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Do Costumes disable trophies?

Can i use the special skills of costumes to get the hard trophy?

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The same goes for "Ghost of Sparta" right?

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Oh crap..should have started in hard then...Thanks!

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Wihan_Tan answered:

Actually, a new game won't grant you to use costume. Only in new game plus.

Example :
If you beat the game in Normal difficulty, you can use costume only in Easy & Normal difficulty. Same if you beat the game in Hard difficulty, you'll able to use costume in Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty.

So the point is the costumes can be used in same or below of difficulty you have beaten before.

For the Ghost of Sparta trophy that you meant (beat the game with Hard difficulty), of course you will through it with no costume unlocked.

Hope this help you..
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Wihan_Tan answered:

Yes, you can.
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