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Capturing aliens?

I was wondering how exactly you capture aliens. Do you just shoot them with the arc thrower, or do you have shoot them first?


arkdragon23 answered:

The arc thrower will stun aliens if they have 3 or less health. Might be possible to stun them with more health but I always wait until 3 just to be safe. You can upgrade it later on to stun aliens more easily. Take shots first (if necessary) then get in close when their health is low.
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reaperdamonkey answered:

You can just try to stun them with full health, but you have a higher chance of stunning if they have 3 health or lower! It's recommended to use a pistol to lower their health unless they have extremely high health, then go nuts!
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Avenger1324 answered:

The arc thrower is a short distance weapon needing you to get within about 2 units of an enemy. Select a unit with the arc thrower, then hover over an enemy and a circle will appear showing the distance you need to get within to stun.

It works best when the alien is on 3HP or less, but I have had it work at 4HP (49%). Use weak rifles or pistols to injure the alien without killing it, while getting your arc thrower unit close enough to stun.

Each arc thrower only has 2 charges per mission, so either save it for a target you really want, or bring more than one to the mission.
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jasonred79 answered:

If you knock them down to 1 health, your arc thrower stun goes to 90%, which is much nicer than 70%...
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Ace_Dragoon answered:

There will come a time when the main story directs you to start capturing aliens. This is after you research Xeno Biology. As a reward Arc Throwers will become purchasable from Engineering. Using these things in combat it dangerous as it requires the user to get very close (as close as using a medkit close) and the base chance is 70%. They can miss. Basic Pistols can wound creatures more without doing a great deal of damage. If your squad has extra turns, wounding an alien to increase your chance is a good idea.

Later on the Arc Thrower can be upgraded by using the foundry.
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