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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I get the last two minikits in level 13?

I am trying to get the last two minikits in level 13. I shot the search lights...and the joker boxes including the cabs. but their is two more minikits that I can't find. How do I get them?

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you've likly missed either on or both of the joker cars (1 minikit a piece). one starts right at the begining the other a few moments later, don't distroy the silver corners holding up the statues that crash into the robot.

There are 3 statues make sure to only hit one each! after you hit all three you will get it.

1: Joker Car (1)
2: Joker Car (1)
3: 10 spotlights
4: Bilboards (2)
5: Purple joker crates(5) after destroying the first statue corner
6: Helicopter after destroying the second statue corner
7: Helicopter after destroying the second statue corner
8: taxi cab
9: Legoman Holding Key
10: Destroy each of the silver statue corners once (3)

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