Question from coco2012

Asked: 2 years ago

Would anyone be so generous to.....?

I tried and copied my save data to my cousin and it worked.
the game is kinda hard to me.
so I'm asking if anyone could upload his\her save data with all coins acquired.
please , upload your saves.

Additional details - 2 years ago

I already finished the game and only 8 coins are missing but I can't play a lot anymore
I will be busy studying and so
I don't have much time to get all characters to level max and unlock the rare coins
that's why I would like to get a save file from somebody else

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This game isn't that hard. You'll eventually get to the point where hard mode is really easy too. But if you find it that hard just put it on easy.

Or if you're just trying to skip all the work by getting a save from someone whose done all the work, you really won't get your money's worth, once you have everything it's kinda boring.

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