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                       +                    TABLE OF CONTENTS                  +
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   I. Updates
  II. Introduction
 III. What is the Goodies Menu?
  IV. Goodies Menu
      A. Skill Points
      B. Credits
      C. Cheats
      D. Cinematics
      E. In-Level Movies
      F. Sketchbook
      G. Epilogue
      H. 'Making Of' Video
      I. Commercials
   V. Acknowledgements

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                       +                      I. UPDATES                       +
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1/7/05..............Updated layout of guide and added some ASCII to the top

12/21/02............Started FAQ

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                       +                    II. INTRODUCTION                   +
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Ratchet & Clank is a platformer developed by Insomniac, the makers of the
Playstation's Spyro the Dragon games (Universal Interactive Studios made the PS2
Spyro).  I am doing this FAQ to show people the rewards for completing the game

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                       +             III. WHAT IS THE GOODIES MENU?            +
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You first get access to the Goodies Menu when you either A) start a new game
with the weapons from your previous game or B) warp back to before you defeated
Drek. You get this choice at the very end of the game, after the credits and the
Personal Hygienator commercial. When you pause the game during play, you'll see
this new option at the very bottom. When you first obtain this option, the
bottom four options are locked until you do certain things in the game.

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                       +                    IV. GOODIES MENU                   +
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A. Skill Points

This option lists the Skill Points that can be performed on the different
planets during the game. It lists the name of the Skill Point and which planet
you have to be on in order to do it. After you get the Skill Point, it will tell
you what you did to obtain that Skill Point. I will list the Skill Points, the
planet they have to be performed on, and what has to be done according to the
menu in the game. I will not give any tips on how to perform the Skill Points,
since there's already a great FAQ for it.

Skill Point.....Planet Name....Description of What You Have To Do (according to

 1) Take Aim..........Novalis.........Destroy a fighter or a bomber
 2) Swing It!.........Aridia..........Traverse final six swingshot targets in
                                      factory without touching the ground
 3) Transported.......Aridia..........Destroy three flying transports
 4) Strike a Pose.....Kerwan..........Stand between the legs of the Al's
                                      Roboshack statue
 5) Blimpy............Kerwan..........Take out a blimp, any blimp
 6) Qwarktastic.......Kerwan..........Destroy the Qwarkbot statue
 7) Any Ten...........Eudora..........Blow up ten vehicles
 8) Tricky............Rilgar..........Do a Twisty McMarx in a hoverboard race
 9) Cluck, Cluck......Rilgar..........Turn a tank into a chicken
10) Speedy............Rilgar..........Beat hoverboard challenge in 1:35 or less
11) Girl Trouble......Nebula G34......Beat the Alien Queen (and minions) using
                                      your wrench only!
12) Jumper............Batalia.........Get through the Grindrail without losing a
                                      hit point
13) Accuracy Counts...Batalia.........Destroy a small fighter with the turret
14) Eat Lead..........Batalia.........Use a Sand Mouse to take out all tanks
15) Destroyed.........Gaspar..........Blow up all of the Blarg destroyers (10
                                      in all)
16) Gunner............Gaspar..........Down five ships with a turret
17) Sniper............Orxon...........Shoot a Screamer through sniper hole
18) Hey, Over Here!...Orxon...........Lure any enemy into a forcefield
19) Alien Invasion....Pokitaru........Shoot down three Blarg saucers with
20) Buried Treasure...Pokitaru........Find and destroy all crates in the ocean
21) Pest Control......Hoven...........Kill all anklebiters in forested section
22) Whirlybirds.......Hoven...........Destroy 5 helicopters with any weapon
                                      other than the turret
23) Sitting Ducks.....Oltanis Orbit...Destroy all cargo ships in the base
24) Shattered Glass...Oltanis.........Blast all of the streetlights in the city
25) Blast 'Em!........Oltanis.........Destroy three marauding Blarg ships
26) Heavy Traffic.....Kalebo III......Traverse the long Grindrail without
                                      hitting any mines or cars
27) Magician..........Kalebo III......Attain a tricks score of 4500 or better on
                                      hoverboard race
28) Sneaky............Veldin Orbit....Kill all enemies in Hologuise traversal
29) Careful Cruise....Veldin Orbit....Complete water traversal without losing
                                      any hit points
30) Going Commando....Veldin..........Kill ten elite guards on Kyzil Plateau
                                      with your wrench only

B. Credits

This options lets you view the credits that show up at the end of the game. I
will just list the voice actors who did the characters in this game, in case
you were wondering.

Mikey Kelley................Ratchet
David Kaye..................Clank, Scrap Merchant, Bob, Blarg Scientist
Jim Ward....................Captain Qwark, Deserter, Gadgetron CEO
Kevin Michael Richardson....Drek, Commando, Announcer, Bouncer
Mona Marshal................Helpdesk Girl, Ed(wina), Qwark's Fitness Trainer
Neil Flynn..................Waterworker, Skid McMarx, Robot Lieutenant,
                            Inventor, Foreman
Chad Einbinder..............Resort Owner, RYNO Salesman
Jack Angel..................Mayor
Chris Hatfield..............Big Al
Sylvia Amerito..............Darla Gratch

C. Cheats

During play, performing a series of moves might result in a cheat being
activated. The Cheats menu in the Goodies menu allows you to toggle the cheats
on and off. So far, I've only gotten four cheats to work and I will only list
them for now until I get more to work. The name of the cheats pretty much
explain the actual cheats.

---Big Head Mode for Clank--- (tested)
Flip back, Hyper-Strike, Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Hyper-Strike, Flip left,
Flip right, Full second Crouch

---Big Head Mode for Enemies--- (tested)
Stretch Jump, Flip back (x3), Stretch Jump, Flip back (x3), Stretch Jump, Flip
back (x3), Full second Crouch

---Big Head Mode for Actors--- (During in-level movies, some actors have big
Flip left, Flip right, Flip back (x2), Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Comet-Strike,

Excluded from this list are the following:
Mechanic (Novalis)
Qwark's Fitness Trainer (Kerwan)
Qwark Robot (Kerwan)
Skid McMarx (Aridia)
Skid's Agent (Aridia)
Gadget Engineer (Nebula G34)
Bouncer (Rilgar)
Commando (Batalia)
Deserter (Batalia)
Mechanic (Batalia)
Resort Owner (Pokitaru)
Construction Worker (Hoven)
'Steve' (Oltanis)
Scrap Merchant (Oltanis)
Scientist (Quartu)

---Invincibility--- (Health must be full when you collect Nanotech, only for
                    short time)(tested)
Comet-Strike (x4), Flip back, Full second Crouch, Flip back, Full second Crouch,
Comet-Strike (x4)

---Mirrored Levels--- (tested)
Flip left (x4), Multi-Strike, Hyper-Strike, Flip right (x2), Double Jump, Flip
right (x2), Double Jump, Full second Crouch

---Trippy Contrails--- (Only works on Grindrails)(tested)
Wall Jump (x10), Double Jump, Hyper-Strike (noticed no difference on Grindrails)

D. Cinematics

This option lets you view the CG movies that occur in between planets and lets
you view the Infobots. There are a total of 29 movies you can see, which I will

Ratchet works on his ship
Clank escapes from factory
Infobot - Drek's plan
"This could be a problem"
"I will not stand for this!"
"Whoa! This is great!"
Infobot - Distress call from Skid
Infobot - Ad for Al's Roboshack
Infobot - Drek orders deforestation
"Yes, quite lovely."
Infobot - Recruitment advertisement
Infobot - Newscast from Rilgar
Infobot - Infomercial for Qwark's HQ
Infobot - SOS from Batalia
"Back so soon?"
Infobot - Pilot's Helmet demo
Infobot - Orxon history
Infobot - Jowai Resort ad
Infobot - Planetbuster plan
"You really are an idiot."
Infobot - Attack Gorda City
Infobot - Newscast from Oltanis
"How observant of you."
Infobot - Commercial for mech
Infobot - Hologuise promotion
"This is starting to become annoying."
Infobot - Drek announces Deplanetizer
Infobot - Deplanetizer demonstration
Personal Hygienator advertisement

E. In-Level Movies

This option lets you view the in-level movies on the planet you are on at that
moment. For example, if you are on Novalis, then this option would only let you
view the in-level movies for Novalis. I will list the in-level movies for each
world. NOTE: The following places do not have any in-level movies: Gaspar and
Veldin Orbit.

1) Sorry about that.
2) What are you? Mercenaries? Torturers?
3) Captain Qwark has really sold out.
4) Look - plumber's crack.
5) Geronimo.
6) Did you see the guy on the left?

1) Hey, you're that robot guy, right?
2) Okay, this won't hurt a bit.
3) Listen up, you lardballs!
4) The two of you make me sick.
5) That lieutenant doesn't seem so tough.
6) Welcome!
7) Excuse me Captain...

1) It's him! Skid McMarx!
2) Here, catch!
3) No signal whatsoever!
4) Great work kid!

1) You sure showed him.
2) Now we're talkin'!

---NEBULA G34---
1) Whew, I thought I was a goner...
2) Well, thanks!

1) Welcome!
2) Hi folks, Captain Qwark here.
3) Hey, hey, hey! Press conference is over!
4) Captain...Qwark?
5) Meet me at...uh...

1) Welcome to my challenge course.
2) Step into the Ring of Heroes...
3) Get offa me you idiot!
4) That's it! I'm outta here!

1) At attention you deserting maggots!
2) Blasted thing. It won't budge!
3) I got bigger fish to fry.
4) Halt! Who are you?
5) I have GOT to get me one!
6) Hey, I know you two.
7) Well, well, well.

1) Ratchet get Premium Nanotech
2) Ratchet gets Ultra Nanotech

1) You ARE friendly, aren't you?
2) ...where's that fighter?
3) Whadda we got here?
4) I AM da man!
5) Hey, what are you doing here?
6) This is precisely what I need.

1) We must get to the base!
2) Aww heck!
3) Hey buddy, what's shakin'?
4) There ya go sweetie!

1) I did not see Drek's ship.
2) Hello Captain Ratchet!
3) Yes! Qwark is history!
4) Look, maybe you were right.

1) C'mon! Wake up!
2) Captain Qwark!
3) Thank you!
4) Hey! Welcome to my shop!
5) That's about it for me.

1) Hmm...was it pi over infinity or...?
2) Well done.
3) Robots are not so easily fooled.
4) Mom?
5) Are you...alright?

1) You ever been on a hoverboard?
2) That was terrific!
3) I hope she's cute.

1) Hey, what the...?
2) So it has come to this.
3) I AM thinking what you're thinking!
4) This can't be good.
5) Finale.


This option lets you view early sketches and stuff like that which the
developers came up for this game.

1) Concept sketches of Ratchet
   These are some of the concept sketches for Ratchet. We decided early on that
   he would be a bipedal alien creature with fur. And if anyone asks you,
   Ratchet is a Lombax.

2) Concept sketches of Clank
   Clank too went through many forms. He was originally even younger looking
   with a bigger head and smaller body. In fact, at first Clank was three much
   smaller robots but in the end we decided to use just one so that we could
   develop his personality more easily.

3) Final sketch for Ratchet & Clank
   And here we have the final sketch for our two main characters. Ratchet came
   into existence on paper for the first time within two weeks of the initial
   idea for the game. This final sketch was done about three months later.

4) Level sketches
   Fort Krontos on Batalia came from the top sketch. We wanted to create
   forested islands under aerial attack. Then we turned it into more of tropical
   fort. Kind of the way development goes sometimes.

   The bottom sketch was one of the many from which we stole pieces for various

5) Parts of Logging Site Eudora
   These cliff-hugging structures evolved into the cliffside machinery you can
   see in parts of the Logging Site on Planet Eudora. They were originally part
   of a populated city but we decided to make this a robot-only area.

6) Robot factory exterior sketch from Quartu
   This is an element from the robot factory exterior on Planet Quartu. The
   factory on this planet is where Clank is made at the beginning of the game.

7) More level sketches
   The top sketch is an early drawing of Blarg Depot on Planet Gaspar. The
   bottom is the production design for Blackwater City on Planet Rilgar.

8) Concept sketches of Hoven
   The Bomb Factory on Planet Hoven was derived from these sketches. Our
   original idea was that the inhabitants were mining ice and shipping it
   But then we decided that the Blarg should invade and convert all the
   processing plants to munitions factories. Blarg equals bad news.

9) Part of a stage
   A hanging power source for one of our factories. Can you guess which one?

10) More level sketches
    The top drawing shows off early concepts for the Logging Site on Eudora.
    This was one of our first worlds and our initial goal was to create a
    forest-city. It changed drastically during production.

    The bottom sketch shows off peaceful structures from the Bomb Factory on
    Planet Hoven.

11) Oltanis sketches
    Generator concepts for Gorda City on Planet Oltanis. Because the city is
    plagued by lightning storms, the inhabitants use the generator to attract
    the lightning and convert it into useful energy.
    Unfortunately Drek wants the generators for his new planets and the citizens
    don't stand a chance.

12) Early Kerwan sketches
    One of the very first levels we prototyped was Metropolis on Planet Kerwan.
    We wanted lots of greenery built into the retro sci-fi buildings to create a
    unique contrast. We ended up removing most of the bronze caps though because
    they began to clash with the rest of the city.
    This world was one of the first big ones we built and almost started a war
    between the designers and the artists.

13) Umbris sketches
    This is the first concept for Qwark's HQ on Planet Umbris. We removed the
    lightning rods after we realized that it made the central structure look
    too small.

    The general idea for Qwark's HQ was that it should be very reminiscent of a
    WWII battlefield replete with bunkers, machine guns and barbed wire.

14) Buildings on Rilgar
    Here's a building study for one of the structures near Qwark's trailer in
    Blackwater City. We ended up modifying it significantly though and the final
    result is a bit different...

15) Color concept of Batalia
    This is a good example of the palette studies we create for every world.
    This one was for Fort Krontos on Planet Batalia.

    We ended up changing the weather from a sunny day to a rainstorm but the
    color palette didn't vary much from this painting.

16) Enemies
    Two examples of the character sheets we use to model the enemies in the
    game. The top is a Blarg Trooper while the Blarg Commander is on the bottom.

17) Head concepts for enemies
    We love our robots! These are some of the head designs we created for the
    robot troops who fight Ratchet.

    And if you look closely you can pick out our Animation Director and our Lead
    Character Designer.

18) Ratchet's first ship
    Here's Ratchet's first ship. Too bad he wrecks it so early in the game. We
    wanted it to be a real homemade job - held together by chewing gum and wire.
    We still can't agree on exactly why he crashed it on Planet Novalis...

19) Other ship sketches
    Finished sketches for Qwark's ship and the Courier ship that Ratchet and
    Clank acquire. The idea was that the Courier ship would be a slow, dunky,
    durable vehicle - kind of like a mail truck.

    Qwark's ship on the other hand was designed as a luxury craft - not too fast
    either but stylish and comfortable.

20) Blarg Fighter
    This is the original sketch for the Blarg Fighter that Ratchet and Clank
    pick up on Gemlik Base. We were going for sleek but deadly...

21) Enemies' crafts
    Many of the enemies in the game pilot vehicles. This one turned into a
    helicopter piloted by a Blarg Commander in Metropolis. He's a nasty one.

22) Weapons and Gadgets Part 1
    The Grindboots, Mine Glove and what originally was the Defense Drone Glove.
    We changed the way Defense Drones work midway through the project so we no
    longer needed that glove.

23) Giant Clank
    Here's one of our concepts for Giant Clank. Unfortunately the huge
    shoulder-mounted guns didn't make it in because they just weren't practical.
    But we did manage to keep Ratchet on Clank's back.

24) Fun enemy designs
    Some fun enemy designs. One made it into the game, four didn't. Can you pick
    the winner?

25) Big Al
    The many faces of Big Al. This was the first NPC (non-player character) we
    put into the game. He's probably what most people think game developers
    look like...

26) Ratchet's wrench
    One of the weapons that went through many iterations on paper was Ratchet's
    wrench. We didn't want something too generic plus it had to function as a
    tool and a weapon at the same time.

    It's mistakenly called an 'axe' by many but the label is appropiate in some
    respects since you probably wouldn't want ot get whacked with it.

27) Weapons
    Designs for the Visibomb Gun (top) and the Suck Cannon (bottom). The Suck
    Cannon was one of the first weapons we designed and one of the few where the
    name stayed the same throughout the development process. It just had such a
    nice ring to it...

28) Weapons and Gadgets Part 2
    The top two designs are final versions of the Hydro-Pack. The bottom
    sketches are the designs for the Glove of Doom and Bomb Glove. The Glove of
    Doom is an office favorite...

29) More Ratchet
    Another early version of Ratchet. Notice the different proportions, lack of
    eyebrows and stripes. This was also an early box cover concept...

30) Box Cover
    This one should look familiar - the cover for the U.S. game box was derived
    from it. But more importantly, it was the first image of Ratchet unveiled to
    the world in March, 2002.


This option attempts to explain what happens after the end of the game. It shows
various magazine covers (imitating real ones, though I'm not sure of some) that
show various news things and different quirks.


This option lets you view a video which shows the making of this wonderful game.
One popular phrase during this video is "The best part of the game is that you
get to blow &^*@ up."


This option lets you view the TV commercials. There are three of them, which are
based on individual weapons: Decoy Glove, Devastator and Morph-O-Ray.

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                       +                    V. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                +
=======================|                                                       |

- CJayC for having the best gaming site on the net

- Insomniac for making this great game