• Trophies

    There are 7 Bronze Trophies, 4 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.

    Brave tomcatKill 200 foes.Bronze
    Broken groundDestroy 200 breakable blocks.Bronze
    Coming homeComplete all the levels.Silver
    Fearless tomcatKill 1000 foes.Silver
    Literate tomcatRead all the signs.Bronze
    MagnificentAchieve all the hidden pixel mini-games.Bronze
    Roaring kittenKill 25 foes by roaring at them.Bronze
    Roaring MasterKill 8 enemies with a single roar.Bronze
    Roaring tomcatKill 100 foes by roaring at them.Silver
    That's completely uselessCollect all the Useless Relics.Gold
    That's really uselessCollect half the Useless Relics.Silver
    That's uselessCollect all the Useless Relics in one level.Bronze

    Contributed By: Guard Master.