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Buggy sp rage?

OK. I understand (I think) how unlocking rage works. The normal ones unlock during offline mode play (arcade/ghost battle) but the sp rage is for getting gold lucky boxes randomly. Currently I have the following:
Sp black,
sp white,
sp blue,
sp orange,
sp red,
and black rage effects

I assumed that the sp fire (which I have seen in ghost battles) unlocked by gold boxes as well, but today alone I have gotten 3 gold boxes (the ones with a stick figure surrounded by fire) but no rage. Is this a bug? Or am I going about it wrong? If this isn't a bug, can someone tell me how to unlock fire rage?


Aryvlock_Cross answered:

I'm pretty sure you only get SP fire when you hit true tekken god rank, those boxes with the burning dude symbol are just bonuses, don't mean you got the fire rage
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mortaniuslok answered:

Rages and Auras are unlocked by attaining ranks in Offline. The final Rage is unlocked when you hit True Tekken God, though some auras and rages can be unlocked by golden boxes, most are obtained simpy by ranking up.
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