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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find Jimmy Jenkins?

Its the last level 1 challenge I have left, and I have no idea where he is.

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From: Elite236 2 years ago

Enter the bunker, turn around enter thousand cuts again, save quit and reload, u will start off at bunker entrance head back towards the beginning and loot every chest along the way, when u have past all the chests quit reload, do it again. I was level 50 way past tannis doc mission and still got him to spawn 2nd try with this method! If u have any issues pm me ill help. Ive gotten that blue bugger twice now (second time by accident ) i hate jimmy jenkins and wow!!

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From what I've heard, he's just like a loot midget and can be found in any ammo chest. I haven't looked into it for a while, but I suppose your best bet is to open every chest you come across and hope for the best.

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@ crazy umm i think your talking about a jet loot robot which is not jimmy jenkins. To locate jimmy he isn't in 1 place but a # of places, just look for his wanted poster he is usually in that location, i found him at beginning of opportunity to left.

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I've only found Jimmy Jenkins once. It was in Thousand Cuts on my way towards the take on BUNK3R. He was in a random ammo chest inside the Hyperion facility (for lack of a better word). I actually found him on my second storming of the facility to farm some items. I think finding him is completely random, like a loot midget, but I can't say definitively.

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Jimmy Jenkins spawns in any location a Hyperion Loot Midget/Loader can appear (Hyperion Ammo boxes, Cardboard boxes, lockers, etc.)

The easiest way to spawn him is to have Doctor's Orders subquest active and have none of the echoes found. You get the subquest from Tannis and it takes place in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Once you have the quest, move through the area until you get to the containment area. Kill all of the skags and stalkers that spawn here and then find the room with a red treasure container on one side and 4 cardboard boxes on the other. Each of these cardboard boxes will have a Loot Midget or Loader inside. Make sure you do not accidentally grab the Echo that is in one of the boxes as that would stop the Loot Midgets/Loaders from spawning there.

This works on PS3 as of 10/27/12

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Google: "Borderlands 2 Trophy Roadmap", it'll be the first choice, under
They have a small guide dedicated to just this Challenge.
Following this guide, I only had to open 6 Boxes in the area it mentions, literally 2 tries.

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I've seen him pop up in the boxe that be in opportunity

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I m 99% sure that he shows up in any lootable box in hyperion land ( engineers and loader places ie opportunity etc ) i've gotten him in the preserve once or twice right by blood wings enclosure

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I found Jimmy Jenkins in the Hyperion Wildlife Preserve twice, but my friends have been able to find him in (Or near) Hyperion loot chests, the big, red ones with green and yellow lines on it.

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