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How do I use the Ethereal Device?

I just researched the device and built the required facility but now I'm stuck. One of my soldiers has reached the highest psionic level class and learned one of the abilities from it but the game still tells me that I have no soldiers that can use the device. What am I missing?

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ACasser answered:

You have to build the Gollop Chamber. You have to have a soldier with the Psionic Ability, and also wearing Psi Armor. The last one is the most common stumbling block, because the game isn't particularly good about notifying you of that requirement -- it's mentioned in the text you can access from the Situation Room, but never explicitly mentioned to you by anyone within the game.
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DeviantWhisper answered:

IF you've had one of your soldiers use it, then you should get a cutscene (if not immediately then a short "scanning" later) allowing you to take one the big alien ship in a mission
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minor_accident answered:

You can check this at pending quests.
Your Psionic soldier must be equiped with a PSy-Armor.
Then he/she can use the Gollop Chamber.
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DrachenPhyre answered:

Everyone is right, U have 2 have a psionic soldier of yours 2 have psi armor equipped. I made 1 that I didn't care 2 lose 4 this exact purpose. I beat the game on normal difficulty, now I'm trying my classic run. Also.... Check "Sycraft's" guide on this game, out helped me ALOT. Much props 2 the guy. I open the guide up 4 reference as I play 2 get a heads up on the game. If U have any issues get @ me. PSN- Sabremayne. I'm addicted 2 this game, I had my girl say I play it 2 much, I love it because I haven't had a chance like this since the original pokemon. Red, Blue, Yellow - & Gold, Silver, Crystal. I even love how the computer - or enemy (aliens) cheat. I just capitalize every instance I can. I joined Gamefaqs in the past, but never did anything, now I'm herr 2 help anyway I can.
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