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Asked: 2 years ago

How can I get a horse/saddle item?

For some reason I cant seem to get a horse... do I need to do something special to get any of them other than red hare and matsukaze or is it all based on luck?

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From: burningglory 2 years ago

You've got one preinstalled horse, which can be called by pressing select.

Other than that there are 4 other saddles hidden as treasures in certain lvls.
one Bear, one Elephant, Red Hare and Matzukase.

Other horses cannot be obtained, like in previous Games.

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Press select to call horse.

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Must play on Hard or Chaos.
Matsukaze Saddle:
Chapter 3: Battle of Honnoji(not Redux), bring Ayaneand get 1500 K.O.s
Red Hare Saddle:
Chapter 3: Battle of Fancheng, bring either Xu Huang, Wang Yi or Jeanne d'Arc and get1500 K.O.s

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I want a horse but the redux wont get away how i do that?

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I got the bear how do I get the matzukuase saddle it is a redux battle

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to change from redux to normal press X on xbox or if playstation id imagine it is Square to switch bewtween the two

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