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How do I beat Pyro Pete The Invincible ?

I have the best weapons with a bee sheild and i am doing max damage but cant full kill him dying everytime ?

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Wanz44 answered:

Go co-op with someone.
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ninja3213 answered:

I suggest using the babymaker and the shock CC. Also remember to keep him slagged.
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ZeAtomicBanana answered:

Try to find a shield that reduces fire damage. And definitely slag him.
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J_Crae answered:

I just figured out how to solo him, I suggest going in the glitch and when he jumps up their jump down, and idk what class u play as but gunzerker is the best becaude you can have a slag weapon in one hand and the SANDHAWK in the other Which you can get from the mission whoops from the previous dlc, this weapon is god because even with the bee nerd it does hella damage. Or the redundent fibber from the mission with mal in eridum blight, but when u get these weapons have another account sivhned it just incase u get a bad varient like fire or corrosive bc he's immune to it. Also when he does his little fire and corrosive explosion take cover behind a piller.
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