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Asked: 2 years ago

Do soldiers lose Will while they recover from injuries?

I've read that a soldier's Will will be reduced if they are injured. Is this true?

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From: MechDutch 2 years ago

I'm gonna quote one of the Game Tips here:
"A soldier who has survived a critical wound can recover, but suffers a permanent reduction to Will."

So, to your answer:
just wounded: NO
critically wounded: YES

Hope this helps ;)

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no if they were critically wounded they lose a huge amount of will. I think

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If they are critically wounded (IE: they would have otherwise died, have to be stabilized or win within 3 turns), they will permanently lose Will. If they suffer injuries but don't "die", they will not lose Will (at least not permanently).

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A soldier who gets a regular wound will not lose will permanently though they will suffer a loss of will during the battle in question where they got it. Once the battle is over the will returns.

If a person gets critically wounded then yes, the loss of will is permanent but be aware that there is a difference between a critical hit and a critical wound if you didnt know this.
A critical hit, as you probably know is just getting hit by the enemy and you get additional damage while a critical wound will leave your trooper on the ground hovering between life and dead while needing either the mission to end before he/she dies or medical treatment from a medpack.

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