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Missing vehicle?

I am missing a vehicle from the car list. It is 4th row, last car to the right. I have tried to scan the city with no results. The game shows me at 100%.

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McMurderpaws answered:

I've heard that Harley's motorcycle can be earned by completing the bonus level as well. It's the large gate in the park, and requires 175 gold bricks to open.
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The-Apostle answered:

It's Harley Quinn's Motorbike.

Here's the code: C79LVH

I believe that's the only way to get it.
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McMurderpaws answered:

Just to update -- I did the bonus level and did NOT have Harley's motorbike... but then after I reset the game, there it was. :)
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rearbone answered:

I did the bonus level on free play and didn't get Harley Quinn's motorbike until i completed the rest of the game for 100% and "poof" there it was in my inventory.
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