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How do I beat Al Gore?

I'm doing the side quest where you got to defeat Al Gore and the problem is after you and your buddy hit him the first time he calls in the secret service and after that him and the secret service start taking only 1 damage per hit and certain power abilities have the same effect so is there like a certain method I have to use or something because no matter what I hit him with he takes super reduced damage and dishes out a super ton of damage with just one hit.

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Jager21 answered:

Well, I was pretty leveled up when I fought him, but still ran into the same problem. I had enough healing items at the time to outlast him and pretty good weapons for crowd control--I think I was using the long sword and had Stan on my team. So I eventually ground him down, but it took a while.

I realized after the fact that, as a warrior, I had access to Bull Rush which halves the enemy's defense each time it's used. So if you have that? Go with that--it's super helpful.
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urza389 answered:

Make sure you use your speed potions,I had a thief and used execute to drop his armor level to almost nothing,while using Cartmans burn ability on eveyone. Its a tough fight, but as long as you watch your health you can do it.
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majinbuu147 answered:

I used a Speed item to attack him twice over and over while using Butters to heal me. I was level 14 using the Sweet Katana
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jgerst answered:

I used the speed items int the first round. Then worked towards getting bleed and burn damage on each enemy. Then they take more damage every turn than you can dish out. After that you just have to keep your health up. This was on hardcore btw
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mnathane answered:

I managed to get rid of both of his buddies using a single Nagasaki attack, then simply melee'd him to death with Butters as my companion, healing as necessary.
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