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Item Location Help Answers
anyone have strong super rare items I can dupe? 0
Been looking for certain items and cannot get them at all? 0
Could I have Social Conference Call assistance? 0
Legendaries and/or skins for Assassin? 0
Another way to Skullmasher? 1
Any body got level 50- 53 infinity pistol? 3
Any tips for finding the (Unique) Cobra Sniper Rifle? 1
Any1 willing to dupe the gold box skins? 1
Baby maker and infinite pistol help? 5
borderlands 2. I need a maggie. help? 1
Can any1 help me with the bee shield? 2
Can anyone drop some POWERFUL level 61 weapons? :) PSN: paddygti 1
Can anyone dube some legendary weapons? 1
Can anyone dup some level 50s for me? 1
Can anyone dupe mod shield for me? 1
Can anyone dupe/give me a Conference Call? 7
Can anyone give me an infinity pistol? 1
Can anyone help me with a bee shield? 2
Can anyone help me with a couple legendaries? 1
Can anyone help me with the conference call? 1
Can anyone let me borrow an Afterburner relic? 1
Can I get an Infinity Pistol? 2
Can some dup a couple of lv 50 legendarys for me? 2
Can some one dupe me a lvl 50 infinity pistol and critical conference call? 1
Can somebody dupe me the terramorphous relic? 4
Can someome dupe me modded weapons? 2
Can Someone Dupe a LVL 50 Yellow Jacket? 1
Can someone Dupe an Infinity Pistol with me? 8
Can someone dupe me a Bee shield please? 1
Can someone dupe me a Conference Call lvl 61 and/or infinity pistol? 2
Can someone dupe me a few items? 1
Can someone dupe me an infinity pistol? Or trade? 1
Can someone dupe or trade a level 72 Twister? 1
Can someone dupe pearlescents please? 2
Can someone dupe the critical confress call pleaseeeee? 4
Can someone duplicate me any Conference call Shotgun and level 50 bee shield? 2
Can someone duplicate me any Infinity pistol, legendary siren mod, and b**** smg? 4
Can someone give me an infinity pistol? 1
Can Someone Help Me Get A Hoplite? 1
Can someone join my game and drop some REALLY good shields and guns and other equipment for my character? 1
Can someone PLEASE dupe me a Infinity Pistol? 2
Can someone please dupe me some items? 5
Can someone please duplicate me an infinity or conference call please? :) 1
Can someone trade me and infinite pistol? 2
Can you help me? 2
chest in crimson HQ? 4
Could I please get a duplicate for the infinity pistol? 1
Could someone help me with legendaries? 1
Does anyone have a legendary siren class mod or any seraph weapons they could dup to me? 2
Does the Vault Hunter Relic help with Orange/Cyan/Pink/Unique weapon farming? 2
Dup/trade level 50-56 bee or sham? 1
Dupe Conference Call for dupe Infinity Pistol? 1
Duping Baby Maker? 2
Eridium ? 2
Guns kept? 1
Heads/skins for all characters? 1
Hellfire duping? 1
Help with Siren heads dropped by Henry and BNK3r? 1
How do I get seraph crystals? 1
How do you dupe weapons? 1
I can give you any item in game :D? 1
I need infintiy pistol so bad plz help? 1
I need kreigs " I can't breathe in this" head... Trade? 1
Infinity Pistol !? 1
Infinity pistol lvl 35 pls? 1
Infinity plz? 2
Is Anyone Willing To Dupe critical confres? 2
Is it true that you can find Norfleet places other than Vermi? 2
Is the head Vault Veteran: Doctor Crazy obtainable without a borderlands 1 save? 1
Legendary Items? 2
Legendary mecromancer? 2
LF Conference Call? 2
Looking for anyone who can dupe Conference Call and/or The Bee? 4
Lv 50 bee/ tediore allegiance relic 70/30 dupe? 1
Michael Mamaril help? 1
Norfleet Help? 2
Orange weapons? 1
Please someone dupe or trade me a legendaries i have alot of legendaries!!!!? 2
Power of grenade mods? 1
Shredifier lvl 50? 1
Slot machine glitch in Sanctuary? 6
someone dupe me an emperor level 58-61? I really need one 1
Trade for head customizations? 2
Trade/Dup? 1
Unkempt Harold drop rate ungodly low? 2
Unkempt harold sand hawk and redundant fibber? 1
What are all the different types of cobra's? 1
What happened to turtle & anshin shields? 1
Whats the better choice of grenade? 2
Where are ALL legendary guns? 2
Where can I find (all seeing eye and til death do us part)? 1
Where can I find (bank)? NOT CLAPTRAP STASH 3
Where can I find (Kreig Heads)? 1
Where can I find (moxxi's guns)? 3
Where can I find Aggression Relic? 3
Where can I find all three of mordecai's stashes? 1
Where can I find an ifiniti pistol? 1
Where can I find conference call or other really good weapons and equipment on borderlands 2 game of the year edition? 5
Where can I find conference call shotgun? 3
Where can I find crystalight? 1
Where can I find some help with these? 2
Where can I find the 4th echo of maya? 1
Why did I not receive a golden key for my Shift account? 4
Why I got 9 golden keys in coop mode online? 2
Will anyone dupe me a Conference caller or A Grouned bee shield? 1
A straight answer about Eridium? 1
Any idea on how to get more Golden Keys besides preorder or registering with SHIFT? 3
Anyone dupe me shock sandhawk and plasma caster? 1
Are the Pre-Order Bonuses worth it and exclusive? 3
Bugged Sniper? 1
Can any one dup some legendarys for me? 1
Can anybody get me an infinity pistol? 1
Can anyone dupe me the babymaker and infinity pistol? 1
Can anyone duplicate me a Kawaii Killer head? 2
Can some one dup some Lv 50 Legens for me? 1
Can somebody plz dupe me the infinity pistol or conference call lvl 50? 1
Can someone dupe me a black modded weapon ? 1
Can someone dupe me a Critical Conference call(Shock).? 1
Can someone dupe me a level 35 infinity gun? 1
Can someone dupe me any lvl 50 legendary wepon? 1
Can someone dupe me some class mods? 1
Can someone dupe The Bee shield and and Infinity Pistol for me? 2
Can someone duplicate me any Conference call Shotgun? 1
Can someone help me get the Bee? 2
Can someone help me please? 1
Can someone spot me a infinity pistol? 1
Can the preorder bonus be used on multiple characters? 2
Can yo help me with conference call and the bee please? 1
Can you get the special edition skin/heads without the code? 1
Conference Call & Inf. Pistol??.. 1
Conference Call? 2
Could somebody dupe me an ALKALINE Bee please? 1
Could someone dupe me an infinity pistol? 1
Does anyone have a lvl 61 electric sandhawk for ps3? 1
Drop Rate Question and maybe helping on some Items? 1
Golden chest? 1
Golden Keys? 2
How do I unlock the third and fourth weapon slots? 1
How does elemental % work for a Relic AND class mod? 1
Icon next to item? 2
Increased Legendary Drop Rate? 1
Infinity gun? 1
Infinity? 1
Infnity Pistol? 1
Is it me, or does Hyperion and Dahl suck a$$ this time round? 1
Is someone willing to dupe a conference call and a volcano? 1
Is there a good way to find Eridium faster? 3
Legendary Farming? 1
Looking For Raz0r/Unreality/G4l4h4d Zero heads? 1
ok im starting to get frustrated!!!! Help?? 1
Pls dupe me a infinte pistol lv50 and babymaker smg lv50? 1
Roland's red text? 1
Sharing Is Caring? 1
Skill trees and class mods? 2
What are the requirements to get Rocket Launcher ammo to first appear in shops? 1
Where can I find e-tech gun? 3
Where can I find E-tech weapons? 2
Where can I find Seraph Stones? And what are they? 1
Where can I find the rapid infinity gun? 1
Where can I find the slot machine in The Dust? 1
Where can I get an Infinity Pistol? 2
Who can share xxx head with me ? 1
Witch shot gun now? 1

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
Borderlands 2 dlc? 1

Technical Help Answers
(Steam cloud ?) 0
Borderlands 2 Keeps Glitching Out? 0
Can antone get me a level 45 infinity pistol ? 0
Can antone get me a level 45 infinity pistol ? 0
used GOTY? 0
Why don't i get emails from SHiFT for new codes? 0
Audio Logs? 1
Can someone explain the "matchmaking" thing? 4
Can you play across platforms? 1
Cap'n scarlet dlc? 1
DLC black screen, anyone have the solution? 1
Fink's Slaughterhouse Glitch Problems? 1
Gibbed File Corruption? 1
Heads and Skins? 1
How can i use my previous saved file? 3
How do i use the saved files? Explanation if possible 1
Is it possible to have a multiplayer borderlands 2 game between a ps3 and xbox 1? If so how can I set that up? 1
Missing side missions bug? 1
Other account? 1
Please help? 1
Torgue DLC Lootsplosion not working? 1
Why can't I accept the "my first gun" mission in true vault hunter mode? 1
Why is Gaige less vocal than the others? 1
4 players, 2 tvs, 2 ps3, 2 games. Is it possible? 3
Can I listen to that audio log that zero started the game with again?? 4
Can you put someone else save on your file? 2
Filesharing Question Help? 3
Game glitched? 1
How buggy is it game without update in solo offline ??? 1
Is there a way to go above level 50 short of hacking the game? Say, lv. 127? 1
Optional installation to the harddrive? 1
Splitscreen glitch? 1
The 1.01 patch? 2
Why can't I open a backed up save? 1
Why can't I sign in to multiplayer with mulitiple Profiles? 5
Why does my health go to 0 when i activate deathtrap? 1
Why does the game keep logging me out when someone joins my game? 1
Why does the invoncibles dont drop the crystals? 1
Why doesn't anyone join me? 2

Other Help Answers
Anybody got these grenades? 0
Anyone want to play? 0
Can anyone dupe me modded stuff? 0
can anyone duplicate me a Maggie between the levels 40 and 50 I've been farming for days anyone willing to help me out? 0
Can anyone help me farm vermi? 0
Can anyone help me get a good gun for a level 13 or level 14? 0
Can I get a level 72 slag Rubi with a blade attachment? 0
can someone give/ dupe me kriegs HAHAHAHA head? 0
Can someone help me powerlevel? 0
Compl33tionist challenge - can you skip any secondaries? 0
Does anyone want a friend? 0
Game Saves and Tropies? 0
I have been thinking of a fight between Handsome Jack and all has resources vs Darth Vader and all his resources? 0
I'm looking for borderlands 2 friends? 0
Is it possible to get a level 61 digistruct peak special class mod without having the digistruct peak dlc? 0
Is there a way to disable the mines in the tundra express ? 0
Ps3 sham help? 0
Weapons merging or parts? 0
What glitches work? 0
Who wants to play together? Ps3 only 0
Who was everyone's favorite Non-Playable character in all the Borderlands games? 0
why does my game freeze when I try to get to dust ??? 0
Wondering if any ps3 players are willing to form a team? 0
A question about shotguns? 5
Access to storage bank closed? 1
Accidentally Override my own Level 30 Gaige with a different character? 1
Any data from Borderlands 1 is used by Borderlands 2? 3
Anyone got a spare level 56 infinity I could have? 1
Borderlands 2 For PS3 (CREATED WEAPONS) Please Help!!? 2
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Characters? 1
Can anyone gameshare with me Krieg and the 2nd vault hunter upgrade? 1
Can anyone give me an Unkempt Harold? 2
Can anyone help me with a Conference Call and or Hide of Terramorphous? 2
Can not get shredifier assault rifle? 2
Can someone get my level 25 Gunzerker into a T/U-VHM game to help me (power) level? 1
Can someone help me? 1
Can someone PLEASE duplicate a level 50+ infinity pistol? 1
Can someone PLEASE help me level up? 2
Can someone please help me play Borderlands 2? 2
Can you help me dupe the bee shield ? 4
Character voice changes? 2
Could someone give me the infinity pistol? Borderlands2 1
Creature slaughterdome? 1
Cross save? 1
Does it support kb and mouse on PS3? 3
Does this game offer simultaneous local and online co-op? 3
Game save help? 1
Gamesave problems? 1
Got some alot of legendaries to trade for infinity, norfleet and redundent fibber!? 2
Help power leveling? 1
Help with save? 1
How do I get my Borderlands 2 data back? 1
How do i switch to the regular gamemode? 3
How do you switch back to the original character you were playing in the single player campaign? 2
How to make enemies the same level as u? 2
I got a ton of Badass Ranks out of nowhere. Any idea how? 1
In Borderlands 2, does the level of the prize for a side mission lock when you accept the mission or turn it in? 1
In need of some help? 1
Is the Bee still useful? 1
Is this game open world? 1
Is this games trophies copyright protected? 1
Level 61 Assassin NON MODDED Game save? 1
Looking for a righteous infinity either shock or corrosive? 1
LotR reference. When can it be done? 3
Main quest mission wont progress? 1
Mechromancer Gameshare? 3
Modded guns, money, and shields any one? 1
Natural Selection Annex? 1
Need a friend? 2
Need help with class mods? 1
New playthrough, affects trophies? 1
OverPower level question? 1
Please could someone give me assistance? 1
Ps3 looking for a 72 evicseration grog, anyone willing to dupe? 1
Searching for some co-op partners and/or legendary stuff for duping? 2
Shredifier and fire bee nade duped? and also looking for ppl to run with 1
Some saves do not work? 1
Splitscreen co-op different controller settings? 2
The bee + sharing is caring? 3
Tiny Tina's Cobra ? 1
Undiscovered? 3
What DLC should I buy? 2
What should i do with my power? 1
Whats the best stats youve found for the bee? 1
Why can't I turn in completed optional missions after I complete story mission? 1
Why most of the enemy are not lvl 50, I beat the game in tvhm? 2
Wondering if any ps3 players are willing to form a team? 1
World traveler help? 2
Would anybody be willing to dupe all zer0 heads if so add me on psn @ bub1023? 1
"Statuesque" is Blocked?! 2
Ammo venders, an option called upgrades, never anything in there,can't put anything in there, how do I upgrade? 2
Bad ass rank link in profile? 1
Biggest troll in the history of man? 1
Borderlands 2 Co-Op features? 1
Borderlands 2 does someone want to trade Psycho head I CAN'T BREATHE IN THIS THING head? 1
Borderlands 2: Active PS3 Users? 1
Can i play bck playthrough 1 after i play playthrough 2? 1
Can I play my own character on a friends PS3? 3
Can the Commando's Sabre turret trigger his Able skill? 1
Can you get a legendary weapon more than once? 1
Can you redo Vault missions in the DLC? 1
Character level? 1
Does anyone still play borderlands 2? 1
Dupe infinity pistol? 1
Farming/duping help? 1
Got a skin but cant find it? 2
How do I get prospector Zeke to come out? 1
How do I save? 1
How do you unlock the 5th character 'mechromancer' with the premiere club code? 4
How Many levels between Badass Tokens? 2
Is the rare drop element worth keeping? 3
Is there a way to disable the mines in the tundra express ? 1
Meeting the original vault hunters? 2
My map doesn't reveal the area in certain places; Anyone else experience this? 2
Season pass and Premiere club? 2
Slaughter dome release date? 2
Using saves on PAL? 1
What happens if you die and don't have any money? 1
Where is the creature slaughter dome located? 2
Why can't I complete this quest? 3

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