S-Rank Guide by EgHeadFool

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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles S-Rank Guide
Written by EgHeadFool aka Hapkido
eghead (at) gmail (dot) com

Introduction - What exactly is this guide?

I'm writing this to help people who want to achieve an S ranking on every
mission but who are having trouble meeting the requirements. Aside from general
explanations, tips, and strategies, I have included useful tips and strategies
on the best way to succeed on each individual level. It is not meant to be a
step-by-step guide through the levels that tells you exactly what to do at every
moment, (although it does seem that way sometimes), and it does not include most
item locations aside from first aid sprays. I also do not generally list the
specific ranking breakdown or S requirements for stages; mazteryoda has kindly
provided a Scoring Guide on GameFAQs for that purpose.

I am assuming the reader is familiar with the levels and with basic gameplay.
Furthermore the guide assumes that the player has unlocked most if not all of
the weapons. I wrote it with Hard mode in mind, but the differences between
difficulties are very minor, so this guide works fine on any difficulty.

Version History
1.0 - All levels complete
1.1 - Fixed some typos, added a little extra info
1.2 - Same changes as 1.1

Table of Contents

How the Scoring Works
Gameplay Tips
Train Derailment 1
Train Derailment 2
Train Derailment 3
Beginnings 1
Beginnings 2
Mansion Incident 1
Mansion Incident 2
Mansion Incident 3
Nightmare 1
Nightmare 2
Rebirth 1
Rebirth 2
Raccoon's Destruction 1
Raccoon's Destruction 2
Raccoon's Destruction 3
Death's Door
Fourth Survivor
Umbrella's End 1
Umbrella's End 2
Umbrella's End 3
Dark Legacy 1
Dark Legacy 2

How the Scoring Works

At the end of each mission, you are graded on five gameplay aspects: Clear Time,
Enemy Hits, Critical Hits, Objects Destroyed, and Files Obtained. The game then
combines these scores and assigns you a final level ranking. To achieve an
overall S on a stage, your individual rankings must all be A or greater. As long
as 3 of your scores are S and the other two are at least A, your final level
score will be S. Therefore you can let the S requirements slip in 2 categories
on every level, as long as you don't receive any B's or lower. In other words, S
S S S S will of course be an overall S, as will S S S S A and S S S A A, but S S
A A A will be an overall A, and so will S S S S B.

Note that these requirements don't change if you have two players on a level.
You are still scored the same way, so if your friend is killing half of the
enemes and destroying half of the objects, you will both get low scores and you
chances at S are completely gone. I do believe, however, that it might take the
best individual scores from either player and use those to decide the level
score. For example, if Player 1 gets S, S, A, A, A, and Player Two gets C, C, C,
C, S, I believe the game will end up seeing S, S, A, A, S, and give you an
overall S, even though you only scored an overall A and your friend got an
overall C.

Here is how the individual categories work:

CLEAR TIME is simply how long it took you to complete the level. If you clear
out enemies at anywhere near a reasonable speed, you can expect it to be an S,
or if you really got hung up, perhaps an A, but I've almost always gotten S. The
only real ways to get a B or lower are to either take a very long time defeating
a boss, or to die and choose to continue. Choosing to continue will almost
always hurt your score considerably. Unless you are having a fast run and your
respawn point is very close to where you were when you died, expect to
definitely get a B or lower. Generally, taking the chance isn't worth the risk.
Therefore if you do die, you should never choose to continue. If you have
reached the checkpoint already, then when you quit out and open your file again,
it will let you start at your checkpoint. This is perfectly fine, as it does not
adversely affect your time. Clear Time is also the only category for which I
believe mazteryoda's Scoring Guide to be faulty; don't worry too much about it

ENEMY HITS actually refers to the number of enemies you have killed; it doesn't
matter how many individual shots you've landed and your hit-to-miss ratio does
not matter. Anything that can hurt you and that you can shoot counts as an
enemy. This includes leeches, roaches, and baby spiders.

CRITICAL HITS for all scoring purposes refers to zombie and crimson head
decapitations. A Critical Hit occurs when you shoot an enemy while your
crosshairs have turned into a little red circle, indicating that you are aiming
at a monster's weak spot. However, as far as I can tell, only zombie and crimson
head Critical Hits go on your score. Critical Hits can basically only be
performed with a handgun; that is with a pistol or with a magnum (I've very
rarely had it work with a machine gun). You will know when you have successfully
performed a Critical Hit on a zombie or crimson head because their heads will
explode. Critical Hits are usually the most challenging category to score highly
in. mazteryoda has a great tip in his guide for getting Critical Hits if you're
having trouble, which is to aim at the very tip of a zombie's head.

OBJECTS DESTROYED is pretty self-explanatory. On every stage, the level is
littered with stuff you can shoot up. Common items are windows, lights,
paintings, and furniture. You will know if something can be destroyed by aiming
at it. If your crosshairs turn white, then the item is destructible. It's always
a good habit to aim around and shoot anything that seems breakable whenever you
aren't preoccupied killing the undead. All files are hidden inside such objects,
and ammunition, grenades, herbs, and first aid sprays and also frequently

FILES OBTAINED refers to the number of hidden files you've picked up on the
level. Once you obtain a file, it stays on your score permanently. Therefore I
highly recommend going through the level and finding every file before
attempting an S rank, as that way you'll have a permanent S in this category.
A file can be obtained on any difficulty. That is, if you find a file on Easy,
it will still count towards your score on Normal and Hard. There is also a File
Guide on GameFAQs if you're having trouble finding them.

Gameplay Tips

SECONDARY WEAPONS are the weapons you choose to take along with you in levels. I
will recommend weapons on each individual stage, but generally speaking you
should take either a shotgun or a machine gun. Each has its advantages and
disadvantages, and which is better depends on the enemies on a given stage and
the weapons found on it.
The machine guns are good for compensating for bad accuracy, especially against
crows and bats. They're good for taking out small clusters of leeches, baby
spiders, and roaches. They can be very effective against small, fast-moving
enemies such as zombie dogs and eliminators. And most importantly, they can be
used to stun crowds of zombies, either by knocking them to their knees and
allowing precious time to set up Critical Hits, by pushing them back or stopping
lunges/swipes, and to take down that one annoying acid-puking zombie in the
back. Its advantage over the shotgun in this respect is that it does not kill
the zombies easily, so that you can switch the pistol back out and keep
attempting those Critical Hits. The machine gun's downside is that it hardly
ever causes recoil in larger enemies such as giant spiders and hunters, meaning
that unless you are shooting from a distance, you are likely to get hit before
you can take them down.
The shotgun, on the other hand, is perfect for blasting away enemies that are
too close. It will almost always cause any monster to recoil, and will also kill
most enemies in one or two shots. The downside is that it may kill zombies that
you wanted to only stun to get Critical Hits on, and that it works very poorly
at medium to long range, especially if you're using a shotgun other than the
assault shotgun.

AMMO STOCKPILING refers to the act of accumulating ammunition for a given
weapon. In Umbrella Chronicles, any unused ammo you have left over at the end of
the level will be stored for the next mission you do. In other words, when you
pick a secondary weapon, the default amount of ammo for the handcannon is 3
bullets. However, if I play a stage and pick up 6 extra handcannon bullets that
I never use, then the next time I select my secondary weapon for a stage, the
handcannon will start with 9 bullets. This works for any weapon, and you can
save up as much ammo as its ammo limit permits. If you play a stage and feel
that you would be able to do really well, if only you had more ammo, then it
might be a good idea to take some time to play a level on easy for the sole
purpose of stocking up on ammo. Depending on the level you might try one of
two strategies: pick the weapon you want to stockpile for as your secondary
weapon so that more ammo appears for it on the level, or pick a different 
weapon than what you want to stockpile for so that there is no fear of
accidentally wasting ammo. What I mean is that if you save up ammo for a gun
that is NOT your secondary weapon, then ANY ammo left over will stockpile.
If you had 50 shotgun shells available as a secondary weapon, but you picked
something else as your secondary weapon and then had 5 shotgun shells left
over at the end of the stage, then those 5 will stack and you will now have
55 available shells. However, any ammo you fire from your secondary weapon
will subtract from your available ammo for that weapon. If you have 50 shotgun
shells available and you pick it as your secondary weapon, then you end up
with 20 shells left at the end of the level, then on the next level you will
only have 20 available shells. Therefore, if you choose to stockpile for a
weapon that is also your secondary weapon, make sure you don't ever fire it
during the level.

GRENADES are very powerful tools, and their usage can often decide the
difference between an S or A and something worse. Aside from the obvious use of
blowing up a boss or group of enemies to save you behind, grenades have two main
strategic uses. The first is to blow up large masses of roaches, baby spiders,
or leeches, in order to secure a high kill count. The other is to chuck them
into rooms or at groups of enemies that you only face briefly, and would have no
time to kill them by any other means. The ultimate goal of this is still to
increase your Enemy Hits rating, but in this case it will usually only add 5 or
10 hits to your score at best. In many cases it doesn't make a difference and is
only a waste of a powerful explosive; however in a select few it is crucial.
I've tried to point out when to use and when to conserve grenades in the
individual level tips.

GROUPS OF ZOMBIES and how you deal with them will often be key in your Critical
Hits score. When a mob of zombies confronts you, it usually leads to one of two
scenarios. Either you manage to pull off some Critical Hits early on, giving you
the space and time to pick off the remaining zombies in a similar fashion, or
you fail to land any Critical Hits early on, which results in one zombie after
another lunging or swiping at you in such a fashion that your only way out is
to blast your way out with a shotgun or with a grenade. When tackling such a
group for the purpose of getting Critical Hits, the best way to approach it is
by starting out in hopes of attaining scenario one. However, if you just aren't
getting those Critical Hits, the next step is to give the group a generous
dosage of machine gun fire, preferably in the legs before any zombies get too
close. If you don't have a machine gun, you'll have to make do with a shotgun.
This will hopefully give you enough time to start the process all over again.
If things have progressed too far, and the machine gun simply won't stun them
long enough, consider blasting the closer ones with a shotgun and focusing your
Critical Hit attempts on the remaining zombies.

ACID PUKING ZOMBIES are possibly the most annoying enemies in the game. Often
standing at the back of a large group of zombies and not rising up to attack
until other zombies are fully blocking them from direct fire, they can prove to
be extremely frustrating. The best way to deal with them is to kill them as soon
as possible, whether by machine gun fire if possible or by a grenade thrown way
back. Their puke can be shot in mid-air to prevent taking damage, but they vomit
frequently, and it is often difficult to both hit it out of the air and go for
Critical Hits on the rest of the group at the same time. The only real reason to
spare an acid puker is to score a Critical Hit on it, but even this can prove
annoying, as they lurch their heads back every time they spit, not only making
it impossible to hit its head at that time, but also forcing you to shift your
aim towards the vomit. If there are two or more acid pukers at the same time,
make killing them your first priority.

HUNTERS are probably the second-most annoying enemies in the game. They're fast,
do tons of damage, and don't recoil often. They should almost always be taken
out with a shotgun, or perhaps a magnum. Even then they might not recoil and
land a hit. The most important thing to keep in mind with hunters is that if
they are shot out of the air, they die instantly. A single shot from any weapon
will make an airborne hunter drop dead in its tracks. So if you're running low
on ammo and see a hunter about to jump off a building at you, you might try to
take it down with a pistol or machine gun before it hits the ground. Also,
hunters have the annoying habit of popping up right in front of you and
attacking before you have the chance to switch to a shotgun and blast them. In
these cases, you're just going to have to try to remember where it occurs and
be prepared beforehand. The same thing sometimes happens with crimson head
rushes. I sometimes point out when to switch weapons and when stronger enemies
will appear, but by no means do I indicate every surprise attack. That's part
of being familiar with the the basic flow of the level, I suppose.

THE KNIFE should almost never be used. There are three exceptions. It is ok to
use the knife if leeches, roaches, or baby spiders have jumped on your face,
and it is also ok to use it if you've failed to put down a group of crows or
bats, and they are hitting you in rapid succession without you being able to
see what's going on. Lastly, if you're inevitably going to be grabbed by a
zombie, you can use it to prevent the grab and go for a Critical Hit. I try
to use this last option as little as possible, but it's good as a last
resort. Be careful if you don't get that Critical Hit quickly, because the
zombie will now inevitably begin swiping at you.

Train Derailment 1

This level should not give you any problems. The zombies rarely lunge at you,
and they generally appear one at a time or from a great distance. This, combined
with a very low Critical Hit requirement, as well as in every other category for
that matter, makes Train Derailment 1 quite easy. There is no real need for a
machine gun or shotgun in this stage, so I recommend bringing along a weapon
with high firepower just to make the boss battle quicker and easier. Magnum,
grenade launcher, rocket launcher, whatever you please. Or if you prefer, pick
something to stockpile ammo for.

Important points:

-When you turn around after going upstairs, throw a grenade at the huge group of
leeches. This basically guarantees you an instant S in enemy hits. If you want
to play it safe, throw another grenade at the horde of leeches that appears on
the roof just before you re-enter the train. These are the only places where a
grenade is necessary, so feel free to either save the rest for the boss, or use
them on the two leech zombies that appear. Either way you should have several
times the required number of enemy hits by the checkpoint.

- Critical Hits are most easily obtained in the first half of the level. In
fact, if you take your time and land one on every zombie before the checkpoint
(excluding the group you run away from in the first car), you should already
have at least enough to make S rank. If not, there are still plenty of zombies
to come. However, when you re-enter the large train car full of zombies, there
are parts where you turn to meet face to face with a zombie who will swipe at
you before you have a chance to aim properly. Dispose of these quickly and don't
bother going for a Critical Hit.

-When the game gives you the chance to "Move" by pressing A, don't do it. It
will just make you face some zombie dogs and a single extra zombie, with no
reward whatsoever. It's simply a waste of time.

-For objects destroyed, your main focus should be the train windows. Shoot them
out whenever you can, and mix it up with the occasional light, chandelier,
painting, or furniture accessory.

-By the checkpoint you should have enough for an S here too, but if not keep
shooting stuff till the end. There are several destroyable objects in the boss
room as well.

-The first aid spray is right in your path when you climb onto the roof; it's
impossible to miss.

Train Derailment 2

In contrast to Train Derailment 1, this level has few zombies, and therefore it
is important to go for Critical Hits at every opportunity, even though you only
need 6 for an S. Other than that, the level is not too bad; the only real
strategy involved is in grenade usage. I personally prefer to use all my
grenades on the leech zombies on this level. Using them for extra zombie kills
is not necessary, and grenades are useless on the boss.

Important Points:

-On this level I recommend the assault shotgun. It makes leech zombies and
eliminators easier to manage, and works well on the bat boss too. The submachine
gun found in the level is good for dealing with small bats and for taking out
smaller clusters of leeches.

-At beginning, you only get a few seconds to shoot at a large group of zombies.
You might as well try to get a Critical Hit or two, but throwing a grenade to
kill them before you turn around is not needed.

-Definitely try to Critical Hit the next two zombies next to the burning
wreckage, as well as the zombies in the sewers. These are the easiest zombies on
the level to aim at, and also the only zombies in the whole stage, aside from
one other room.

-As soon as you enter the lobby, go crazy with destroying objects. The main
thing you should be shooting at throughout the level is lights. Torches,
chandeliers, candles, electric lights, etc. In the lobby be sure to shoot out
all the windows as well. Other than that, look out for furniture that can be
destroyed. Also note that in the big room with pits and eliminators, you can
shoot down the cages hanging from chains.

-In room with pews, try for as many Critical Hits as possible. This is the last
room with zombies, so make your shots count. Don't bother using a grenade here.

-At the checkpoint, the Critical Hits you have will be your final number, so if
you don't have at least enough for an A, restart the mission. You should also
have close to enough objects destroyed, if you've been shooting at stuff
sufficiently. Number of hits will most likely be very low, but don't worry; most
of your kills will come later.

-After the checkpoint, you will fight a leech zombie followed by several little
groups of leeches. I recommend using a machine gun to take these little groups
all out.

-After you ride the elevator, you face a single leech zombie. You can probably
take it out with just the handgun, but you can also shotgun it. Don't miss the
first aid spray behind the poster on the wall directly to the right of it.

-Make sure you have grenades when you get to the observatory. You can use them
to blow up the several leech zombies that appear, as well as to kill lots of
regular leeches. Grenades are useless beyond this point anyways, so use them all

Train Derailment 3

This level is pretty short and pretty straightforward. The main issue is
survival. There are lots of eliminators and lots of leech zombies, so I
recommend some type of shotgun as your secondary weapon.

Important Points:

- You will mainly be shooting light bulbs out on this stage. As soon as the
level starts, shoot some of the lights behind the train, and also shoot out the
train windows. When you get to the large freight elevator, shoot out all the
spotlights. After that continue to shoot every light you can.

-You can't miss first aid spray right at the start, as soon as you turn to face
the stairs.

- There are more than enough zombies before and during the freight elevator to
get enough Critical Hits for an S, but if not there are also many of them right
after getting off the elevator.

-While on the freight elevator, don't bother wasting any grenades, unless you
don't think you can survive otherwise. A shotgun should be sufficient for the
Eliminators and leech zombies.

-Also while on the freight elevator, you can shoot out all the bulbs on the
walls going past. When you aren't busy with enemies, try hitting a few of them.

-When the small elevator opens after defeating the premature tyrant, 4 zombies
attack. They are pretty hard to Critical Hit without taking damage, so at least
shotgun the front two to give you some space.

-By the checkpoint you should have enough Critical Hits. After the checkpoint
there is only a lone zombie and then four more right after the queen battle. Two
those four are almost impossible to Critical Hit, so keep that in mind and
restart as necessary. You also only need 30 objects destroyed for an S, but
there aren't many more things to hit after checkpoint. The main exception is
that you can shoot out the lights outside right before the pressure blows in an
action sequence. Either way you should be in good shape if you shot most of the
lights in your path.

-Throw a grenade in the small elevator to clear out all the leeches.

-Throw a couple more grenades on the clusters of leeches and leech zombies after
the elevator. With that you'll automatically be set in terms of enemy hits.

Beginnings 1

This level shouldn't be too bad. Parts of it are identical to Train Derailment
3, so your strategies for destroying objects should be similar. The main
difference is the increased presence of spiders, eliminators, and leech zombies.
Since the level never presents you with a shotgun, bringing one along is a must.

Important Points:

-You can't miss the first aid spray near the start, in plain sight.

-As in Train Derailment 3, you will be shooting mainly lights. Don't forget the
train windows (both at the beginning and the end of the level), the spotlights,
and lights on freight elevator walls (both when riding down and back up with the

-Definitely try to Critical Hit all the zombies at the beginning, before
eliminators appear. They are mainly easy to aim at and hit, and worth even
taking a swipe of damage for.

- The 3 zombies right after the freight elevator ride should also be easy to
score Critical Hits on, as well as the four that appear after you turn around
and walk towards the small elevator. Don't worry about killing the zombies in
the back after the first three. Ignore them and let Wesker turn around.

-Before entering the power room, you should grenade all the leeches on the
walkway. Also don't forget to shoot out all those yummy glass windows.

-Once in the power room, a grenade can take out all the computers and monitors
to really help your Objects Destroyed.

- At the checkpoint, you should have enough Critical Hits for an S, provided
that you successfully performed Critical Hits on all the zombies I mentioned.
Actually, even if you missed on one of the zombies it should be enough. You
should also have almost enough Objects Destroyed; maybe within 10 or so of the
required S amount.

-Right after the checkpoint, you can grenade some leeches, or just machine gun
them. You might want to save the grenades for when the leech zombies appear. You
should also probably machine gun the clump right before the bats attack, as well
as using it on the bats themselves.

-More zombies appear after the next elevator ride. The first few are pretty easy
to get Critical Hits on, if you still need a few, but once you move across the
freight elevator they are in larger groups, closer to you, and tend to lunge
from afar, and on these it's significantly harder. This is the last area with
zombies though, so do what you must to make the required number of Critical

Beginnings 2

This is the first level that is actually quite tricky to earn an S on if you
aren't very careful. All requirements are very tight, and to top it off, the
boss is no walk in the park. There are two ways to approach this level: to make
getting Critical Hits and Objects Destroyed easier, or to make killing difficult
enemies and the boss easier. For the former approach, bring along the machine
gun. The level provides you with a fair amount of ammo for it, but the more you
have the better for stunning enemies and destroying objects. Again the level
does not present you with a shotgun, but it isn't really necessary, as the
machine gun works fine on this level's eliminators and spiders. For the latter
approach, bring along something really heavy-duty. The regular magnum or
handcannon, the multi-rocket launcher, etc. This will make it much easier to
take out the boss and crimson heads. There are at least two places where you get
extra ammo for your secondary weapon, so you should be able to stock up a fair
amount of it.

Important points:

-Lights will again be the main destroyable item. Shoot every one you see, as the
requirement is pretty high.

-Don't miss the first aid spray in plain sight under the bell tower near the

-Try to Critical Hit every zombie in the observatory, even the ones you only
face for a second. If you have a machine gun, you might want to stun a few of
them with it, as a couple of them don't give you much time to aim. The same goes
for the 2 you encounter after being attacked by bats.

-In the big room with the pits, toss a grenade into the pit with spiders. You
need the kills. Also remember you can shoot down the hanging cages.

-The two zombies after jumping down to the second floor are a bit hard to
Critical Hit before taking damage, so maybe stun them with a machine gun. You
can also try to blow their heads off before jumping down, but this is also

-After the two above zombies, try to get a Critical Hit on at least one of the
next zombies that are crawling on the floor before you turn away from them.
After that, don't grenade next 3, because you will turn back around to face them
after the two in the doorway (which you should also try to Critical Hit; these
are easy). They are a bit lunge-happy though, so be careful.

-When you hit the checkpoint, you should have at least half the required Objects
Destroyed, and very close to the number of Critical Hits needed. With the
exception of two zombies, it will be very difficult to get any more Critical
Hits beyond this point.

- The crimson heads in the next room are pretty annoying. Try to take out the
first two with just the machine gun, or maybe the magnum if you brought it
along. However, after running out and turning back around to face a bunch more,
go with a grenade (or rocket, if you brought a rocket launcher). Note that the
big statue right outside the door here contains ammo for your secondary weapon.

-The zombies in the lobby are key. You can try to Critical Hit some of the ones
on the second floor, but you probably won't be too successful. The best thing to
do is the throw one grenade at the ones off to the left (or directly ahead,
after you go down the first set of stairs), and another at the ones who look
down right from above you, again after going down the first flight of stairs.
Killing these is very important in order to achieve the required Enemy Hits.
There is a grenade in the torch to your left on you way down these first stairs,
in case you need another one.

-While you are standing there halfway down the stairs, in front of the big
portrait of Marcus, a zombie drops down right in front of you. Critical Hit it.

-Shoot all the windows and lights in lobby that you can; it will really help
towards your Objects Destroyed score.

-Aside from one last zombie right before the boss, the crimson head on the
bottom floor are your last chance at Critical Hits. A couple of them attack one
at a time, so this is a good opportunity to stun them with the machine gun and
go for the head with a pistol.

-Use all your remaining grenades and heavy firepower on the boss. There's an
herb and rocket launcher in there as well. Remaining machine gun ammo can be
good for stunning him when he charges. For more strategy you can check out the
Boss FAQ.

Mansion Incident 1

This level isn't too bad, due to the large zombie count and low Critical Hits
and Enemy Hits requirements. There are also plenty of destroyable items to
keep busy with. The absence of hunters, spiders, and eliminators means there's
no real need for a shotgun. You can find one in the level anyways, to take care
of crimson heads. Machine gun ammo is also present. You can either take
something heavy-duty to speed up the boss fight if you're having trouble with
Completion Time (you shouldn't be, though...), or take a machine gun to
facilitate stunning enemies and destroying stuff. On this level you'll be
destroying a healthy combination of lights, windows, and paintings. Grenades are
also almost useless on the level, so you can save them all for the boss or use
them to destroy stuff for the hell of it.

Important Points:

-Critical Hit the first zombie and shoot out the windows behind him for a nice

-Try to Critical Hit all zombies on the bottom floor of the dining room. The
second one in doorway may be hard since you don't get much time on him, but the
rest should be ok. The last two before exiting like to attack, so if you have
the machine gun you might want to stun them first.

-The dining room has lots of stuff to destroy, and you won't have time to shoot
most of it. You can throw a grenade if you want, but there's so much stuff to
hit in this level that it's not necessary. It's also completely unnecessary to
kill all those zombies up on the second floor here, but grenade them if it makes
you happy.

-Don't miss the first aid spray in the vase and the spare grenade on the
typewriter in the dining room. You walk by somewhat quickly, so be alert.

-The two zombies as you enter the lobby are easy Critical Hits too, though one
might lunge annoyingly. Don't worry too much if you miss them.

-The three zombies at the front door are especially annoying; don't worry about
getting Critical Hits on all of them.

-Try to Critical Hit all the zombies in the room full of paintings, as well as
shooting all the paintings. There is useful ammo behind some of them. You can
use a grenade to clear a whole bunch out if you're lazy.

-Don't miss the windows in the hallway, or the furniture (which contains a green

-Shoot out the breakable bathroom door after the hallway for shotgun and machine
gun ammo. Also try to Critical Hit all zombies in this area; they're not
difficult to land.

-By the checkpoint, you should have enough Critical Hits for an S if you were
able to pull it off on the majority of zombies up to this point. There are also
tons of paintings to shoot right after it.

-Go into the armor room when given the chance, unless time is a big concern for
you. There are 4 extra zombies, ammo, and a green herb, not to mention a bunch
of destructible suits of armor. The zombie dog they threw in along with the
zombies is annoying, so if you aren't terribly concerned about Critical Hits
(and there are several opportunities yet to come), this is a fine spot for a

-As promised, there are a few more easy Critical Hit zombies as you re-enter
the lobby from the second floor. Don't forget to shoot out the giant windows!
Also the crows here should be easy to handle with a simple pistol.

-There are even more easy Critical Hit opportunities on the 2nd floor of the
dining room. Ignore ones you don't have to fight, or throw a grenade to pick up
a couple extra kills (though you shouldn't need them).

-The next area is the last before the boss, so if you are still lacking Critical
Hits for some reason, there are some more zombies for you here. They shouldn't
be too hard to pick off.

-Use all your remaining grenades on the boss. If you want to destroy some more
stuff you can shoot out a bunch of books off the bookshelf that Yawn goes

Mansion Incident 2

This level should be pretty easy, if you can stay alive. The amount of dogs,
snakes, crows, and stuff to blow up leads me to recommend the machine gun. A
shotgun is quite useful later in the level, but they conveniently place one in
your path right around that time. A shotgun from the start works too, though. In
this level you'll be destroying all kinds of stuff, from lights and windows to
statues and paintings to boxes. Keep your eyes peeled for anything that can be
destroyed. Also, unless otherwise noted, all zombies are easy to Critical Hit
and should always be attempted. The requirement is quite low, so nothing to
stress about.

Important Points:

-Don't miss the first aid spray in a lamp in the background to the left, right
before turning to use the crank.

-The zombie right after draining the water attacks fast, so it might be a good
idea to stun it with the machine gun.

-When crossing the water, watch out for the snakes. The crawling zombie is slow
and easy to Critical Hit, but the snakes are really annoying, especially since
they take two hits. I recommend the machine gun to take care of snakes.

-In the courtyard, try to shoot out lots of statues and vases.

-When given a choice, go left. The hunter that appears may land a hit on you if
all you have is a machine gun, but it isn't a very damaging hit and you should
be fine.

-The zombie that jumps in your path is annoying, so you're probably better off
killing it quickly and not worrying about a Critical Hit.

-The snakes that appear at the door to the residence are extremely irritating,
and will likely land a hit on you no matter what you're blasting them with. I
suggest lobbing a grenade as soon as you're right at the door, in order to blast
the annoying reptiles away so that they don't have any (or at least not much)
chance to attack.

-In the room with the bar and pool table, blast all the enemies away with the
shotgun and machine gun, or even toss a grenade. The game conveniently gives you
a shotgun right before this. Don't worry about Critical Hits here; you should
have enough already anyways.

-When you have a choice to go up or down, go up, but still shoot out everything
down by bar and pick up the shotgun ammo down there.

-Upstairs, get the green herb and shoot everything you can. Make sure to grenade
all the baby spiders, as they are crucial for attaining an S in Enemy Hits.

-A zombie runs at you when you open the door after taking out a hunter. You can
try stunning it and going for a Critical Hit if you still need them.

-Downstairs, shotgun the hunters. Good thing they give you more shotgun ammo
after the first couple attack, at least if you picked the machine gun as your
secondary weapon. The last zombie in the level is also here, so Critical Hit it
if it matters.

-In the shark tank, you can shoot out the round lights around the edges if you
need to.

Mansion Incident 3

This level is highly about survival, but for some people getting enough Critical
Hits may also be tricky. You don't need very many of them, but a lot of the
zombies later in the level come paired with more dangerous enemies, or give you
no time to aim before attacking. The good news is that there is plenty of
shotgun ammo available throughout the stage. This leaves the secondary weapon
matter very open ended. A machine gun would be nice in a few places for stunning
zombies, but a shotgun blast to the legs also does the trick. The machine gun
isn't so useful for destroying things either, as almost all of what you'll be
shooting is lights. Just use your trusty old pistol to shoot every light you
can. You might want something powerful for the boss instead, or bring a shotgun
along to have extra ammo for it.

Important Points:

-The first group of four zombies is really easy to Critical Hit. Make sure you
get them all.

-Don't miss the first aid spray in the light just above the ladder you climb

-After climbing down, try to Critical Hit all these zombies. Give them a good
stun with the machine gun or shotgun (there is a shotgun in this very room if
you didn't bring either of these along).

-The next group of zombies isn't so bad; even the crimson head is easy to
Critical Hit.

-The crimson head that runs up the stairs is not as easy, but it's worth a
try to Critical Hit it before it comes near.

-The acid puker on the stairs is all alone, so go for a Critical Hit.

-When given the chance to move, don't. Instead, focus on shooting out the
lights. Still get the shotgun ammo when you peer into the corridor, though.

-The three zombies in the corner are extremely easy to Critical Hit. Also
there's a green herb, a grenade and more shotgun ammo. Good thing you took this

-There are a few times when you are charged by crimson heads. Blast them away on
sight with the shotgun.

-If you got a Critical Hit on every zombie and the one crimson head I pointed
out was easy, you should have enough Critical Hits for an S by the checkpoint.
You should also have around half of the required Objects Destroyed.

-After the checkpoint, the computer and also light bulbs down below ground near
the central pillar can be shot.

-After being attacked by hunters, you'll be rushed by 2 zombies. Machine gun
them or shotgun their legs and then go for Critical Hits if you still need some.
This happens again shortly after, except this time an acid puker also charges
in. Do the same thing here if needed.

-There is a lone zombie after some chimeras for an easy extra Critical Hit.

-Throw a grenade or two after defeating the tyrant to blow up lots of computers
and ensure a good score for Objects Destroyed.

-There are two more easy Critical Hits after riding the elevator back up.

-Don't go for Critical Hits on zombies paired with chimeras, just blast them.
The same goes for when there are acid pukers and crimson heads. It's not worth
the risk here. If you do still need more Critical Hits, there are several
zombies in last room before the ladder up.

Nightmare 1

This level is pretty easy, especially since there's no boss or anything. You'll
be shooting a lot of furniture, boxes, and lights in the residence, and mostly
just lights and vases afterwards. There are lots of spiders and humongous
spiders in this level, as well as a few crimson head rushes, so bring along a
shotgun. The level gives you some assault shotgun ammo, so you might as well
pick that one. You shouldn't have a problem making the low Critical Hits

Important Points:

-Don't miss the first aid spray in the light right next to the door in the
starting room

-Make sure not to use anything but handgun on the following bees. If you get hit
there's a green herb up on the shelf.

-All zombies before the checkpoint are easy to Critical Hit, so definitely try
it on all of them.

-The first few spiders can be managed fine with the handgun, but you might want
to grenade the baby spiders. You get tons of grenades anyways.

-Once you get to the first GIANT spider, you should probably switch out the
shotgun. It will also be useful for the crimson head that rushes you right

- When given a choice, go up. There's a green herb and assault shotgun ammo up
there. Remember to still shoot all the stuff down at the bar though, and to pick
up the secondary weapon ammo down there.

-When you are attacked by a group of spiders, baby spiders, and zombies, don't
try to Critical Hit them. Just throw grenade down the hallway at them before
turning around.

-By the checkpoint, you should have enough Critical Hits for S, even if you
missed a couple. You should also have around enough Objects Destroyed already.

-You will find a machine gun after the checkpoint, which can be good for the
bats coming up.

-The next group of zombies in the caves has 2 acid-pukers, so kill them fast and
Critical Hit a couple of the normal ones if you still need them; otherwise deal
with them with a shotgun or even a grenade.

-Outside, the zombies are annoying. Kill them fast unless you still need
Critical Hits. Don't forget to destroy vases and bird statues out here.

-The handgun should suffice for the snakes and crows that appear, but otherwise
switch the machine gun out and let them have it.

-After taking the elevator, throw a grenade to take out the two baby spider
groups on either side of the hallway.

-Since the level provides several grenades, you should still have a couple left
over. Use one on a group of zombie dogs if you like, but save at least one to
use on the baby spiders at the end, when the queen bee attacks.

Nightmare 2

This level has pretty tight Critical Hit requirements because there are few
zombies, and even fewer that are easy to hit. Enemy Hits is no problem though;
all you have to do is kill every enemy that comes at you. Rebecca never tries to
run away from any, so the only thing to make sure of is that you nail every bee
and crow. Objects Destroyed should also be pretty simple, just keep an eye out
for lights, paintings, and windows for the most part, and the occasional
furniture. The number and placement of hunters and crimson heads makes this a
definite shotgun level, so bring one along. There are several places in the
level that also provide you with magnum ammo, which should speed up the boss
fight and make bringing something powerful along useless. There are also many
grenades in the level. You can save them up for the boss as well, or chuck them
liberally at those annoying acid puking zombies and the like.

Important Points:

-Don't miss the first aid spray right after first hunter attacks. It's in a box
on the floor to the left, next to a chair. There is also a magnum in a painting
on the left wall.

-Shoot out the first double doors for a machine gun HP. You might want to use it
on the snakes coming up.

-Shoot the bathroom door out for more machine gun HP ammo. While inside, press A
quickly in the corner to the right to move and nab a green herb, if you need it.

-The zombies in the hall are coupled with a zombie dog, which you should kill
first. Then try to Critical Hit the first two zombies quickly, before the two
acid pukers get up. The best thing to do is to kill them quickly to avoid taking

-In the painting room, the zombies attack rather fast, but try to Critical Hit
them, even if it means getting bitten and not countering (or using the knife).
The statue in the center of the room has a green herb anyways, so you can
recover any damage taken. If you got Critical Hits on at least two zombies in
the earlier hallway and the two here, you already have enough for as S. Also
remember to shoot as many paintings as possible before exiting, or better yet
throw a grenade.

-In the lobby, shoot out lights and the furniture by door. Be ready to blast
hunters and bees when you turn around.

-You will be rushed by a crimson head twice on the second floor. You might want
to try stunning them and going for Critical Hits, if you still need them. Also
continue to shoot windows and lights here.

-Two acid pukers will also appear, and they are the last zombies in the level,
so take them out quickly or do what you must to get the last Critical Hits you

-By the checkpoint, you should have enough Critical Hits, enough or nearly
enough Objects Destroyed, and 35 kills. The last three kills come from the
hunter and bees that attack right after the checkpoint.

-If you still need objects, the last couple of hallways before boss have tons of
windows and lights to shoot.

Rebirth 1

This level is pretty hard in survival terms, because of the amount of strong,
powerful enemies they throw at you in rapid succession. There is no doubt that a
shotgun is the only way to go here; preferably the assault shotgun. The good
news is that it isn't terribly difficult to get those Critical Hits, and the
level is pretty short too. Most of your Objects Destroyed will be computers from
the first room, but also shoot every light possible as you traverse the rest of
the lab.

Important Points:

-The computers in the first room are key. Shoot as many as you can from the very
start. The first two chimeras can be handled with the pistol, and after they're
down, continue to shoot computers. In the passage between tanks, switch to the
shotgun and blast the chimeras here. As you approach the other side, throw a
grenade to the left, to destroy all the computers there that you never get a
chance to shoot at. Then take out the rest of the chimeras with the shotgun and
proceed to shoot out even more computers.

-Don't miss the first aid spray in the closest computer to the door you leave

-After the action sequence, you will be attacked by three crimson heads. Blast
the first two away for sure, but I'd play it safe with the third one and try to
stun it and go for a Critical Hit.

-When given a choice to move, go left. The right has one more zombie, but also
lots of quick attacks by crimson heads, chimeras, and hunters. It's harder, and
has fewer items (no green herb that way!). Also be sure to shoot the lights here
at the decision point.

-Once on the left path, shotgun the enemies and also throw a grenade to destroy
stuff (and help kill more enemies).

-Upstairs, all the zombies are easy to Critical Hit. Just keep hunters and
crimson heads out of way with the shotgun.

-Use all your remaining grenades on Lisa, while unloading shotgun or machine gun
ammo on her head.

Rebirth 2

This level is very difficult only in terms of Critical Hits. The only zombies in
the level are crimson heads. There are three of them, and it takes three for an
S. To make matters worse, two of the three attack you at the same time, and the
third one is hidden. You may just want to do it to two of them and take the A.
Enemy Hits is fine, as there is only one enemy that you aren't forced to fight,
and even if you get an A here it won't bring down your total score. Bring the
assault shotgun to deal with chimeras, hunters, and Lisa. Objects Destroyed is
fairly easy; just shoot at everything you can. It's pretty balanced in terms of
what destroyable objects you encounter, with perhaps paintings being the

Important Points:

-From the start, shoot everything you can. Pick up the grenade launcher by the
entrance but ignore Lisa and just shoot stuff.

-Don't miss the first aid spray in the upstairs corridor, in the last desk at
the end. Wesker runs fast, so either blast everything with the shotgun or ignore
other objects and just aim for the desk.

-In the armor room, destroy the suits of armor for ammo and such. Shoot Lisa
with the shotgun only as she approaches you, to conserve ammo.

-On the staircase, shoot the paintings down, maybe even with the machine gun.

-At the checkpoint, you could have well over the required Objects Destroyed, but
if not there are still plenty more opportunities.

- You MUST shoot bathroom open and Critical Hit the crimson head inside in order
to achieve an S in Critical Hits.

-As before, when you encounter Lisa in the corridor, only shoot as she
approaches, and once she falls and gets tentacles, stop shooting her. You can
also shoot out the windows in these corridors.

-In the painting room, throw a grenade to blow up paintings and maybe kill a
chimera. The two crimson heads that charge you here are the last two, and you
need to Critical Hit them both to get an S. If you didn't Critical Hit the
zombie in the bathroom, then you need to Critical Hit both of these just for an

-On Lisa, use the grenade launcher, grenades, and the shotgun. She won't
actually die until you hit her at 0 health in the center of room, under the
chandelier. There's some stuff to destroy in the lobby as well, if you need it.

Raccoon's Destruction 1

This level is a monster. Not only is it the longest level with the highest
Critical Hit requirement in the game, it is also packed with enormous mobs of
zombies, most of which attack quickly and in succession, allowing you very
little time to aim. In fact most of the level consists of these situations, so
while I can give some tips, you're mostly on your own. You really have to master
Critical Hits to get an S on this level. If you aren't extremely good at it, you
may have to just aim for an A in this category and hope that at most one other
category is A instead of S. Even the A requirement is in the 50s, though. Also,
if you haven't already, read my note about zombie groups in the Gameplay Tips
section of this FAQ, as the technique of stunning zombies will be crucial. This
is definitely a machine gun level, so bring that along with you. Keep your eyes
open and monitor which zombies are walking faster, which are likely to lunge
first, etc, and shoot those first.

The good news is that there are two paths right after the checkpoint, and
they're both good for different reasons, so they provide a way to adjust for
whatever area you're having the most trouble in. As for objects, the main items
of interest are lights, cars, and windows. Always shoot cars. Not only do they
help your score, they also explode and can help you kill zombies.

Important Points:

-The first few groups of zombies are not quite so dense or aggressive, so try
here to Critical Hit every single one, stunning them if necessary.

-When three zombies appear next to a white truck with a grenade on the floor to
pick up, the one on the very left is an acid puker. Try to take it out before it
starts puking, or alternatively Critical Hit the one to the right quickly so
that you can focus on the puker.

- When you first see a red barrel, shoot it. Then Critical Hit the zombies that
didn't die and those on fire.

-When you turn around in the doorway, don't shoot the barrel unless you need to.
Try to take them all out with Critical Hits.

-At the next door, zombies will charge you, so stun them quickly with the
machine gun and go for Critical Hits. When you turn around, grenade the cluster
of zombies.

-Don't miss the first aid spray in the first alcove down in the sewers, before
you jump down.

-Critical Hit the crawling zombies, and then use the machine gun to kill all the
crows. Try not to miss any, for the Enemy Hits score. Use the machine gun to
take out crows in general on this level, for the same reason.

-Try to Critical Hit all the sewer zombies, as they are much easier to hit than
most others in the level.

-After fighting your way through some zombies after the dead end, shoot all the
windows here and pick up the secondary weapon ammo behind the glass.

-At the intersection with a stoplight, Critical Hit as many zombies as you can,
then when you turn and have a barrel, shoot it and Critical Hit all the zombies
on fire.

-Shoot all the crows on the construction site, and try to Critical Hit all
the zombies you pass by, even the one down in the pit.

- By the checkpoint, you should have around half the required Objects Destroyed
and at least half the number of Critical Hits for whatever category goal you're
aiming for (either A or S).

-Now you have two choices. If you move right, there are much fewer enemies and
the path is much shorter (by around two minutes), but there are much fewer
zombies and also fewer destroyable objects, so there's less chance for Critical
Hits. If you go this way, watch out for the single acid puker that appears;
otherwise the zombies aren't terribly hard to Critical Hit, as long as you keep
the dogs off your back. Even though there are less destroyable objects, you
should still have no real trouble getting an A in that category, so even if you
get A on that and A on Critical Hits you'll be fine for an overall S, provided
that you do well in the other three categories (which you should).

-If you choose to go left, shoot the boxes before the ladder and shoot all the
cars you see after climbing up. If you shoot the car straight and in distance
quickly, you'll kill a couple of zombies but leave 1 standing for an easy
Critical Hit. On the next large groups, try for Critical Hits, stunning or even
grenading when necessary. After the action sequence, the crows are invincible,
so instead of shooting them take out a couple of the street lights. In the
building, watch for hunters and acid pukers on the staircase. They're very
annoying, so kill them quickly and don't go for Critical Hits.

-Now both paths converge again; watch for hunters in the storeroom.

-When you come to the glass corridor, shoot all the windows out with the machine
gun before the crows have a chance to break it.

-After this, and especially right at the end of the level, you are attacked by
overwhelming mobs of zombies. Blast and grenade them when needed and go for
those Critical Hits whenever you can.

Raccoon's Destruction 2

This level is immensely easy compared to the previous one. Critical Hits
shouldn't be too difficult, especially after all the practice from Raccoon's
Destruction 1, if you did that already. Enemy Hits is really of absolutely no
concern, provided that you use a grenade or two on the roach nest. Clear time is
also of no concern. The only frustrating element here is Objects Destroyed. The
requirement is low, but there are also very few things you can shoot. Even more
annoyingly, there are many lights that you can technically destroy, but the
handgun and even some other stronger weapons simply won't knock them out without
unloading lots of ammo. Almost every single object you do destroy will be a
light, and I'll point out whenever something else is destructible, but in
general try shooting every light you can. The lights that will save your score
on this level are the long, thin lights on the ceiling on the very edge of the
subway waiting platforms. There are many of these, and several of them can even
be shot out when you're walking along the tracks and facing zombies. Look for
them and shoot them out whenever you can. The other place with a decent number
of destroyable lights is the hallways at the end, right before and during the
first parts of the hunter onslaught. When there isn't a hunter trying to slit
your throat, look up and keep an eye out for that white crosshair. Speaking of
hunters, there is a ridiculous number of them at the end. However, I would still
bring a machine gun for stunning and to deal with lickers. There's also the fact
that a good number of the hunters jump at you and can be machine gunned out of
the air in one shot. For the ones that don't, the level does provide you with a
shotgun and enough ammo to handle quite a few hunters.

Important Points:

-Don't bother going for the lights at the very beginning. If you're quick you
might be able to take one out with a bunch of machine gun fire, but it's not
worth it.

-The first three zombies like to lunge, so stun them and try to Critical Hit at
least two of them.

-Try not to use the barrel at first once you're at the bottom of the stairs; go
for Critical Hits and stuns unless too many get too close. Even if you kill them
all quickly, don't forget to blow the barrel up for Objects Destroyed.

-The group of zombies that appears from the left and that you only face briefly
is a good chance to try to sneak in an extra Critical Hit or two, but don't
bother grenading them.

-The flickering light above the bathroom door is the first light that you can
actually shoot out in one shot; it's ok if this is your first object destroyed.
The zombies that appear in the doorway are also rather easy to Critical Hit, so
try getting them all.

-Don't miss the first aid spray in the light on the back wall of the bathroom,
next to the feeding zombie that you should easily Critical Hit.

-The two zombies that come out of stalls like to lunge, so try to Critical Hit
them quickly or stun them to make it easier. Also the stall that doesn't open
can be shot open for an object, even though nothing is inside, as well as the
light next to the door as you exit.

-On your way down to the platform, the light on the stairs can be easily shot
out. Also none of the windows on any of the trains can be shot out, so don't
bother trying.

-On the tracks, two zombies appear very close to you, so try to Critical Hit
them quickly; if you miss them blast them. You then turn to face a pretty large
crowd pretty close. I usually throw a grenade here, as it usually only kills
about half of the zombies and gives you some space to Critical Hit the rest.

-As you turn around after that group, the savior waiting platform lights begin
to appear. Shoot as many as you can, especially once you hop onto the platform
and start walking down it a ways.

-The three zombies on the tracks that you face from above are another quick
Critical Hit chance, but again don't try to actually kill them all. The next few
that come from your left, however, are slow-moving and you should be able to
Critical Hit most if not all of them.

-When Carlos starts talking about the former passengers and you wait for them to
rise, you can shoot out more platform lights on the other side. Aim for these
whenever you can. However, the group that gets up and attacks you is quite
feisty, so maybe blast them away with the shotgun until only one or two are left
to attempt Critical Hits.

-When yet another group of zombies that you only get to shoot at for a second
appears, do the usual Critical Hit attempts, and then ignore them.

-By the checkpoint, you should have more than enough Critical Hits; in fact you
could have around twice as much as required. You should also have somewhere near
half the required Objects Destroyed; perhaps a little under half.

-Continue to shoot lights as lickers begin appearing. You probably want to use
the machine gun whenever two or more lickers appear. However, after you retreat
from the group of lickers only to find a dead end with a grenade next to it (and
a newspaper on the floor that you can destroy), you might want to use your
new-found toy on them when you go back to face them, and concentrate your own
fire on the one hanging from the ceiling if it doesn't die. There's also a green
herb in the back, if you didn't notice.

-When roaches first appear, just machine gun them, as well as the ones near the
floor. Also shoot all the lights in these hallways. If you still need Critical
Hits for some reason, press A to move into the room when it gives you the
chance, as two lickers attack around the corner. In the room, the first two
zombies are easy to Critical Hit before they even stand up, but be careful as
some burst out of lockers quite close to you. This is the last place with
zombies. You can also shoot a light or two in here, as well as some junk next to
the exit door.

-Now, when you enter the next room with roaches on the chain-link fence, just
pistol them and knife them off of you. Once you turn around and face the
enormous mass of them, toss a grenade over there to blast them all off the
walls. If one doesn't clear them all out, try another. This will secure an S
rank in Enemy Hits.

-The only thing left to worry about now is hunters. Switch out the assault
shotgun and blast them away. There are still plenty of lights to shoot out in
this area if you think you need them, so between hunter attack you might want to
aim up and blow out a few (even ones that seem turned off will break).

Raccoon's Destruction 3

STAAAAAAAAARS!!! This level can be tricky to get an S in every category on. The
Critical Hit requirement is not incredibly high, but it's not low either, and
coupled with the fact that the zombies in this level are not usually very
friendly, it can be difficult to attain. To get an S or even an A in Enemy Hits,
you're going to have to chuck a few grenades into rooms of zombies that you
don't get the proper time to face. And this is also one of the few levels where
time might be a concern, since the boss is ridiculously strong. The multi-rocket
launcher ammo you get doesn't go very far towards felling him. For this reason,
I usually bring along something extremely powerful such as the grenade launcher
HP or handcannon. I don't like Nemesis very much at all, and trying to wear him
down with conventional weaponry can hurt your completion time, if you don't run
out of ammo altogether. The level gives you plenty of machine gun ammo, so you
should be fine on that front, but shotgun ammo is completely absent. It's not so
bad, except for one part where hunters attack... but just go ahead and see what
works for you. Objects Destroyed is the one thing that should be fairly easy.
There's a lot of just about everything to destroy in this level, so stay alert
and don't be shy with the trigger.

Important Points:

-As the level starts, you can shoot out a few lights out here, and don't miss
the machine gun. The first three zombies inside should be easy to Critical Hit,
so do so. After that, when you turn into the room briefly, toss a grenade for
the kills and objects.

-The next two attack rather quickly, so you may want to stun them with the
machine gun. Once you turn the corner, you're definitely going to need to
machine gun the group, or even use a grenade, unless you get lucky and are able
to Critical Hit the front few very quickly.

-When Nemesis appears, ignore him and focus on shooting the plants, vending
machines, and lights in the hallway.

-When you re-enter the room you grenaded earlier, try to Critical Hit all the
zombies that come at you; they aren't quite as aggressive as others. Don't throw
a grenade this time unless you're having trouble with Enemy Hits.

-Don't miss the first aid spray as you exit this room in plain sight next to the
dead man and a light near the floor, right before going outside.

-Shoot all the crows and lights outside. When Nemesis reappears, ignore him and
shoot the windows behind him. As you run away, try for a Critical Hit or two on
the room full of zombies, but also definitely throw another grenade in.

-The next hallways is full of stuff to destroy, especially windows, and also
several Zombies that are easy to Critical Hit.

-When you hide in the morgue, it might be wise to toss a grenade as zombies
start coming at you. Not only will this kill some annoying enemies, but it will
blast open and reveal more ammo and a grenade. You can then try to Critical Hit
the zombies that rise up near the door (get the one to your left first). If
you're having trouble with Critical Hits, though, you might want to skip the
grenade and attempt it on everyone.

-In the garage, be sure to shoot all the lights and cars. After crawling to the
checkpoint, you should have around half the required Critical Hits and somewhere
pretty near to the required Objects Destroyed. In that category, just try to
shoot all the lights and lighted signs that appear in the next sections.

-The zombies behind the gate can actually be Critical Hit before they burst out,
so try it. The other group waiting for you advances quickly, so try to stun them
and go for Critical Hits. Same goes for the gate zombies once they break out.

-At the front gate, toss a grenade at the mass of zombies and then try to
Critical Hit those that are left over.

-The hunters that appear inside are pretty annoying if you don't have a shotgun.
You might get hit once or twice no matter what, unless you use a magnum shot or
two. The jumping ones and ones that run from afar are easily handled with the
machine gun, but those that come up-close are a pain. Good thing there's a green
herb in the background.

-When Nemesis attacks, I'd use the machine gun and focus on shooting the rocket
launcher. You can cause the rockets to blow up in his face, or at least blow up
the rockets early, and dish out steady damage to him this way.

-In the next room there is more machine gun ammo (whew) and a green herb (double
whew), but the zombies are pesky and will probably require stunning to allow for
some Critical Hits.

-Same goes for the zombies in the following hallways. Don't forget to keep
shooting lights and windows here.

Death's Door

This level is one of the more difficult ones. It's pretty easy to miss the S
requirement on almost any category, plus it's only one hit till death at the
start and the enemies are tough and plentiful. They immediately throw tons of
spiders and hunters at you, so it's a no-brainer to stock way up on shotgun SA
ammo and bring it along. At least the Critical Hit requirement isn't too bad.
There aren't that many zombies or tricks/secrets, so there's not much I can do
to help you; just make sure you have lots of ammo and that you blast those
hunters quickly. You'll be destroying a variety of different objects, so as on
Raccoon's Destruction 3, just stay alert and don't be shy with the trigger.

Important Points:

-Grenade the small group of baby spiders near the start for the kills.

-Shotgun all enemies in sewers, and don't miss the shotgun SA ammo and grenade
launcher HP. There is also a light or two that you can destroy down here.

-Once out on the street, grab the green herb and go crazy shooting stuff up.
Boxes, lights, windows, signs, whatever you see. Oh, and all those annoying
zombie dogs too.

-In the hotel lobby, try to Critical Hit all the zombies that greet you. You
might want to shotgun their legs to help you if they lunge. Once the zombies
start getting up in the background, toss a grenade at them before Ada turns

-Try to Critical Hit the zombies behind counter if you can; they're tricky
though. If you don't succeed, just ignore them.

-You can kill a good number of the hunters that attack you by shooting them
right out of the air as they jump down from the second floor.

-Almost everything in this room is destroyable, so shoot at everything you see.

-Shoot all the store windows out again when you exit back out to the streets,
and also shoot the car after using the grapple.

-The fire zombies advance quickly, so you might want to shotgun their legs to
help get Critical Hits. The next group of zombies is rather easy to Critical
Hit, though.

-Don't shoot barrel when Ada suggests it; instead go for Critical Hits. They're
pretty far away, so you have time. Shoot the barrel after they're all dead.

-After turning the next corner, you may need to blast the closer zombies away to
give you room for Critical Hits on the rest.

-The zombies in the hallway after the hunter attack like to rush, but try to
Critical Hit them. Getting grabbed once or twice and having to counter them
shouldn't be terrible, anyways. On the next group after those try for a couple
quick Critical Hits if you still need them, but Ada runs away, so if you weren't
able to, go ahead and throw a grenade to be safe with Enemy Hits.

-By the checkpoint, you must have enough Critical Hits. There is one more
chance, but it's very hard to pull off and at most you'll get one or two more,
so restart as necessary. You should also have close to the required number of
Objects Destroyed; if you're off by more than 15 or so you probably won't get an
S. Keep shooting windows and lights on the stairs after the checkpoint to obtain
the remaining necessary Objects Destroyed.

-You can't miss the first aid spray right next to the door at the top of the

-Try to kill as many crows early with the shotgun, before they fly at you or
worse, fly away.

-Use the grenade launcher HP on the boss. He should go down fast. You can also
use the explosive barrel if needed.

-Grenade the zombies that appear behind the cars, if you still have one. Also
keep an eye out for any cars that you can blow up.

-Try to grapple the helicopter on the first attempt; you don't get much time so
press A constantly on the container as it passes by. If you fall off once it
should be alright as long as you took out the boss in a timely fashion; just
make sure you get it the next time and that the hunters don't knock you off. If
you miss again or fall off, restart from the checkpoint. It's not worth risking
a bad completion time.

Fourth Survivor

This level really isn't as bad as its reputation as insanely difficult. Most
goals can be achieved with relative ease; it's only the Critical Hits
requirement that is a bit high. But then again there are plenty of zombies. It's
mostly going to be groups of them, and can be dealt with through my zombie group
strategy listed at the top of this guide. Survival should not be terribly
difficult if you bring along a well-stocked shotgun of any type. The level isn't
very long and virtually impossible to do bad on time-wise. Enemy Hits is also a
breeze, especially if you toss an extra grenade here or there. Objects Destroyed
shouldn't be too bad if you keep an eye out for things to shoot and follow the
tips I give. There's a little bit of everything here, but I think lights are the
clear winner in terms of what will get shot most.

Important Points:

-After the dogs, you can shoot the crates before HUNK turns around to look
behind him. Don't miss the first aid spray when he does turn - he only does
so briefly.

-Critical Hit as many of these zombies as possible. There are lots of them, but
since the hallway is narrow, they mostly attack one by one, almost single file.
If you get a good start, you should be able to Critical Hit all of them no
problem; otherwise try shotgunning the legs of the front ones to give yourself
some space. The same goes for the second group of zombies.

-In the garage, try to shoot as many lights, cars, and other stuff as you can.
You should probably shotgun the first pack of dogs, but for the second one you
can shoot the car next to them to take them all out.

-In the next hallway, the two zombies should be easy to Critical Hit. Around the
corner, the nearer zombies attack pretty quickly, so if you don't last fast
Critical Hits, blast them back and go for those that are still alive.

-Blast the spiders with the shotgun and shoot out the lights in all the

-Upstairs, don't forget to shoot all the random furniture and paintings that you
can, as well as the dogs.

-At the checkpoint, you should have about a third of the required Objects
Destroyed, and around half the number of Critical Hits, if you did it to most
zombies. If not, there are plenty of them left.

-In the next room, Critical Hit the three zombies in front of you, and then try
to do it to the two zombies standing in doorways that you turn to face. After
this, as you walk behind the desks and pick up ammo, I suggest throwing a
grenade towards the top-right corner to kill a few guys and destroy some
objects. Then try to Critical Hit those remaining, which could still be quite a
few. Use the shotgun as necessary if they get too close. When HUNK turns around
to face where he came from, try to Critical Hit the front zombie, but don't
worry about killing the rest.

-In the next hallway, Critical Hit the two crawling zombies, and then the two
near the door which should be pretty easy. If not, you should have picked up an
automatic pistol in the previous room to make stunning easier.

-In the lobby, take out the statue and then pick up the green herb on the
counter behind it in the distant left of the room if you're at very low health.
When zombies come in the front door, try to Critical Hit some of them, using the
automatic pistol to stun a couple if needed. Once you start backing away from
them, toss a grenade to kill the rest.

-You now have a choice. You will turn to face a door to the left of the
entrance, which can be shot down. If so, you will go inside and find a green
herb, a handcannon, and more ammo. However, you will also face some huge groups
of lunge-friendly zombies. If you have a decent amount of shotgun ammo,
definitely go for this option. Not only will it really help your Enemy Hits
score, but it allows you many more chances for Critical Hits, plus there are a
few extra objects to destroy (a flowerpot and whatnot). If the zombie hordes
become overwhelming, simply shotgun them all down, or throw a grenade. Throwing
a grenade at the remaining zombies as you turn to leave the room is also not a
bad idea.

-After you exit the handcannon room, or if you ignored it, you will face some
spiders. Shotgun them promptly, as they are quick to attack, and also take out
the computers and items around the desk.

-As you head upstairs, shoot out all the lights you can in the lobby. Kill the
three plant enemies and the hunter and continue shooting lights out.

-After the action sequence, Critical Hit the two crawling zombies if you need
to; the closer one actually attacks you fairly quickly though, so be careful.
The next zombies lunge quickly, so blast them with the shotgun and try to
Critical Hit the survivors if you need more. This is your last chance. Also, be
sure to keep shooting everything you can in these halls.

-After the zombies, pull out the automatic pistol, because you're going to need
it for the crows; they attack quickly and from all sides, and are quite
difficult to deal with using a pistol.

-Once you're outside, go all out. The lickers are pretty annoying, so grenade
them if you have any left. Use the shotgun to take out the remaining lickers and
hunters. As HUNK turns around and walks towards the edge, there are still some
lights and other odd bits you can shoot for your Objects Destroyed.

Umbrellaís End 1

This level is another monster. It has the second-highest Critical Hit
requirement, and although there are more than enough zombies for the purpose,
they are often thrown at you in combinations and quantities that make it
extremely difficult to do so. Even for an A youíll have to be very good at it.
This makes the level arguably even harder to get an S in for Critical Hits than
Raccoonís Destruction 1. The Objects Destroyed requirement isnít too bad, but
there arenít a whole lot of things to shoot, so keep an eye out constantly and
read my tips about what to destroy. Getting at least an A shouldnít be too
difficult. And since time is of no concern on the path I cover, and neither is
Enemy Hits (as long as you throw an extra grenade or two where it counts, and
you get lots of those), an overall S should not be insurmountable. Survival is
a concern however, given the ridiculous number of hunters, chimeras, and the
like. Most annoyingly, the level is pretty long and has no checkpoint on the
good path. Bring a shotgun SA along, as itís what you get in the level and has
the bonus of knocking zombies down often without killing them. Make sure itís
well stocked, because youíll need plenty of ammo. Youíll find automatic pistol
ammo fairly regularly as well, for stunning and object destroying purposes.

Important Points:

-Donít miss the first aid spray and a grenade off to the right at the very start
of the level.

-Quickly Critical Hit the three nearest zombies, then after walking upstairs
shoot the barrel and even throw another grenade to kill more zombies, if you
like. The lamp here as the dogs attack is the first object you can destroy, and
there wonít be more for a while.

-Take out the hunter quickly with the shotgun, then pick up the automatic pistol
and Critical Hit the acid puker.

-Ignore the invincible zombies behind the fence and go downstairs. Try to
Critical Hit every one of them, which should be easy if you get a good start;
otherwise do some stunning by aiming for the legs with the automatic pistol or
shotgun SA. Then blast the two crimson heads with it as well.

-Back out in the snow, try again to get as many Critical Hits as you can. These
zombies lunge earlier than the previous ones, and I often find myself
decapitating them mid-lunge. Either way itís nothing the automatic pistol or
shotgun SA canít fix.

-As you turn briefly, pick up the ammo and see if you can pull off a Critical
Hit before continuing.

-The next zombie group has two acid pukers in the back. They wonít attack if
other zombies are completely in their way, so if this is the case you can go for
some Critical Hits, but a good way to handle the group is to shotgun the front
ones in the legs, take out the acid pukers quickly with the automatic pistol,
and then Critical Hit any survivors. Thereís also a green herb here to the left,
along with a light you can destroy.

-The next large group has barrels in the back. Try to Critical Hit as many of
them as you can without using the barrels (which are hard to hit at first with
all the zombies in the way anyways), using the shotgun and automatic pistol as
needed. With a good start they wonít pose a problem, but with a bad one you may
need to blast a few away. In any case once theyíre gone get the ammo and blow up
the barrels.

-You now turn to face another annoying group of zombies, with barrels. The good
news is that theyíre far away, so if you machine gun the crimson heads quickly,
you have plenty of time to go for Critical Hits. One unfortunate zombie will
even get stuck behind the barrel in most cases. The bad news is that thereís an
acid puker, so kill him as soon as youíre finished with the crimson heads.
Again, try not to blow up the barrels until youíve cleared everyone out.

-Now you have a choice. Up, or down. I'm going to cover the down path, not
only because I'm more familiar with it, but because it's much shorter. Going
up makes it extremely difficult to get a decent Clear Time, even if there
is a checkpoint on that path.

-Once downstairs, youíll face two large zombie groups, one right after the
other. On the first Iíve managed to Critical Hit every one without any stunning,
but you do have to be rather quick. Otherwise, use the automatic pistol or
shotgun SA to stun. The second group, however, is another matter. All these
zombies start right in your face, and deserve a shotgun blast to the face right
away. You can then attempt to Critical Hit survivors and repeat if necessary,
but quite frankly itís very tempting to just shoot the barrel here.

-The onslaught of chimeras that follows should be dealt with entirely using the
shotgun. Especially after the zombies, there are too many to deal with any other
way. When two chimeras do appear along with zombies, shotgun them promptly and
go for Critical Hits. If things get out of hand, shoot the barrel.

-The next group of zombies is also reinforced by chimeras; two at first and two
more later. This is a grenade moment if even I knew one. The same goes for the
next huge zombie group, except you donít need a grenade since thereís a barrel.
At least a couple of zombies will probably survive in both cases, so Critical
Hit them and then the crawling zombies as well.

-After you crawl past, make sure to get the herb and shoot all the boxes you see
here. There are more on a dolly in the next hall. Three zombies will attack, two
of which are acid pukers. They donít start doing it until theyíre in position
though, so try to Critical Hit them early. If that fails, blow up the barrels
and prepare for hunters and chimeras. There are also more lights and boxes and
things to destroy around here now, especially near the floor, so keep an eye out
for those and shoot them all. For boxes you might even want to use the automatic
pistol if you can afford it, because the clumps can be hard to destroy all in
time. Always keep an eye out for more hunters and chimeras, though.

-When three zombies appear next to a barrel, try to Critical Hit them all, then
blow it up. Also note that the huge crates in the back, which also appear a few
times later on, can (and should) be destroyed.

-Once you go upstairs into the huge, final room, the zombie group that greets
you should be pretty easy to Critical Hit, but stun a couple if necessary. The
next couple come with spiders, so shotgun the spiders down and also the zombies
if theyíre too close. The zombies probably wonít die, so you can now calmly
Critical Hit them.

-Keep an eye out for lights in here too. Youíll be pretty occupied blasting the
undead, but you should try to shoot out the lights you pass as much as possible.

-The next group of zombies starts very close to you and has two acid pukers.
Shotgun liberally, take out the pukers, and even throw a grenade if you wish.
Critical Hit whatever survives, then move on and take out the spiders on the
wall with your favorite weapon.

-When you turn around to face a group of zombies that you then run away from,
throw a grenade for Enemy Hits.

-As you jump over the crates, you can shoot some of the ones next to you. Be
prepared to have zombies right in your face, one of which pukes. In general,
from now on Critical Hits will be difficult. Zombies will attack quickly or even
be paired with hunters. If you do chance upon a group that is alone, try to
shotgun to stun and Critical Hit any that you can. If thereís a barrel and
youíre being overwhelmed, shoot it and Critical Hit whatever survives. Also,
especially as youíre running around from one side of the room to the other, keep
an eye out for boxes, crates, and lights to shoot out.

-When Jill makes a comment about having to retreat, try to Critical Hit one or
two zombies if you can, but otherwise throw a grenade for the kills before you
turn around.

-When you come to all kinds of ammo and an herb, pull out the shotgun and
prepare for the long hunter battle. Youíll fight a last pair of zombies which
are pretty easy to Critical Hit, but make sure to kill the hunters that jump out
from behind them first.

-After killing the ridiculous horde of hunters, there is still a light in the
back and one on the ceiling that you can shoot out.

Umbrellaís End 2

This level is fairly easy as long as you bring along a reasonably stocked
shotgun SA. Thereís no stress about Completion Time, Enemy Hits, or Objects
Destroyed, as long as you keep your eyes open or follow my tips. Itís almost
exclusively lights and boxes. As long as you can survive you should be alright,
and there are also plenty of green herbs; itís just the Critical Hits that may
be tricky. There are more then enough zombies for an S in the first minute of
the level, but actually pulling them off is another matter. There are lots of
acid pukers in particular on this level, making things all the more irritating.
However, reasonable skill at those decapitations should put you in good shape
for at least an A.

Important Points:

-Try to Critical Hit a couple of zombies as the horde appears in the doorway,
but donít throw a grenade, it wonít affect the crowd later.

-When you first face the huge group, try to Critical Hit one or two, then as you
turn around, hit the hunter out of the air and Critical Hit the zombies. Thereís
a puker, but you should have killed the others first anyways so that you can
focus on him. Then as you turn again and face the huge group, shoot the barrel,
or blast a bunch with the shotgun. Thereís seriously just about no hope of
Critical Hitting these guys unless youíre REALLY fast. There should be at least
one or two survivors from the barrel, probably more if you used the shotgun; try
to Critical Hit enemies then.

-The hunter that appears is invincible until after he screams, so donít waste
ammo at first. Once inside, shoot out the lockers for ammo and objects. A zombie
will burst out of the one you canít break, and he lunges right away so blast him
back and go for a Critical Hit if heís not dead.

-After the decontamination shower, donít miss the first aid spray at the back of
the room. When you turn around to face the zombies, you should be able to
Critical Hit them pretty easily; at least the first couple. Watch out for the
acid puker though.

-In the next hallway, focus on shooting as many lights as possible. Shotgun all
the chimeras and lickers as necessary, but even in between attack look up a bit
and shoot some lights.

-When you get to the water, I like going less. There are some lickers and bats
instead of hunters in this case, plus ammo and tons of boxes to destroy. You can
make use of the automatic pistol on both enemy and object.

-By the checkpoint, you should have somewhere around half of the required
Critical Hits and Objects Destroyed, though itís ok to be a little on the low

-After climbing the stairs (you should shoot all the lights and boxes on this
walkway too), the first group of zombies that attacks you is pretty easy. The
first one might attack quickly, and if so blast him back, but the rest of them
are far and approach slowly, making them easy to Critical Hits. Two of them are
acid pukers, but even if they get close enough to start, only one will puke at a
time, making it easy if theyíre the only ones left.

- The next wave is kind of annoying though, mostly because of the zombie that
runs way to your left, and the presence of two acid pukers that will attack
simultaneously. Critical Hit whatever you can before any action starts, then
blast the pukers and anyone too close and take it from there.

-In the next hallway, go crazy on the lights. Shoot every single one, and donít
miss the shotgun SA ammo. Then use the shotgun to blast all the chimeras and

-After the final sequence and in the final room, two eliminators attack. I have
yet to get past them without taking damage. At least thereís a grenade, plenty
of computers to shoot, and a green herb behind you.

-The crimson head attacks alone, so stun it and go for a Critical Hit.

-Thereís tons of ammo around the edge of the room, so you should be fine for the
eliminators and hunters that attack. You should also have a quite a few grenades
left to use. The zombies that appear in the middle of the room are the last in
the level. However, two are acid pukers, and they stand on either side of you,
making it extremely annoying to Critical Hit. Kill them immediately and then
work on the others.

Umbrellaís End 3

This level is surprisingly quite a bit easier than the other two Umbrellaís End
levels. There are fewer enemies, lots of ammo, and itís pretty easy to earn the
required number of Critical Hits. Objects Destroyed is a breeze if you blow up
the computer room, and you donít need to do anything special to make it in Enemy
Hits. Time is the only possible concern, but as long as you donít drag out the
boss battle incredibly, this should be alright too. Bring along either the
automatic pistol on the shotgun SA; itís your choice, as the level provides ammo
from both from the start. Pick whatever you feel youíll need more for stunning
or wiping out monsters, or whichever you prefer using on T.A.L.O.S.

Important Points:

-At the start, focus on shooting lights. The one right in front of you, the one
on the ceiling of the first room (donít miss the first aid spray and ammo), the
big ones in the elevator, etc. You canít shoot the lights as the elevator is
moving, but you can before and after.

-As you enter the computer room, throw a grenade right in. Then, after killing
the lickers and going back in, throw another one at the other end of the room,
killing the two chimeras. This will uncover lots of ammo and also destroy lots
of stuff.

-As the next door opens, try to quickly Critical Hit the zombies in front of
you, otherwise stun them. The one in the back is an acid puker, so take care of
him quickly as well. You then turn to face more zombies. Again, the back zombies
are pukers, so try to Critical Hit the front zombies quickly, or stun them and
kill the pukers (you can even shoot the containers in the back to blow them up).
Critical Hit survivors.

-As you go up the stairs, you can shoot out the glass windows up and to your
right, as well as those across the room.

-After the action sequence, take out the crimson zombie quickly. If you do a
good job of stunning the two zombies while you work on the plants in the back,
you should be able to Critical Hit them afterwards. Next, kill the eliminator
and Critical Hit the two crawling zombies.

-As you peer in the hallway, you shouldnít have too much difficulty with
Critical Hits on the three zombies. Also grab the grenade, and pull out the
shotgun for the crimson head rush. Just shoot the canisters to the left to blow
it up and get the extra object. Note that if you shoot the panel next to the
door where these three zombies appear before you get there, the door will not
open and you will not get a chance to kill them.

-By the checkpoint, you should already have well over the required Objects
Destroyed. There are still a few more otherwise, but you should really have
enough if you blew up the computer room. You should also have around half the
required Critical Hits, if not more.

-The next group is annoying. You need to blast away the eliminators immediately,
and then try to get a couple of Critical Hits. However, pretty soon two more
eliminators charge you, and an acid puker starts firing from the back. At this
point you might want to switch out the shotgun, or throw a grenade. Critical Hit

-In the maze, if you still need objects, try shooting every door you can, even
if you arenít going to go that way. As for which path to take, that really
depends on how many Critical Hits you need, and whether or not youíre low on
ammo. The path I take has a good number of zombies and other enemies, as well as
an herb, but I do not take the path that leads to the ammo room (though there is
a fair amount of ammo on the way anyways). The path I take is Left, Right, Left,
One Way, Left, Left. I try to Critical Hit as many zombies as I can. There are
five that arenít too hard, especially with stunning, and two crimson heads that
arenít too hard to Critical Hit either. At one part, a zombie runs through the
door and canít be stunned with anything, so just shotgun it to death. The one
behind is an easy Critical Hit though. Then there is a spider and a few hunters
that can be shot out of the air, along with an herb, and then itís off to the
boss. Use all your grenades on it and consult the Boss FAQ if youíre having
trouble beating him, but even if you arenít extremely quick your time should be

Dark Legacy 1

This level isnít necessarily very easy, but it is extremely straightforward.
There is only one group of zombies, and theyíre at the start, so itís no hassle
to try until the needed number of Critical Hits is achieved. There are also very
few objects to destroy, and as such Iíve listed practically all of them in the
tips. Enemy Hits is taken care of just by killing all the enemies you are forced
to fight. Survival and time are the only real concerns. Since the boss is very
strong, and could potentially take a long time, I like to bring along a
handcannon with 8ó9 shots. Thatís about how many it should take to kill them
both, allowing even for a couple of misses. Any other high-power weapon works
too. The level provides you with enough automatic pistol and shotgun SA ammo to
take care of other enemies, but if you really prefer, bring one of those along.

Important Points:

-In the first room, shoot out all the chandeliers you can. You may need to use
the automatic pistol or shotgun SA to knock them out in time. Donít miss the
first aid spray at the very start, in the back of the room, to the right. Closer
to you there is all kinds of other ammo.

-The zombies you face here are the only ones in the game. Do whatever stunning
and blasting you need to get the necessary 4 for an S. If you fail, just
restart; the beauty is that itís at the very start of the level.

-There isnít much to say about enemies for the rest of this stage; just blast
away and pick up the ammo and herbs along the way. Donít bother shooting at
enemies that you donít have to face directly. My remaining tips will be about

-The chandelier above the train canít be destroyed; however the one to the left
of it can.

-While on the train, make sure to shoot out all the windows and all the lights
that can be destroyed; that includes the red one on the wall.

-If you still need Objects Destroyed after the checkpoint, you can get them
during the boss fight. There are several lights, both on the ceiling and near
the floor, which can be shot out there. However, since you turn and move
quickly, youíll probably have to use the automatic pistol or shotgun SA to
successfully hit any. If you canít, you should definitely have more than enough
for an A anyways.

Dark Legacy 2

This level is one of the easier ones in terms of the S requirements. The zombies
are pretty friendly for Critical Hits, itís easy to destroy enough objects, and
you donít need to go out of your way for Enemy Hits. Like in Dark Legacy 1, the
main concerns are time and survival. The boss can be a real time and ammunition
drain, so I like to bring heavy artillery along to deal with him. However, you
do find the anti-tank gun, which can do about half of his life, so that really
helps. Itís really up to you; if you think time is a big concern, bring
something powerful, but if youíd rather be able to comfortably blast away the
waves of lickers, eliminators, and chimeras, maybe settle on a shotgun. The
level does give you a fair amount of automatic pistol ammo for stunning, and
shooting bats or other weaker enemies.

Important Points:

-As in Umbrellaís End 3, at the start just concentrate on shooting out lights,
including in the elevator shaft. Donít forget to pick up the automatic pistol

-In the shaft, make sure to kill all the bats; you may want to use the automatic
pistol for this. You can also try to use it, or anything else you brought along,
to blast a couple of spiders off the walls on the way down to help your Enemy
Hits. Then take care of the waves of enemies at the bottom.

-As before, toss two grenades in the computer room. Toss on straight as you
enter, and then one to the left before the zombies have a chance to get up.
Donít miss the first aid spray straight ahead as you enter the computer room.
Not only will your explosions leave you in great shape for Objects Destroyed; it
will uncover ammo and an anti-tank gun.

-As zombies begin to rise and attack you, go for those Critical Hits. A few of
them might lunge at you, but shake them off or stun them. The rest shouldnít be
too hard.

-As you exit the room, the lone zombie is extremely easy to Critical Hit, and
most of his buddies that stand up afterwards are too, though you can stun if
necessary. Same goes for the few that now emerge from the computer room.

-Donít forget you can blow up the white canisters as the eliminators attack, and
donít forget that you can blow out the windows up and to the right as you climb
the stairs, as well as those across the room.

-At the checkpoint, you should have around enough Critical Hits, if not enough
already, and more than enough Objects Destroyed.

-After the checkpoint, look out for other canisters to blow up in the room if
you still need a few objects. There is one right in front of you as you turn, as
well as one across the room on the second floor and one on the first floor.

-Donít bother throwing a grenade across towards the zombies on the other side of
room on the stairs, unless youíre really paranoid about Enemy Hits.

-Upon entering the maze, stun the two zombies and Critical Hit them if needed.

-I like to head to the ammo room in this mission to stock up before the boss.
The directions are Straight, Straight, Left, Straight, Left. Shoot out all the
glass there and pick up ammo. Go for Critical Hits on any zombies you come
across along the way if you need them. After moving forward the first time, when
you turn around and face a large group, I would throw a grenade. It usually
leaves a few standing anyways if the Critical Hits are a concern.

-Go all out on Sergei, using all the grenades, anti-tank ammo and high-powered
weapons you have.


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-mazteryoda for providing a scoring template in his Scoring Guide
-jhurvid for suggesting including some information about hunters
-Lotus Prince, vasskrafta, and cgsean for convincing me of a 3rd knife use

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