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Can I have an online Story Mode co-op Player 2?

Is there a way to just go through Story Mode with an online player 2? As if they were in the room, but instead they're over PSN? It seems like online players can't explore new stages with me.

Accepted Answer

BrockObana answered:

Yes you can.
However, the things that the second player can do are very limited.
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AtomicDude answered:

You cAn play co-op story mode and unlike the second game, second player can chose their own characters. There is also a network assistant in the camp to play online with other players.
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coolmandragoon answered:

Like the person above said you can play online through the network assist however you need to clear the stage first unlike 2 players using 2 controllers.
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coolmandragoon answered:

I forget to tell you the person you are playing online with needs to clear the stage that you want to play as well.
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IgoCab_Light_ answered:

two words "network Assistant"
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Morpheus98 answered:

The second player only participates in battles, thats pretty much it. They can only play stages you already unlocked, and during co op there will be no story progression.
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