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The pieces are strong, but the assembled puzzle is a masterpiece.DDJ9/10
So what's all the fuss about The Last of Us?Akheon6/10
A nice experiment that could use some tinkering.hyperknees916/10
After all we've been through. Everything that I've done. It can't be for nothing.SolidFantasy10/10
The most powerful and compelling narrative you'll find in any game released this gen. However, the game design is flawed.1Truth8/10
Naughty Dog's capitalizing on the zombie trend proves memorable, though it seems many gamers' expectations have clouded their vision.Archmonk Iga7/10
When in darkness , look for the light.bladegash6669/10
Endure and Survivedankanefan10/10
A masterpiece that will be remembered forever.DarknessXSeeker10/10
The best Naughty Dog experience that struggles to break from the mould (Single Player review)DarkSymbiote9/10
A tale of love, loss, and mushroom zombiesdolphinmage8/10
A truly memorable and captivating story that will last a lifetimeDrAkabane9/10
A masterful and suspenseful adventure from start to finishGalactus2110/10
Survival horror evolvedhorror_spooky10/10
Not the best game you'll ever play, but quite possibly the best PS3 interactive movie you'll ever watch.igor1407/10
You can't deny the view.Ironblade1610/10
Does This Look Infected?JerichoDarkstar10/10
A gritty Uncharted for Better or WorseLord-Spencer8/10
Does fighting for survival bring out your best or worst?Menji8/10
The Last of Us - A Deep Emotional Roller Coster of a GameNettoSaito10/10
No Matter What....You need to play The Last of Usthe_great_tidus10/10
The game that made me get a PS3TKDBoy188910/10

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