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Purchase/Download Problem (Maybe)?

I purchased and downloaded the Rezurrection Map Pack today, and found I only recieved only the Moon map. And it was said I would get the 4 other zombie maps (WaW maps anyway). Does anyone know what mistake I may had made or any suggestions?

Miller115 provided additional details:

Opps! It DOES come with Rezurrection. Incase you do have the same problem, I suggest going to the Master Account>Account Settings>Transaction History>Download List. It should be there.


promisetomysoul answered:

Yeah I had the same problem as well, and was freaking out. The WaW stages didn't show up after I had dl'd the Rezurrection pack, so I redl'd it many times thinking my dl'd was corrupted somehow. I then checked my dl history and saw the map packs there, but I never dl'd them which was odd. It was poorly planned to not just include everything in the Rezurrection DLC and to have them as 4 separate downloads. It was even worse considering that the WaW maps download don't show up in the Rezurrection pack once you've already accessed them.
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kanereno answered:

O.M.G you guys just saved me big time i got this map pack as a christmaspresent and then could not play them with my friends so thanks. YOU GUYS RULE!!!!!!!
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