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                                             8                 .+?         
                                           DN88.             ++++++   ===  
                                         .7N8D88            ++++==+  .+++  
                                       .DZNN8.88I   ..      ?++=====   .+. 
                                      OOZNN88 .88. $88      .?~===++~+++.  
                               .?    Z$88NN88   8888.88D..7I??. =+++++.    
            .88..              $N.  IO+88DN88.  $88.  8D777III?  .++=.     
              .D888.           +NN DDNNNO8888=   .8     .77.               
                 I88888N.       NNDN8NN8N888ZD                             
                                .777$?Z7?N$O888888888888888N   .          
                        $+.NN,~:77NN++DN8I~:+++,?7????.        ?I:    
                       7. ?D+=NN7$DD~ZDD7+Z$$$7Z..:????$.      $IIZ   
                      ~,   +8NND$$NN8O+7N  $$$$$..Z .?7?77    .IIII   
                      $$.++I   ZO++=+++:   O$$$..$$$  .77777~OI7III    
                      $++Z.    $ZZ$,,,,,    ZDD.8$$8?   .$77777~~~Z    
                      +~Z$$Z=  .ZZ$,,,,,   .ODDD8$$7?      IIII77~~.   
                     ++7O$$$$$$$$Z7,.,,,: 8D8O.$$$Z7?.   .ZZ,.II.~~~   
                    .+7777$$$$. ZZ=,,,,,OD=N=$.$$$$7?O.          ~~~:  
                     7I7777I.   $DNN:DDDZ8DO.   .$$OZ7?.        .~~~~  
                      7777777777O8NNDDDN8DZ~.    8$$O7??        ~~~~   
                       I777777. DNNNN8DDDDDD:    .$$$77?.      I=~~    
                        .777777O8=NN8$.DD8NDD$     .$Z788D      :       
                         . II78D===+$ZD=:DDD:OD     ,88ND????         
                             $D8DDOONMN$8ONN+DN.    ..$$777?7        
                             $DNNNNN$$$$DD8N$$D+     $$7?7???Z       
==..................Walktrough/Trophy Guide......................==
==---------------The Witch and The Hundred Knight----------------==

Welcome to this Walktrough and Trophy guide for the Witch And the 
Hundred Knight.

This FAQ won't be a complete walktrough but will give tips about 
certain stage since it may be easy to overlook things and get
stuck. This FAQ will a also give tips, pointer and finally will be
a guide to earn every trophies in this game.


Table Of Content

0001. FAQ
0002. Walktrough
0003. Trophies
0004. Version History
0005. Legal and closing thanks

Using F+ Ctrl will bring you where you wish to read, also writting
chapter0 for example will bring you on the approriate chapter.

***All this FAQ is spoilers free except the part with the trophies,
you have been warned.***


0001 FAQ

 -I want to kill XX monster but all my attack do no damage!
 -What does Karma do?
 -What are the symbols next to the weapon?
 -I Keep failling the Witch Domination(Raid) even when the game
  say I got good odds of success.
 -The game close itself without me doing anything wrong.
 -How do I capture a monster?
 -How do I Upgrade items?
 -What is the maximum level?
 -How do you get legendary items?
 -What are the purple circle on the ground I keep seeing?
 -I'm scared of the time limit!
 -I do an AP attack instead of consuming the monster!.
 -The game is too hard Is there any difficulty setting?
 -What is the highest weapon rank?
 -Is there any way to get more Anima?
 -What are the best weapons and armors?
 -I am stuck in (Insert name) Stage!

Q.I want to kill XX monster but all my attack do no damage!

A.During your adventure you may come across Pinata, Guardians and 
mana prison. These 3 monsters are only vunerable to 1 type of 
weapon. The Pinata and the Guardian are weak to Blunt weapons
and the mana prison to magic weapons. 
I would recommand to always carry at least 1 weapon that could
kill these monster since Pinata always drop rare items, and you
have to kill a few guardians to advance the game. 
Q. What does Karma do?

A.Karma is visible only on the status screen, when you attack 
villager and raid houses the amount will go UP. If you have to 
much karma villagers will attack yoou on sight and some monster
may flee from you, shop price will also be higher. If you have
the facet marginal gaze karma will never go UP and the only way
to lower karma is with the bucket list. Each time you pay 12
anima your karma will go down by 100, your karma cannot be a 
negative value.

At the end of the game you will need to have high karma enough
to trigger some scene. 
Q. What are the symbols next to the weapon?

A. These symbols are only useful for combo attackes. They are 5 
differents symbols and making a chain similar to this 1-2-3-4-5
will make each attack more powerful. You can start from any
number as long as is it's in the right order for example
Q. I Keep failling the Witch Domination(Raid) even when the game
say I got good odds of success.

A. Even if your level is higher there are also other factor to 
take into account, your total attack power, total defense power
and the general level of your facet. If you just changed to a 
new level 1 facet, there will be good chance that you will fail
the Witch Domination.
Q. The game close itself without me doing anything wrong.

A. For now the game got this bug that will close the XMB and
you will lose all the progress that you did not save. The only
tip I got for you is to save after you get a really good weapon,
after a tough boss and when you encounter a new pillar. This
will probably be fixed in an update.
Q. How do I capture a monster?

A. You will have to use the Tonchka that will be given in the
main story and lower the health of the monster, when you
are able to consume it it's a good time to lay the trap down.
You can even push the monster by walking on it to put it in the
Q. How do I Upgrade items?

A. After chapter 2 the bucket list will be available in the
witch house. With 32 anima 1 Fools Rock and mana you will be 
able to raise the level of your item by 1. Armor cannot be
Q. What is the maximum level?

A. The Knight Maximum level is 99 and for the items common is 
10, rare is 30, Epic is 50 and legendary is 99. Items get a lot
stronger when they gain levels.
Q. How do you get legendary items?

A. Rare Pinata will usually drop a legendary item. The bonus
list can also contain some.
Q. What are the purple circle on the ground I keep seeing?

A. In chapter 6 you will automatically receive a Tonchka
that will make it possible to jump with those circle.
Q. I'm scared of the time limit!

A. No need to be it's story related.
Q. I do an AP attack instead of consuming the monster!

A. You need to take a pause before consuming a a monster or else
it will register like if you wanted to do a combo attack.
Q. The game is too hard Is there any difficulty setting?

A. In the swamp of Mettalia next to the shop, a lanern can put
the game in casual mode, talking to it again can revert the game
to his normal setting. You lose nothing by changing difficulty
so feel free to use it.
Q. What is the highest weapon rank?

A. The highest rank is XII there is also omega rank items.
Q. Is there any way to get more Anima?

A. Equip the Facet Marginal Gaze, you will get this facet
automatically with the story. It's the 3rd facet you will
acquire. You don't need to use it just make it a sub and
tons of Anima will drop from monsters.

I usually farm anima in Ominous cave making trip to the
W.Tunnel Pillar from the Wind Pillar. Then I teleport back
to the Wind pillar, the eggar should have respawned by then.
Q. What are the best weapons and armors?

A.  You can save and reload your file to get a weapon of different
rarity, here the location of the best weapons and armors.
-Sword hundred Demon Blade, found while dominating the witch house.
-Torch of Nora bought for free in a shop in Lost Neideca.
-Starry storm in a black chest in Lost Neideca
-Heavy Metak Demon is obtained using 144 anima in chapter 13 with the
bucket list.
-Proof of Royalty is in a black chest in Sealed Prison.
-Hundred Demon Mirror is found in a black chest in Sealed Land.
-Wedding dress, capture a Rose Saqua in Neideca.

Q. I am stuck in (Insert name) Stage!

A. Use the F+ Ctrl and write the name of the stage like this chapter0. 
(No space)You will  be able to see how to complete it in this FAQ!


0002. Walktrough

Most of the time the game will be fairly easy to follow, simply
go to the ! on the map and  everything should be fine. If you are still 
stuck read this section and be sure to explore all the edge of the map, 
sometime there is a little pathway that could have been hidden by the 
camera. Also pressing start will show you the current objective in 
case you forgotten.

Below I wrote anything that could be blocking your way and also
how many pillars there is to make bloom to receive the trophy.


Wudes Way :3 Pillars

Wudes Forest :4 Pillars

At some point in the stage there will be a guardian and a locked
door. You will have to kill the guardian pick up a sphere and 
deposit it on the switch nearby. The guardian is invincible to
everything except blunt damage so be sure to keep a hammer or
something for him.


Doen Hill :4 Pillars

Doen Woods :4 Pillars


Near Saint Dulches :6 Pillars

You need the Tochka  Jumpy that's automatically given later to
access the purple circle on the ground.

Chocolatta Field :4 Pillars

Be careful entering the same tent twice in a row, they won't
put you back where you were before.

Chocolatta Palace :5 Pillars

Even if Metallia say you won't need to break all the forbidden
artifact, do it anyway since she will change her idea later. 


To get in the ravine you will need the butterfly powder the Korigon
own. The 2 you will meat in Near Saint Dulches will probably drop 1,
if not you will need to buy it from the nearby shop. You will 
probably need to lower your karma if it's too expansive.

Yaptolocca Ravine : 4Pillars

Between the Cliff Pillar and the West Pillars a Black Treasure
chest will have the Diallo Tochka that is required for most of the game
you will be able to hit far away switches with it. Locking on those
switch will make it easier to hit them.

N.Yaptolocca Ravine : 5 Pillars

One of the pillars is only accesible with the jumpy Tochka later
acquired in the game.

To access the Shaman hut you will have to break 3 monuments that create
his barrier. The use of the bomb tochka will be required to access the 
last one.

Ominous Cavity :6 Pillars 

You will require to be level 38,33 in casual, to gain access to the 
last section of the cave with the 2 pillars.


S. Tettara Desert :3 Pillars

Tetrara Desert :5 Pillars

You will have to come back in S.Tettara Desert to raid a house and
get some water.

There is no pillar except the one really close to the village in the 
enormous portion of the desert in the north of the map.


Obtaining the Cock Frighter, in Wudes Forest right next to the
pillar near the end of stage where you fought Malia.

Mt. Azbrocken : 4 Pillars

Hekkahenne Forest :4 Pillars

Dimensionnal Rift : 3 Pillars

Walpurgis City :1 Pillars

You will need to carry 3 witch statue on the magic circle at the
north of town to access the next stage.

Brockenturn :4 Pillars

When you are on the 4th floor be sure to get the pillar before using
the jumpy since it bring you back to the VERY beginning of the 
stage. Dying or randomly leaving this map reset the witch puzzle you
already did so be careful when you leave this location.


Cinque Road :6 Pillars

Almost at the start of the start on your right there is the trash
pillar, I would recommand to make it bloom since you will have to
teleport to this location often.

Firefly Canyon :5 Pillars


Elusive Realm : 4 Pillars

The secret passage to get to the swamp is a bit south from the
Henea Pillar in a tree trunk.


Cicite Battlefield :5 Pillars

There will be a locked door and a switch flying above the ground
to the west of it, the game will even tell you the switch is there
but you will not be able to hit it normally. You will have to use
the tonchka Diallos and Lock on the lantern AFTER you shooted the
disc. The blade will suddenly curve and will be able to hit behind
the tree.

Cicite Reverse : 5 Pillars

The map layout is made to be complicated so be extra careful to not
overlook any part of the map if you cannot find the next objective.


Castle Sewers :0 Pillars

Make sure to have some sticky cheese to give to the rat before going
in this stage.

Old City Ruins : 4 Pillars

You can kill the dark witch here but if you want to see all the 
endings and get all the trophies with 1 save file don't kill the
3 dark witches.

Ruins : Catacombs :3 Pillars

The boss of this area is invunerable to magic weapon.


Green Corridor : 6 Pillars 3 Per floor and 3 on the last segment.

The boss of this area is only vunerable to slash weapon, magic and
blunt won't work.

---The last pillar before the boss is U.G. Pillar 4-X---

*Save before this boss since the next question asked by Mani will
be important to your ending.*

Choose a Negative answer 3 time in a row to get the normal ending,
the ending will come right after these choice.

Choose a Positive answer to get the True ending. 

And then reload your save file and beat the 3 Dark witches to get
the next 2 chapters and the Bad ending.

Amataya Reverse :5 Pillars  

Castle Courtyard : 4 Pillars

This place layout is make it easy to not see if doors are open or
not. I would advise to be extra careful with the minimap and to
tilt the camera down a little to see if the doors are open or not.

There will be a puzzle with the water level if you exit the room
the water level will come back up so you will have ot it the switch 

Save after you find the 4th pillars, continue with the game to get the
true ending.

The 3 Bosses you need to fight are in Old City Ruins, Cicite: Reverse 
and in Ominous Cave. You will unlock 1 trophy for each one you defeat,
after acquiring the trophy asking to beat all 3 you will be able to
get the bad ending.

+++Every chapter Below are only accessible with the BAD ENDING+++

You will have to build karma to do the next part of the game
removing the facet Marginal gaze is important since you won't gain 
any karma with it. You can raid Metalia house 10-15 time in a row 
to get a good amount of Karma.

You then have to visit each of these location, if there is no
event you may need more Karma, around 300 should be enough for
the first ones.

Wudes Forest : Go in the boss Location.

Near St. Dulche : In the north west of the map visit the house
blocked by the level 38 magic rock. Then go where you fought
the duchess in her palace.

Yaptolocca Ravine : Visit and raid the shaman hut, then go
east for the scene.

Tettara Desert : In the village,  fo near the well in the middle 
of the city 4 time in a row.

Brockenturn : Warp to the Select pillar and go up the stairs to
your left. Then go in Mt.Azbrocken at the summit.

Downtown Amataya : You will have to walk on the ride sight 
multiple time to trigger a series of scenes.

After all of these have been done you will be able to do
the last scene.

Castle Gate : Go north in this area and the scene will trigger.


If you can dominate the witch house, the hundred demon sword is
really powerful.

Sealed Prison : 5 Pillars

There is some falses walls in this location, you will notice a 
white circle on some walls. The first wall is behind the black
chest with the Weed Gum.

On the 3rd floor the hidden wall is to the west.

There are 2 false wall on the 4th floor . The one to the east 
have a pillar in the room and the one you want to go if you want 
to advance in the stage is to the north.
Don't forget to pick up the lance proof of royalty it's the best 

On floor 4 there are 4 wall, 1 in each corner.

In bottom right there is a Moon Shroud a pretty good piece of armor. 

In the top left there is nothing worthwhile.

In the bottom left there is a guardian you will need to defeat
and bring his stone in the  top right corner.

Sealed Land : 1 Pillars

Right at the beginning of the stage behind the door there his
Hundred Demon Mirror, the best armor in the game.

You will need to vist each section of the map and trigger a scene
if you discover all the edge of the island you will see all the

2 scene are triggered by the north west islands. You need to jump
to get to the second scene.

*Lost Neideica : 4 Pillars

This place is only available afterpaying 333 anima in the bucket list
in chapter 13. Be extra careful with all the monster that aren't
witch soldier, they will probably 1 hit kill you with any attack.

To release all the pillar you will need to be level 70 at least in 

You will find 2 Torch of Nora for free in a shop and you will find
starry storm in a black chest on the north west island, blocked
by a level 70 magic rock.


0003. Trophies

No trophies can technically be missed, there is 3 differents
endings though but saving in Chapter 11 will give you the 
possibility to reload and see each endings.

This game have 1 platinum 3 Gold 8 Silver and 36 Bronze trophies

All trophies below do not need any explanation since they are all
related to the story and cannot be missed if you simply complete
the game.

Prologue Clear!
Chapter 1, Part 1 Clear!
Chapter 1, Part 2 Clear!
Chapter 2, Part 1 Clear!
Chapter 2, Part 2 Clear!
Chapter 3, Part 1 Clear!
Chapter 3, Part 2 Clear!
Chapter 4, Part 1 Clear!
Chapter 4, Part 2 Clear!
Chapter 5, Part 1 Clear!
Chapter 5, Part 2 Clear!
Chapter 6, Part 1 Clear!
Chapter 6, Part 2 Clear!
Chapter 7, Part 1 Clear!
Chapter 7, Part 2 Clear!
Chapter 8, Part 1 Clear!
Chapter 8, Part 2 Clear!
Chapter 9, Part 1 Clear!
Chapter 9, Part 2 Clear!
Chapter 10, Part 1 Clear!
Chapter 10, Part 2 Clear!
Chapter 11, Part 1 Clear!
Chapter 11, Part 2 Clear!
The Hundred Knight's Intellect
The Hundred Knight's Strength
The Hundred Knight's Conscience

With all these Trophies out of the way let's talk about the one that
actually require work now. Most of them have to be done when you are
doing the BAD ending, so get those after the true and good ending.

Defeated Dark Witch Kilkenbyuut!
Located in Ominous Cave in the area behind the level 38 magic rock.

Defeated Dark Witch Aramashira!
Located in Cicite: Reverse, after beating her once when you come back
in the area below the Grudge pillar you will be able to kill her for

Defeated Dark Witch Faarenhait!
Located in the Dark city Ruins she's next to the pillars,
you probably already saw her when you were doing this stage.

All Three Dark Witches Defeated!
Complete the 3 trophy right above, this one is a freebie. This trophy
also proove that you will earn the Bad Ending.

The Hundred Knight's True Power
Beating the 3 Dark witches also grant this trophy so 2 free trophies.

Released All Pillars!
When you look at the world map you will be able to see Pillars 
Complete! above the name of the map you are selecting if you got 
them all. You will have to discovers and make bloom all of them. 
The number of pillars required are written in the section above.

You will also need to get 333 anima in chapter 13 and unlock the
last stage and the 4 last pillars.

Swamp Witch Metallia Defeated!
New Game + only, when you start the game and Mettalia give you the
gum you have to select a positive answer, than deny,


Normal Ending
In chapter 11 always choose negative answer to Mani question.

True Ending
In chapter 11 choose positive answer to Mani questions.

Bad Ending
Before completing chapter 11 you will need to defeat 3
optionnal bosses located in Cicite Reverse, Ominous Cave and
Old City Ruins. Then go on with the story.

All the trophy below can ONLY be done with the BAD ENDING

Graduated From Primavera!
Valentine's Distortion Clear!
Purple Peel and Lavi's Distortion Clear!
Belda's Distortion Clear!
Nezaria's Distortion Clear!
Lily's Distortion Clear!
Lucchini's Distortion Clear!
Visco's Distortion Clear!
Chapter 12 Clear!
Mega Hunny Knight Defeated!
Chapter 13 Clear!

All of these are story related and cannot be missed. Check the
chapter 12 section for more detail about the distortion.


0004. Version History 

3/29/2014 Wrote most of the FAQ

3/31/2014 FAQ is online. Added some content.


0005. Legal and closing thanks

This Faq may not be seen in any other site other than


Thanks to karasuownsyou for pointing out that I forgot
to write the location for the hundred demon mirror.

You may use this faq to answer questions in the message board 
but do not claim this faq as your own. 

Feel free to ask new questions sending a private message 
to me I'll answer them if they are pertinant to this FAQ.

Or you could write to this email tafarmetutayeule@hotmail.com
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