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How do you get crystals?

I seemed to have gotten 2 so far. I believe pressing R2 and L2 and doing the triple team attack has something to do with it. any tips or ideas?

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TychoDurandal answered:

I've had fantastic luck with the side mission to rescue Lu Meng (can't remember the name) as a crystal farming area, even on normal difficulty. Once you rendezvous with Lu Meng, he will stay near you until the end (which avoids a loss), and enemy soldiers will continuously spawn as you move around the area. Charging up the true triple attack is easy, then you just run into the middle of large groups and go nuts. This area's also great for getting the 3,000 KO medal, but my record is 6 crystals in one run (about 25 minutes with 3k kills) on hard, and about 3 crystals for the same time on normal with weaker characters. Using great crowd clearers like Lu Bu, Honda Takamatsu, or Zhang Liao really helps!
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notedeath answered:

Two ways:

1.) Use the true triple attack. And I found out that it's useless to do it on easy/normal. Gotta do it on hard or chaos. 1 triple attack=1 or 2 crystals

2.) Download and play an uploaded Musou battlefield and post your evaluation after that, you get 1 crystal.

The fastest way though is #1
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TaediumTyrannus answered:

You can't acquire them on Easy. Kill mobs with Triple Musou on Normal difficulty and up. I notice I get more crystals when I kill officers with Triple Musou.
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Umegaki answered:

Triple attacks on Normal and up, like everyone else said. I find that having a high bond nets more crystals, though - it may be worth using a team with good bonds.
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burningglory answered:


first: maxed Bonds

second: high level for characters as the true triple attack fills quicker

third: Slaying of the Hydra, 1-star

and true triple attack the enemies ass off
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azuremeia answered:

The Confluence attribute also helps in filing the gauge faster if needed for True Triple Attack.
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Rocksephiroth answered:

6 crystal in one run of about 25minutes?, my record was around 12,15 crystal in one run of about 22 or 23 minutes, as people here have stated, a group of 3 people with maxed or 3 bars of bonds really nets much more crystals, also I was on chaos mode, I cant remember the stage, but it was one of the lasts from chapter4. probably that in which you have to kill 8 orochis, kill mobs and do triple attacks with confluence like crazy.
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lyner92 answered:

I'm not sure, but when I played hard mode on the second map, we got 1 crystal
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