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Is it possible to unlock and play as the new Devil characters and Unknown?

I was able to play as the new Devil forms of both Jin and Kazuya in the prologue of TTT2. Now they aren't available from the outset in the actual game. Is there a way to unlock them as playable characters?

Also, is it possible to unlock Unknown as a playable character?

Wolfboy_Toboe provided additional details:

I know normal devil Jin is in the game from the start. I was referring to the devil Jin that's playable in the prolouge and seen in the new tekken animated movie :

Also, is the devil form kazuya takes this one from the prolouge. and movie or the one from tekken 2

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peterchu answered:

Kazuya can change into devil mid-battle by pushing u/b 1+2. That is Up/back square+triangle. Devil Jin is available from the start and as far as I know you cant get Unkown yet. Probably DLC later
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VictoriaSlywit answered:

Unknown is a future DLC character that will be released in the future. ...I don't know about Devil Kazuya/Jin, though.
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Welverin answered:

Devil Jin is available from the start.
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AnticFantasia answered:

Kazuya can change into Devil mid-battle somehow. Not sure the specifics.
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shadow_genesis answered:

Not really a devil character with abilities, but I just unlocked a top item for Ganryu, it gives him the wings & horns, but apart from that is a useless attack, he flaps his wings and falls over
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