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How do you tech on the ground throws?

A lot of times I don't instantly get up after being knocked down on the ground, and my opponent immediately runs up and ground throws me, and it's annoying me :(

How do I tech throws that grabs you when you are knocked down on the ground?

Accepted Answer

Genzen answered:

To do a 'tech roll', you hit Punch, Kick, and Guard (PKG) along with moving your stick/pad up/down, and it must be timed as you hit the ground. Certain attacks cause 'flops' or 'bounds', which are a special type of knockdown from which you cannot immediately tech roll. Other attacks cause a 'slam', which requires much stricter timing than a regular tech roll in order to be successful.

To escape a throw performed on you when you're on the ground (a ground throw), which only certain characters have (Aoi, Wolf, Jeffry, Goh), you simply hold P+G, as well as the direction your opponent used for their throw. So, if your opponent does 'down+P+G' for a throw, you'd hold P+G and down, and you'll break it (same concept as standing throw-escapes). Usually, ground throws are either down, or down-forward (on a number keypad, this would be the directions in the 2 and 3 positions).

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