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Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
Jinpachi? Answered 1
Trophies? Open 1
what rank is Tekken Lord? Answered 1
Level Help status answers
How to get S rank in Fight Lab Stage 5? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
About Online Pass? Open 1
Ancient Ogre, Kunimitsu, Angel & Michelle Chang? Answered 1
Arcade is the story mode? Open 3
Character ranks were switched? Open 1
Come with all? Answered 1
Do you take more damage during rage? Answered 1
Does anyone know an easy way to do acid rain kick combinations with violet ? Open 1
Drymatic Battle??? Open 1
Endings? Open 2
How Can I Free Download Ancient Ogre in PS3? Unanswered 0
How can I get the Unknown? Open 2
How can i unlock bonus movies in gallery mode? Answered 1
How come when you do ogres uf n 4 after df1+2 the 3,2 hits, but if you let go of the uf n 4 too early the 3,2 misses? Open 2
How do i unlock charecters? Open 5
How do i unlock the different hair sections (front/side/back) in customization? Answered 1
How do I unpick a character? Answered 1
How do you unequip Moves? Open 3
How many wins does it take to get to true tekken god? Answered 1
How to erase personalization datas? Open 2
How to get Michelle? Answered 2
Is all the pre-order content available yet? Open 1
Is it possible to unlock and play as the new Devil characters and Unknown? Answered 5
Is it possible to unlock the Flame Monster version of Jinpachi? Answered 1
Is there a 2 player arcade mode? Answered 2
Is there a list for the special tag combo inputs? Answered 1
Its possible to unlock Combot's training stages? Open 1
Overall questions? Answered 2
Partners? Answered 1
Ranking Glitch? Answered 3
Select default 2P color? Open 3
Tekken Tag 2 on EU PSN only in version 1.01? Unanswered 0
Unlock VS Battel? Open 1
What does TP mean? Answered 1
What is the most damaging single move in the game? Answered 1

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