• Number of Continues

    The number of continues increases with the total number of hours.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    2 ContinuesGame Time of 0:00:00-0:59:59
    3 ContinuesGame Time of 1:00:00-1:59:59
    4 ContinuesGame Time of 2:00:00-2:59:59
    5 ContinuesGame Time of 3:00:00-3:59:59
    6 ContinuesGame Time of 4:00:00-4:59:59
    7 ContinuesGame Time of 5:00:00-5:59:59
    8 ContinuesGame Time of 6:00:00-6:59:59
    9 ContinuesGame Time of 7:00:00-7:59:59
    Free Play(Unlimited Continues)Game Time of 8:00:00 or more

    Contributed By: SoukyuGuren.


  • Trophies

    There are 28 Bronze Trophies, 6 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    ARCADE 1-1 CMPLArcade Mode STAGE1-1 ClearedBronze
    ARCADE 1-2 CMPLArcade Mode STAGE1-2 ClearedBronze
    ARCADE 1-3 CMPLArcade Mode STAGE1-3 ClearedBronze
    ARCADE 1-4 CMPLArcade Mode STAGE1-4 ClearedBronze
    ARCADE 1-5 CMPLArcade Mode STAGE1-5 ClearedBronze
    ARCADE 2-1 CMPLArcade Mode STAGE2-1 ClearedBronze
    ARCADE 2-2 CMPLArcade Mode STAGE2-2 ClearedBronze
    ARCADE 2-3 CMPLArcade Mode STAGE2-3 ClearedBronze
    ARCADE 2-4 CMPLArcade Mode STAGE2-4 ClearedBronze
    ARCADE 2-5 CMPLArcade Mode STAGE2-5 ClearedBronze
    ARCADE EASY CMPLArcade Mode EASY Difficulty ClearedBronze
    ARCADE EXTRA ENDArcade Extra Mode ClearedGold
    ARCADE EXTRA STARTArcade Extra Mode StartedBronze
    ARCADE HARD CMPLArcade Mode HARD Difficulty ClearedGold
    ARCADE NORMAL CMPLArcade Mode NORMAL Difficulty ClearedSilver
    ARCADE NORMAL ENDArcade Mode ClearedSilver
    NEW ORDER 1-1 CMPLNew Order Mode STAGE1-1 ClearedBronze
    NEW ORDER 1-2 CMPLNew Order Mode STAGE1-2 ClearedBronze
    NEW ORDER 1-3 CMPLNew Order Mode STAGE1-3 ClearedBronze
    NEW ORDER 1-4 CMPLNew Order Mode STAGE1-4 ClearedBronze
    NEW ORDER 1-5 CMPLNew Order Mode STAGE1-5 ClearedBronze
    NEW ORDER 2-1 CMPLNew Order Mode STAGE2-1 ClearedBronze
    NEW ORDER 2-2 CMPLNew Order Mode STAGE2-2 ClearedBronze
    NEW ORDER 2-3 CMPLNew Order Mode STAGE2-3 ClearedBronze
    NEW ORDER 2-4 CMPLNew Order Mode STAGE2-4 ClearedBronze
    NEW ORDER 2-5 CMPLNew Order Mode STAGE2-5 ClearedBronze
    NEW ORDER EASY CMPLNew Order Mode EASY Difficulty ClearedBronze
    NEW ORDER EXTRA ENDNew Order Extra Mode StartedGold
    NEW ORDER EXTRA STARTNew Order Extra Mode StartedBronze
    NEW ORDER HARD CMPLNew Order Mode HARD Difficulty ClearedGold
    NEW ORDER NORMAL CMPLNew Order Mode NORMAL Difficulty ClearedSilver
    NEW ORDER NORMAL ENDNew Order Mode ClearedSilver

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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