Question from atotaldumass

Asked: 2 years ago

How do I find out how long my ultimate team player is injured?

In Ultimate team, when someone gets injured, they add the little injured symbol to the card, but I don't see anything telling me how long they are out. I don't want to waste an injury recovery card on someone being out for 1 game, but I also don't want to sit around and not reduce someones injury only to find out they're out for 14 games or something...

Accepted Answer

From: OmgitsMario 2 years ago

When you go to your roster, you should see something that says injured players (I believe it's L1 or R1). Go to the player and flip the card, you should see at the top of the back the medical sign (looks like coils I guess lol). Inside of it you should see a red number. It is very faint and difficult to read, but it should be a number. They made it complicated to find out for how long someone is injured, a simple plain number would of sufficed...

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