

   Son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, and Dante's twin brother.  Vergil
 blames himself for not having been able to protect his mother as a young boy,
 and believes that power is everything.  Unlike Dante, he has embraced his
 demonic heritage, and is willing to do whatever it takes to gain absolute

 First Appearance:
 Devil May Cry 3 (2005)

 Power Grid:
 Intelligence:     ###
 Strength:         ####
 Speed:            ###
 Stamina:          ######
 Energy Projection:####
 Fighting Ability: ######

[PN]  Personal Notes
   In addition to Yamato, Vergil also weilds the Force Edge and Beowulf.

   "Flash gauntlets and greaves.  The set boosts Vergil's speed making
 him a powerhouse."-DMC3 file
   In this game, Vergil can use the Beowulf to perform deadly close range
 combos.  While Vergil doesn't have as many attacks with the Beowulf as Dante,
 his attacks are still effective and difficult to avoid.

 Force Edge
   "A sword magically imbued with Sparda's power.  A powerful sword with great
 hidden potential."-DMC3 file
   In this game, Vergil can use the Force Edge to perform similar attacks as
 Dante with Rebellion.  Force Edge attacks are great at extending combos.
 Side note, the Force Edge is the unpowered version of the Sparda blade that
 Trish weilds.

 Actual First Appearance:
 Devil May Cry (2001)
   In this game, Vergil played the part of a boss character named Nelo Angelo.
 His true identity was hidden to both the player and Dante due to his dark
 armor.  Also, he did not weild Yamato, but instead he held a greatsword.
 It wasn't until the third and final battle against him that his identity was
 reveiled after he removed his helmet.  The reason that Vergil was like this,
 was because he challenged the Prince of Darkness (Mundas) at the end of DMC3
 and lost.  Mundas then corrupted his soul and took control of him.

[ML]  Move Layout
   This is how I will be refering to movements in this guide.  All
 descriptions will be according to if Vergil is facing to the right.  Movement
 will be in lowercase letters, actions will be in uppercase.  I will also be
 refering to attack reach as 'character lengths'.  One character length would
 be equivalent to the width of Vergil's body on the screen.

 Name of Action: Description
    Button Combination
 Distance of Action
 *additional notes*

 L:  Light Attack
 M:  Medium Attack
 H:  Heavy Attack
 S:  Special
 f:  Foward
 b:  Back
 d:  Down
 u:  Up
 df: Down-foward
 db: Down-back
 DA: two attack buttons


BA]  Basic Actions

 Light Attack:  A rising strike with Yamato's sheath 
 3 Character Lengths
 40,000 Damage

 Medium Attack:  A downward strike with Yamato's sheath
 3 Character Lengths
 60,000 Damage
 *moves Vergil foward slightly*

 Heavy Attack:  An upward slash with Yamato
 4 Character Lengths
 85,000 Damage
 *moves Vergil foward*

 Crouching Light Attack:  A rightward sweep with Yamato's sheath
 2 Character Lengths
 45,000 Damage

 Crouching Medium Attack:  A leftward sweep with Yamato's sheath
 2 Character Lengths
 63,000 Damage

 Crouching Heavy Attack:  A straight-foward slash with Yamato
 3 Character Lengths
 80,000 Damage
 *knocks down enemy*

 Aerial Light Attack:  An upward strike with Yamato's sheath
 2 Character Lengths
 43,000 Damage

 Aerial Medium Attack:  A sudden slash with Yamato
 3 Character Lengths
 65,000 Damage

 Aerial Heavy Attack:  A downward slash with Yamato
 3 Character Lengths
 88,000 Damage

 Special Attack:  A rising slash with Yamato
 4 Character Lengths
 90,000 Damage
 *launches enemy+can be chased*

 Aerial Special Attack: A diagonal kick to the ground with Beowulf
 Diagonally down across the screen
 90,000 Damage
 *bounces opponent once*

 Ground Dash: Quickly move foward/backward
    f>f or DA / b>b or b+DA
 4 Character Lengths
 Quick movement

 Taunt: Challenge your opponent
    taunt button
 4 second taunt, cannot cancel

[SA]  Special Actions

 Stinger:  A rushing thrust with Force Edge
 Half of a full screen
 80,000 Damage

 High Time:  A rising strike with Force Edge
 3 Character Lengths + Aerial
 100,000 Damage
 *moves Vergil foward and up, launches enemy, cannot chase*

----->Trick:  A teleport to the ground after High Time
       H (durring High Time)
      Straight Down
      Teleport (no damage)

 Helmet Breaker:  A drop to the ground with Force Edge
    d+H (in air)
 Straight Down
 90,000 Damage
 *ground-bounces opponent*

----->Trick:  Teleport closer to your enemy after Helmet Breaker
       L (durring Helmet Breaker)
      Near opponent
      Teleport (no damge)

----->Trick Down:  Teleport behind your opponent after Helmet Breaker
       M (durring Helmet Breaker)
      Behind Opponent
      Teleport (no damage)

----->Trick Up:  Teleport above your opponent after Helmet breaker
       H (durring Helmet Breaker)
      Above Opponent
      Teleport (no damage)

 Upper Slash:  A downward slash with Yamato after a special attack hit
    H (on contact with S)
 3 Character Lengths
 63,700 Damage (varriable because its part of a combo)
 *bounces opponent, can lead into another S attack*

 *ALPHA ASSIST ATTACK = homes in on opponent*
 Judgement Cut:  Vergil steps back and instantly slashes and re-sheathes his
 sword, producing a sphere of violent slashes.
 L creates a sphere in front of Vergil, M creates a sphere 5 character lengths
 away, H creates a sphere 7 character lengths away.
 122,600 Max Damage (over 5 hits, same damage for L/M/H)

 *BETA ASSIST ATTACK = strikes from player's position* 
 Rising Sun:  Vergil performs two rising kicks with the Beowulf
 3 Character Lengths + Aerial
 50,000+72000=122,000 Total Damage (over 2 hits)
 *moves Vergil foward and up, launches opponent, cannot chase*

----->Trick:  Teleport to the ground after Rising Sun
       H (durring Rising Sun)
      Straight Down
      Teleport (no damage)

 Lunar Phase:  A spinning aerial drop kick
 3/4 of the whole screen, foward
 154,100 Max Damage (over a possible 8 hits)
 *ground bounces opponent*

 *GAMMA ASSIST ATTACK = strikes from player's position*
 Rapid Slash:  A rushing barrage of slashes with Yamato
 Entire screen horizontally
 143,200 Max Damage (over a possible 5 hits)
 *knocks opponent down*

 Trick:  Teleport closer to opponent
 Close to opponent
 Teleport (no damage)

 Trick Down:  Teleport behind opponent
 Behind opponent
 Teleport (no damage)

 Trick Up:  Teleport above opponent
 Above opponent
 Teleport (no damage)

 Round Trip:  Throw Force Edge foward 
    hold any attack button, release when Vergil's hand glows
 Entire Screen horizontally
 162,200 Possible Damage (over 16 possible hits, results varry greatly based
 on placement of players)
 *drags opponent with the blade*

[HC]  Hyper Combos

 Dimension Slash
    d>df>f+DA (in air OK)
 Entire Screen
 Varriable Damage, can do 200,000+ (over 15+ hits)
 *Vergil is semi-invincible durring attack*

   This hyper combo is an uber version of Judgement Cut.  When Vergil performs
 this move, he dissapears from the screen and a wave of Judgement Cuts fill
 the area.  The entire screen near Vergil gets attacked which makes this
 attack almost impossible to dodge.  That being said, this attack will almost
 always hit your opponent or force them to block.  If Vergil and your opponent
 are far apart height-wise, some of the attack will not reach your opponent.

 Spiral Swords
 Centered on Vergil
 15,000 Damage on contact; 180,200 max damage (over upto 18 hits)
 *swords fade after 4 seconds of no action, break from contact*

   This is a varriable hyper combo.  The ring of swords that surround him can
 be used for both offense and defence.  If used in the middle of a combo, they
 boost damage; on defence your opponent cannot get close to use melee attacks.

----->Sword Storm  *USES 1 HYPER COMBO BAR*
       d>df>d+S (durring Spiral Swords)
      Focused above opponent, opponent cannot collide with blades
      50,000 Damage X 6 Blades, Blades fire after 4 seconds

   Sword Storm is a great hyper combo to stop your enemy in their tracks.  No
 matter what kind of fighter they are, the blades will follow and assault
 them.  The only major downside is that placing the blades drains and extra
 hyper combo bar.

----->Blistering Swords  *USES 1 HYPER COMBO BAR*
       L/M/H+S (durring Spiral Swords
      Focused around Vergil, aimed at opponent, projectile
      60,000 Damage X 6 Blades, Blades fire straight after 4 seconds

   This action arms Vergil's summoned swords for attack, increasing their
 damage.  Alone, this action has little use.  Only arm the blades using this
 when you have a clear shot, because this action drains an extra hyper combo

      ----->Summoned Swords
             L+S fires sword straight, M+S fires sword diagonaly up, H+S fires
            sword diagonaly down; projectile (durring Blistering Swords)
            60,000 Damage X 6 Blades
   After performing Blistering Swords, this action allows the player to
 manually fire the swords.  Vergil can focus the blades in any frontal
 direction, allowing for rapid projectile attacks against any height.  Swords
 fire from top to bottom.

 Devil Trigger
 Hyper Combo Powerup
 12-second increase to attack power, healing factor, movement speed increase
 *Vergil can air dash durring this Hyper Combo Power-up*

   Pulling the Devil Trigger grants Vergil great power for a short time.  This
 time is not used up if he tags out with one of his allies.  Durring this
 hyper combo, you can use his LV3 Hyper Combo the Dark Angel.

  *Dark Angel*
 LV3 Hyper Combo
    d>db>b+DA (durring Devil Trigger)
 Half of a full screen, foward Stinger attack, undodgeable/unblockable on hit
 610,000 Damage, 35 Hits
 XF lv1: 762,500 Damage
 XF lv2: 915,000 Damage
 XF lv3: 1,067,500 Damage
 *ends Devil Trigger state*
   Vergil stabs his opponent with Yamato, then proceeds to viciously slash
 them with a hellish fury.  As he slashes, summoned swords appear around his
 opponent.  With the final slash, Vergil turns around, reverts back to normal,
 and sheathes his sword while saying "Rest in peace".  The moment Yamato
 clicks into the sheath, all the summoned swords impale the helpless opponent.
   The Dark Angel is an extremely damaging Hyper Combo.  It can eliminate an
 enemy with half health or less.  Durring X-factor, this hyper combo is almost
 an instant-kill.  The only tricky part about using this attack, is that
 Vergil must be in Devil Trigger to use it, costing an extra hyper combo bar
 and only giving a 12 second window to use it.

[GM]  In-game Missions
 Mission 1:  Attack using Judgement Cut.                                     *  
      Judgement Cut L (d>df>f+L)

 Mission 2:  Attack using Rapid Slash.                                       *
      Rapid Slash (f>d>df+H)

 Mission 3:  Attack using Spiral Swords.                                    **
      Spiral Swords (f>d>df+DA)

 Mission 4:  Perform a combo using a cancel.                                **
      d+L>d+M>d+H>Lunar Phase (f>d>df+M)

 Mission 5:  Perform a combo using an air combo.                           ***
      d+L>d+M>d+H>S>(chase)>Air M>M>H>S

 Mission 6:  Perform a combo using a hyper combo cancel.                   ***
      L>M>H>Stinger(f+H)>Rising Sun(f>d>df+L)>Air Dimension Slash(d>df>f+DA)

 Mission 7:  Perform a combo using an air throw with a hyper combo cancel.****
      Air Font Throw>H>Stinger>Trick>d+H>S>H>S>Air M>M>H>Air Dimension Slash

 Mission 8:  Perform a combo using X-factor (corner only).                ****
      Helmet Breaker>High Time>X-Factor>Air M>H>S>Standing H>Stinger>Trick>d+H
      >S>Air M>M>H>Air Dimension Slash 

 Mission 9:  Perform a combo with a crossover assist (corner only).      *****
      Stinger>Spiral Swords>Stinger>Blistering Swords>Stinger>Summoned Swords>
      Summoned Swords>Summoned Swords>Summoned Swords>Summoned Swords>
      Summoned Swords>Stinger>S>H>S>Air H>Helmet Breaker>
      Assist 1 (Dante: Crystal)>Dimension Slash

 Mission 10:  Perform a special combo (corner only).                     *****
      Stinger>Rising Sun+Air Trick>Air M>H>S>Standing H>Stinger>Trick>d+H>S>
      Air M>H>Helmet Breaker>Spiral Swords>High Time>X-Factor>Judgement cut L>
      Lunar Phase>Devil Trigger>Dark Angel

[CS]  Combo Suggestions
 Basic ground combo:
 crouching (damage) or standing (range) L>M>standing H>Stinger

   Following basic ground combo:
 1:  (corner combo) Lunar Phase>Rising Sun>*Air Dimension Slash*
 2:  [S>H>S] OR [Lunar Phase>S] (chase) >Air L>L>M>M>H>*Dimension Slash*
   LV3 Hypercombo (durring Devil Trigger)
 Combo #2, instead of dimension slash use Helmet Breaker or S into Dark Angel

[CN]  Closing Notes

 The character Vergil and the game Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom are owned by
 Capcom.  This guide was created by Zenet11 and submitted to
 ONLY.  Should this guide be found on any other site it is STOLEN.  Should you
 have any comments, questions, or suggestions for or about this guide, send me
 a PM on

Version 1.0 = Initial Submission
Version 1.1 = Fixed grammatical errors, added notes, fixed text
Version 1.2 = Added Combo Suggestions and In-game Missions
Version 1.3 = Improved Hyper Combo information