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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find e-tech gun?

After killing doc mercy I suppose to get the E gun n kille 25 bandits with the gun. Well his gun disappears n I can't find it.

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From: N3V4N5 2 years ago

I had this same problem, it fell through the map. Exit to the menu and go back. Doc Mercy will be dead and the gun will be on him, where he first appears.

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When it happened to me i left the area and came back and he was dead where he started from and i looted him there.

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E-tech guns are distinguished by their bright-purple (a brighter "purple" than the standard purple drops) and can be found throughout the game in chests and from enemies. The first one you get other than the quest E-tech off Doc Mercy is the one Zed gives you as a reward for turning it in.

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