Platinum Bolt Guide by Aturian

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Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando
Platinum Bolt Guide
Created By Aturian
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Planet Oozla: 2 Platinum Bolts

1. Right after purchasing the tractor beam from the scientist you 
will need to use it to move two small and medium sized pillars into 
position to climb the cliff to the right. Instead move the pillars 
with the tractor beam to the cliff on the left. Put the small 
pillar on the left side and the middle sized one the right of the 
left cliff. Double jump to the top. It will be right there.

2. After you have completed the missions in the swamp return to 
your ship. Take the path to the right of the ship and follow it 
down, across the platforms in the swamp. At the end will be a dragon 
boat. Ride it until you reach a small cave, inside is a P.Bolt. Use 
the dragon boat to return to the beginning.

Maktar Nebula: 2 Platinum Bolts

1. After the section where Ratchet has to shimmy sideways along the 
edge on the left path from the start you will end up on a platform 
with a group of Brutes and a small crane to the right side of the 
platform. Kill the brutes and head to the crane platform. You 
should be able to spot it easily. The jump is tricky so if you 
can't make it return once you have Clank and his Boost Jump.

2. REQUIRES CLANK. With Clank return to the Jamming Array in the space 
above using the path to the right of your ship. Take the Limo to 
the array above. Directly behind the drivers side of the Limo is a 
small platform just high enough that Ratchet can't make it on his 
own. Boost Jump up to the platform and in the center will be a Hyper-Jump 
Pad. Jump straight up and you'll hit it at the peak of the jump.

Evert van Aart writes:
Jump on top of the Limo, and jump on top of the 'rocket' of the 
Limo that's nearest to the platform. You can then make it onto the 
platform with the jump pad.

Planet Endako: 2 Platinum Bolts

1. In the section where you are operating a crate for the second 
time to open the door next to the crane control there will be crane 
in the last room. Pick it up and move it to the middle room against 
the wall below a doorway obscured by the camera. If you need to 
leave the crane console and locate the door manually. Return to 
the console and pick up the explosive crate and drop it on top of 
the other crate. It will explode and remove the door. Behind the 
door is the P.Bolt. Leave the console and use the first crate to 
enter the little area exposed by the blast. Grab the P.Bolt.

2. On your way to Clanks Apartment you will encounter a Thugs-4-Less 
Helicopter. A little bit after that there will be a ledge that looks 
like a total drop off but isn't. (Just start checking the ledges 
after the helicopter) The P.Bolt will be on a lower ledge below.

Planet Barlow: 2 Platinum Bolts

1. During any of the hoverbike races there is a easy P.Bolt to get. 
After the water section when the course turns to the right take a 
sharp left and it will be right in front of you. (This is the one in 
the Demo)

2. After exiting the water silo, stop and turn around. See the little 
tiny ledge around the silo? Jump onto it and shimmy around the entire 
edge. Drop onto the ground at the back of the platform and swingshot 
your way across to the rotating platforms. Enter a cave right in 
front of you, kill off the hoard of Hounds of Death and grab the 
P.Bolt farther in the cave.

Feltzin System: 1 Platinum Bolt

3. In the fourth challenge where you race Ace Bunyon through the asteroid 
field there is a P.Bolt at the finish line but only if you fly through 
all 50 rings during the race.

Planet Notak: 3 Platinum Bolts

1. After the enemies in the display case and the Attack Ship in the area 
with all the glass (Promenade) There will be a "Megacorp" glass sign. 
Break it and behind it will be alcove with a P.Bolt.

2. Near your ship and the vendor you will see a bridge that leads to the 
wharf area. Cross the bridge and turn to the left sharply. Head towards 
the buildings and follow the grass behind the buildings. At the rear 
of the buildings, between the two will be the P.Bolt.

3. After the second bolt continue on until you reach a Dynamo Activator. 
Ignore it and clean out the surround area of enemies. Once they are 
gone activate the dynamo and you will have 20 sec. to reach the door 
that the dynamo opened on the upper level. Inside the temporarily 
opened door is the P.Bolt.

Planet Siberius: 2 Platinum Bolts

1. After killing the first few MSR II's and descending on a elevator you'll 
see a small column with a tractor beam target on it. Tractor the column and 
take it up on the elevator with you. Take the column with you on the path 
to the right until you reach the gap in the path. Plant the column on the 
edge and boost jump to the top of the column. From the top of the column 
you should see a hanger above with the P.Bolt inside. This is the same 
place the two flame-thrower bots jumped from your first time on this path.

2. From the same elevator mentioned above go to the nearby edge and look 
down. You will see a building will a gray roof slightly to the left. 
Double Jump up and glide down to the roof. It looks like it's to far away 
but you will make it. Drop down into the fenced yard and the P.Bolt will 
be along side the building kind of near a snowdrift. To get out just jump 
onto the roof and jump over to the other side of the fence.

Planet Tabora: 3 Platinum Bolts

1. In the Northeast section of the desert. Search thoroughly, because while 
its in plain sight the desert is big and the Bolt blends in from a distance. 
Use the tops of the big dunes and the Pulse Rifle/Vaporizer's Zoom scope to help.

2. Inside the mining facilities where the platforms need to be frozen to 
advance jump on the last platform and freeze the first platform. Jump on 
top of the very first and now highest platform. Double-jump towards the 
alcove on the left in which the P.Bolt is.

3. At the very end of the Momentum Glider course is a P.Bolt. Very easy to get.

Planet Dobbo: 2 Platinum Bolts

1. In the final room of the momentum glider course pull up as son as you 
enter the final room. The P.Bolt is in the middle of a diamond of pipes 
at the top of the room.

2. Before the Dynamo activators after a series of swingshots and 
platform jumping there is a small air vent. Use a spiderbot to enter 
the vent and take a right. You will see a floor switch that the spiderbot 
will trigger. This will open a door farther along the path and the P.Bolt 
is inside.

Hrugis Cloud: 1 Platinum Bolt

1. A P.Bolt will appear at the finish line if you fly through all 65
rings during the race against Bunyan

Planet Joba: 2 Platinum Bolts

1. Along the main path there will be a swingshot target after the turret. 
You will need to look pretty hard to find it. Double jump up to get 
enough air and fire the swingshot at the peak of the jump to grab on 
to the target. Swing across to the edge and fight your way to the 
floor switch. Hit it and then kill the Saur-beast that comes raging 
out. Inside the cave is a P.Bolt.

2. Right after you get the Levitator fly straight up to the tall tower 
on the left and the P.Bolt will be right on top. Glide back down.

Planet Todano: 3 Platinum Bolts

1. Follow the robotic Fizzwidget at the end of the tour it gives into 
the little building. Inside is a P.Bolt.

2. In the room with a inspector bot, and two tractor columns and two 
force fields, use the column to block the fields and tractor the 
inspector bot onto the pad in open the door. Then get in between 
the force fields and pull the columns into the middle with you. Use 
them as stairs to reach an opening above. Follow the path until you 
reach a small building. The P.Bolt is inside.

3. At the next point that requires a inspector bot scan, stop. Move 
the tractor beam column next to the conveyor belt on the right wall. 
On the end of the conveyor belt there is a small air duct. Send a 
spiderbot into the vent and follow it until you reach a floor switch. 
Hit it then return to Ratchet. Double-Jump up to the conveyor belt 
above the one you're on. Go to the end of this belt and enter the 
small room to get the P.Bolt.

Planet Boldan: 3 Platinum Bolts

1. From the ship take the center path and follow it until you reach 
a glass wall with a spiderbot sized opening. Deploy a Spiderbot to hit 
the floor switch and then walk around to the other side of the building 
and enter the now-open door. Inside is a P.Bolt.

2. There is a P.Bolt after the section past the Armor Vendor where Ratchet 
walks down the side of a building with his gravity boots. Take the 
elevator up. Go to the edge of the platform above and look over the 
edge. The P.Bolt will be in plain sight on a lower ledge. Glide down 
to it.

3. This bolt cannot be gotten the first time through. Return to the 
planet and go to the room where Ratchet & Clank were captured. Use your 
swingshot to reach the upper ledge of the room and grab the P.Bolt up there.

Planet Aranos: 1 Platinum Bolt

1. At the ship look down off the platform toward the underside of the 
base and on a ledge in the distance is a P.Bolt. Glide down to it. There 
is a Levitator pad on the same ledge as the P.Bolt so that you can get 
back up.

Planet Gorn: 1 Platinum Bolt

1. Race Ace Bunyan and fly through all 53 rings to make a P.Bolt appear 
at the finish line.

Planet Snivelak: 1 Platinum Bolt

1. In the next to the area with both Armor and Weapon vendors next to 
it there are a bunch of dynamo activators. Stretch-Jump then Glide to 
land of a platform beneath them. Use the Dynamo CONTINUOUSLY as you climb 
the wall on the dynamo platforms. There will be a P.Bolt in a alcove at 
the top. Stretch-Jump then Glide to get back down.

Planet Smolg: 2 Platinum Bolts.

1. In the part with all the crates in the warehouse use the dynamo to 
turn the crate and jump up on top. You will see two crates that are 
close enough to use your wall jump. Once on top you can see a P.Bolt. 
Jump between the crates on your right, then Stretch-Jump to the P.Bolt.

2. At the third Levitator pad stop and fly towards the really high 
platform to your left. The P.Bolt is on top.

Planet Damosel: 2 Platinum Bolts

1. Freeze the water in the bank fountain with the therminator and grind 
the frozen fountain onto a platform with a P.Bolt. Take the taxi back.

2. Once you have the completed Hypnomatic use it on one of the Receiver 
bots on the roof on the Megacorp Pyramid. Bring the bot down to the 
front wall of the pyramid and put it in the exact middle. Detonate the 
bot and it will reveal a P.Bolt in a hidden alcove.

Planet Grelbin: 3 Platinum Bolts

1. Out in the snowy wastes look on you map for two parallel lines. The 
P.Bolt is right next to them. Look carefully.

2. At the end of the water area, dive deeper in the last water chamber 
to find another little chamber. Enter it and rise to the top. Grab the P.Bolt.

3. Enter the tunnel behind the Armor Vendor and take the second left. 
Use the Hypnomatic on the bot to open the door. Grab the P.Bolt inside.

Planet Yeedil: 2 Platinum Bolts

1. The very first bridge is a suspension bridge and you can grind the 
supports up to the top and grab the P.Bolt.

2. After the room with waves of Troopers and a Hovertank there is a 
column with a tractor beam target. Move the column and climb the stairs 
to the grind rail. Ride it to the P.Bolt at the end.