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Ratchet & Clank


Lancer        Upgrade: Heavy Lancer
A simple pistol to start you of with.The Heavy Lancer has a faster Rate of fire
and more ammo.

Gravity Bomb     Upgrade: Mini Nuke
A really good grenade gun for clearing out lots of small enemies. The Mini Nuke
makes a big musroom cloud after blowing up.

Chopper      Upgrade: Multi Star
A not very powerful gun that throws a star shapes disk that bounces of walls.
The Multi Star sends out mutiple stars at once and bounce of walls.

Seeker      Upgrade: HK22 Gun
A very useful gun that fires one seeker that homes on enemies and attacks. The
HK22 Gun shoots three seekers
and homes on enemies.

Pulse Rifle        Upgrade: Vaporizer
A good long range rifle that zooms in on enemies and gives them a powerful
shock. The Vaporizer has a better zoom in range and a more powerful blast.

Miniturret Glove   Upgrade: Megaturret Glove
A small ball is shot out of the glove and starts shooting the enemies until it
runs out of ammo or runs out of targets. The Megaturret Glove also shoots two

Blitz Gun     Upgrade: Blitz Cannon
A short range shotgun that packs a punch. The Blitz Cannon has inproved the
range and packs a better punch!

Sheild Charger  Upgrade: Tesla Barrier
The Sheild Charger is the commando best friend a sheld wraps round ratchet and
protects him from heavy fire and if a bad guy gets close i will zap them!

Sythinoid  Upgrade: Killanoid
The Sythinoid are four little helping buddies that shoot oncoming enemies> The
Killanoid shoot oncoming enmies but they also shoot grenades.

Lava Gun  Upgrade: Meteour Gun
This gun shoots a stream of molten lava at enemies perfect for killing lots of
enemies in one. The Meteour Gun shoots insted of a stream but a big clump that
blows up when in contact.

Bouncer       Upgrade : Heavy Bouncer
This gun shoots a ball that explodes on contact with enemies and then clusters
will explode.The Heavy Bouncer has an even bigger bomb to hunt your prey!

Minirocket Tube   Upgrade: Megarocket Tube
This gun shoots a fast rocket that blows up when hits contact with an enemy.
The Megarocket Tube also if you hold the circle button it will charge up and
fire four rockets!

Plasma Coil    Upgrade: Plasma Storm
The Plasma Coil will shoot a plsma ball at enemies and give them a shock!
The Plasma Storm while it is targiting the enemies it will send a stream of
electricity on other enemies.

Hoverbomb Gun   Upgrade: Tetrabomb Gun
Thids gun will shot a bomb if you hold circle you can control the bomb with the
analog stick press circle again and it will blow up. The Tetrabomb Gun is
pretty much the same but instead of one bomb it will shoot five!

Spiderbot Glove    Upgrade: Tankbot Glove
This weapon can shoot a spider that you can control go up to an enemy a blow it
up. The Tankbot Glove also has a gun to shoot enemies with.

Sheepinator     Upgrade: Black Sheepinator
This weapon can turn enemies into sheep! But the Black Sheepinators sheep also
blow up!

Zodiac   Upgrade: N/A
This gun can be fired an anyhing in sight will turn into dust

This gun will fire fast speed rockets at any enemy thats get in there way.


Aranos  Flying Lab

Ratchet is on a flying lab on Aranos, a seemingly mountain-smothered planet.
Firstly, walk forward and go up the lift, by walking on the floor-button. Up
top is a door, walk up to it and it will open, revealing two MSRI Chainsaw
Models hanging from the cieling. Gun them down with your Lancer.Proceed up the
ladder and turn left, only to face two MSRIs and a new enemy, the MSRII
Flamethrower Model. Lancer the MSRIs if you want, but the MSRII must be
Lancered (it is extremely hard to kill them with the wrench) Down the hallway,
two more MSRIs await your Lancer rounds. Outside of the ship, you will
encounter four MSRIs and a new enemy, the Blade Ball. Use your Lancer to finish
these as you make your way to the door at the end. Ride up the elevator and
destroy the group of MSRIs at the top. (Helpdesk will advise the Gravity Bomb,
but you can use the Lancer if you want. Enter the room and Ratchet will be
caught trying to save the Protopet. Fight a grueling battle against three
MSRIs, three MSRIIs and a dozen bladeballs. Follow the Thief down the chute and
onto the airship's wing where you will find a frightening sight, eight MSRII
Flamethrower Models. Fortunately for you, only two of these adversaries will
activate at a time, so destroy the active ones with your Lancer. Another
effective strategy is to Gravity Bomb the entire pile. Enter the room to the
right and walk forward. An elevator full of two MSRIs and an MSRII will come
down. Kill these with your Lancer and ride the elevator up. Continue down the
hallway and enter the room, where you must defeat six MSRIs and about ten
Bladeballs. Enter the last room and climb the stairs. The two doors will blow
open and three MSRIs and two MSRIIs will step out.  Enter the left door and a
cutscene will play. You can now go to Megacorp Outlet: Planet Oozla

Oozla  Megacorp Outlet

After exiting your ship the Megacorp vendor is to the ship's left. Currently
you will have only the Lancer and Gravity Bomb; the Chopper and Blitz Gun will
now be for sale at 5,000 and 15,000 bolts respectively. The first thing you
should do is refill your existing weapon's ammunition, and purchase whatever
weaponry you can afford as soon as possible, as the variety will give you and
advantage. You then have two options - to either explore the swamp ruins or
find the store entrance. It doesn't really matter which order you complete the
missions in, in fact you do not have to complete the exploration mission to
leave the planet but you will be unable to progress on later planets without
completing it. To explore the swamp first head to the right of the ship,
through a metal structure. To find the store entrance follow the path near the
Megacorp Vendor. No matter which path you take be sure to destroy some crates
near the swamp exploration route to ensure you collect more bolts for weaponry,
and in between completing missions remember to stock up on ammo and purchase
new weaponry if you want to.

Finding the store entrance

The swamp section

After following the path you will come to a gap in the path with green swamp
fluids in between. On the other side are six snail-like Mutant Swamp Beasts.
While they do notice you they cannot cross the gap in the path, either use the
Lancer to take them out from a safe distance or, if they are grouped together,
you might want to use the Gravity Bomb. Once they have been killed simply Jump
over the gap and continue round the path. Once the path turns right you will
encounter several Mutant Fireflies which will attack you, either use the Lancer
(one shot will be enough for each one) or your Wrench and take them out.
Destroy the crates on your left and approach the platforms used to get across
the swamp - on your left you can see the Megacorp salesman drowning in the
swamp. Jump onto the platform and stand at the end a Mutant Swamp Beast will
appear on the land in front of you, again destroy it from a safe distance with
the Lancer and jump onto the land.
As you jump onto this land two Mutant Muckdwellers will appear on your right,
use the Wrench to quickly kill them. Walk towards the floating leaf-like
platforms in the swamp in front of you and another Mutant Swamp Beast should
appear, kill it with the Lancer or Wrench and then use the Lancer to kill the
Mutant Swamp Beast and Muckdweller that should now appear on the leaf-platforms
- don't worry about the ones in the far distance, they are probably out of
range. Before jumping on to the leaf-platforms look to your left and jump over
a fallen tree; you will then see the salesman being 'eaten' by six Mutant
Muckdwellers, kill them and the return to the leaf-platforms. Jump onto the
first one and another Mutant Swamp Beast and Muckdweller should appear on other
platforms. Even these platforms do not sink, so take your time and eliminate
them. When standing on the final leaf-platform kill the Mutant Muckdwellers on
the new section of land before jumping onto it, or just take them out with your
Wrench. Continue following the path and a couple of Mutant Swamp Beasts should
attack you, kill them and the Mutant Muckdwellers that follow. Before turning
your attention to the ammo crates on your left watch out for more Mutant Swamp
Beasts that jump out of the swamp in front of you. Jump onto the next set of
platforms and kill the enemies on each platform before you progress to the next

After jumping onto the land, jump up onto a higher section and destroy the
crates next to you. Then follow the path utill you reach a section where there
is swamp on either side of you. From here Mutant Muckdwellers will jump out of
the swamp on your left and right, Mutant Swamp Beasts will jump out of the
swamp in front of you. Keep your distance from the Mutant Swamp Beasts and use
your Wrench to take out the Mutant Muckdwellers first, when they are gone use
the Lancer and destroy the Mutant Swamp Beasts. Destroy the three Mutant
Fireflies hovering over the leaf pads and head right to destroy some crates.
Then jump onto the leaf-platforms.

Swamp Monster I

When you reach the next section of land you will encounter the Swamp Monster I.
Use the gravity bomb to target any one of the three parts this monster has and
keep firing as often as possible, strafe from side to side and jump whenever
one of the large tentacles tries to squash you. There should be plenty of ammo
crates around you to help in doing this. After about eight hits the fight
should be over. Destroy the crates on the left and collect all the ammo
available on the right before advancing. Jump over the two leaf-platforms and
use the Lancer to destroy two Mutant Swamp Creatures, you should now be at the
Megacorp outlet.

The Megacorp outlet

Approaching the Megacorp outlet

Head to the left to pick up the Dynamo then destroy all crates nearby before
using it to zap that activator . After stepping on the platform that rises when
you use the Dynamo, head left and into the Outlet itself.

Inside the Megacorp outlet

Use the Lancer or Wrench to kill the three Mutant Fireflies at the entrance
then use the Dynamo and head to the right. The Dynamo will raise you to a
certain height, from there you must use the Dynamo again to activate a moving
platform which will take you to the upper level of the outlet. When at the
upper level be ready with your Wrench or Lancer to take out two more Mutant
Fireflies then destroy two crates on your left before advancing to the next
Dynamo challenge. For the next challenge activate the first platform by using
the Dynamo and walk to the end of it then activate the second, once you are at
the end of the second one activate the third and walk onto the next bit of
solid ground. If you fall doing this challenge, there are steps to take you
back to the start, but as long as you don't spend too long on each platform you
should easily reach the other side. In the next room there are four Mutant
Swamp Beasts. Three in the middle and one to your right. Kill them and then
destroy as much of the glass in the room as possible to collect as many bolts
as you can. Then walk outside again by going through the door at the opposite
end of the room. Walk along the platform and jump over the gap. Destroy the
crates and then enter through the other door.
Use the Dynamo to active the first green platform, jump onto it and then
quickly but calmly activate the next one. Repeat this to reach the next
corridor. The platforms do disappear but you have plenty of time to activate
the next one and jump onto it. Go through the corridor while destroying crates
on both sides. At the far end of the corridor is a group of crates and a
curve-shaped metallic walkway.

At the top of this curve is the Box Breaker which is gained by defeating the
Swamp Monster II, however to get this you need the Gravity Boots which can be
won at the Megacorp Gladiator arena on a later location - the Planet Joba. Skip
this section for now. Return to Oozla later when you have obtained the Gravity
Boots if you want to get the Box Breaker.
Upon returning to Oozla with the Gravity Boots, walk up the ramp and fill up
all your weapons. Slide down the pipe and you will find yourself in a circular
battle arena on leaf-platforms facing the Swamp Monster II. The Plasma Storm or
Megarocket Tube are ideal for taking out this enemy. The monster will
occasionally try to eat you and destroy the platform you are standing on, so
keep back flipping and strafing from platform to platform. It is better to use
good armor when battling this enemy such as Duraplate Armor or Electrosteel
Armor for this.

You will gain the Box Breaker if you defeat the monster.

Head back along the corridor until you find a turning which leads to a new
corridor. Activate the Dynamo and run through the door that opens at the end of
the corridor. Several shaped objects will move towards you blocking your way so
look for gaps or low objects to jump over and avoid them. You will then reach a

After the cutscene destroy the crates on your left and then activate the
Dynamo. Jump onto the platform and activate the teleporter to return to your

Exploring the swamp

Follow the path and then destroy the crates before jumping onto several
platforms. You will see many Mutant Muckdwellers jumping around in the next
mass of land you find, jump onto the higher section of land slightly to the
left of the Mutant Muckdwellers and destroy them from the safe ground. Watch
out for the Mutant Swamp Monster waiting in the path on the left, then kill the
further three Mutant Swamp Monsters that jump out of the swamp as you approach.
Walk towards the creature sitting in the swamp and jump onto its back, when it
stops moving jump onto to the creature next to it, when this one stops moving
jump onto the land - if you take too long changing creatures you will sink into
the swamp. The remaining creature is there in case you wish to return to your
ship, so ignore it. When you reach the other side there will be a cave, behind
you is a ledge with several crates on it, jump up and destroy them before
entering the cave.

Inside the cave are two Mutant Swamp Monsters. Kill them with a weapon such as
the Lancer or Chopper and then use your Wrench to kill the Mutant Fireflies
when you reach the larger part of the cave. Before jumping onto the platform in
the middle of the cave, destroy the crates to the left and right of you. After
jumping on the platform jump onto the Venusian Fly Trap and quickly jump onto
the ledge above it, if you are not quick enough you will loose nanotech. From
here jump down and destroy the crates on either side of you, then jump onto the
first creature's back. From here jump onto the next creature it stops at. Then
ignore the next creature your ride stops at, instead of sinking it will guide
you to a platform full of Mutant Muckdwellers, kill them for experience and
then jump on the creature nearest the platform, it will take you back to the
start. Repeat the process but this time when the second creature you ride
pauses next to another creature in the middle of the swamp jump onto it instead
of ignoring it. Then ride it until it reaches the next platform - ignore the
other creature you come across. Destroy the crates and jump up the Venusian Fly
Trap and onto the ledge then destroy the wall of crates. Jump back down and
ride the nearest creature back to the start again. Now repeat the second
process but when your third creature pauses near another creature jump onto its
back this time.
When you reach the final platform jump off of the creature before it sinks and
perform a Hyper-strike to kill the Mutant Swamp Creature waiting for you. Enter
the 'door' to your right and four Mutant Swamp Creatures will jump out at you,
kill them and then continue down the path. There will be another Mutant Swamp
Creature and three Mutant Fireflies there for you to kill, then jump onto the
creature on your right. It will take you to a Venusian Fly Trap, jump onto it
and then quickly jump onto the next creature waiting for you. It will take you
up to two more Venusian Fly Traps, jump onto both of them and then safely onto
the next creatures back which will take you to the next platform. Quickly jump
up the staircase-like structure of Venusian Fly Traps and then slide down the

After sliding down the tunnel you will meet the Tractor Beam scientist who will
sell you the Tractor Beam for 1,000 bolts. Buy it and then arrange the columns
on the right to take a shortcut back to your ship by jumping onto a high ledge
and following a short path.

Wupash Nebula

This is the very first space combat mission in this game. In order to proceed,
you must defeat all enemy troops attacking you. They are the red dots located
on the radar. First off learn the controls; X fires lasers, square will make
you go faster by boosting, circle fires a special weapon that is equipped, and
triangle will switch between special weapons. (At first you will only have
access to homing missiles, but you may upgrade your ship later on in the game
from Slim Cognito's Ship Shack.) The shoulder buttons; L1/R1 are used to barrel
roll, and the L2/R2 buttons can be used to straighten your ship. Pay close
attention to your ship so you don't run into any asteroids. Take a look at your
shield levels too, they keep you alive for a while. Take out the enemy fighters
with your lasers. Continually barrel roll to dodge enemy fire. When you see
that you've targeted an enemy and the target is red, fire a missile to take it
out with one clean sweep.

Maktar Nebula

To the Arena

Defeat the thug at the start as quickly as possible so you don't have to deal
with more Chickenbots which are kind of annoying but they're easy to defeat.
Turn left to some poker machines. You can win ammo, bolts, health and a skill
point called Clank needs a new pair of shoes. Keep wiping out the thugs until
you go to a lift. Go on the lift and when the lift stops, defeat the henchmen.
There is a group of Chickenbots and shoot them with your Lancer, just for two
thugs that are going to suddenly appear. They hide behind the big lights. After
you've defeated that group go to the spaceship and wait for a moment. Then
ledge climb. Climb to the left and go up a ladder and get ready for a lot of
firing. Get your best gun out and fire and be careful of the holes between the
platforms. After you defeat the henchmen, find a box on the right side; jump,
then jump again to get a platinum bolt which are special bolts. Later in the
game, there is a weapon modification salesman. To get them they cost platinum
bolts not normal bolts. Wall jump to the top at the end of the track then jump
down and keep firing or just simply use first-person mode and pick them off.
There are also poker machines here. There's only about 10 more enemies on this
track so keep annihilating all the enemies. Then fill your guns with ammo at a
vendor and complete the arena challenge and use the Electrolyzer to get back
safely. There will be a movie before the second Electrolyzer puzzle.

To the moon

First you defeat a henchman then turn right from the starting view. There's not
many enemies this way but there's a lot of the Tractor Beam used on this track.
Defeat a few Chickenbots and use the Megacorp Tractor Beam to remove an
obstacle at the start, then use a robot to get to the next room. The room is so
empty except for one bomb that you will need to use the Tractor Beam; firstly,
defeat all the bots. Use the bomb to open some doors. Defeat the henchman and
use the Inspector-Bot to catapult up to the door between two poker machines and
then you go up a ladder. You defeat a henchman and break some boxes. After
defeating that enemy, turn left and get a bomb to open up a door then fall down
to the ground and catapult some bombs at these U.F.O.'s. Then enter a spaceship.

On the moon

When you're on the moon, kill the enemies and turn the bolt crank. Whack the
towers at the glowing part and follow a bright yellow, glowing line on the
ground. Ratchet pretty much does the same thing over and over again. If you
come to a special jump pad that has arrows, go on to it then press X and
Ratchet will do a super high jump. Break all the towers to complete your
mission and then go into the ship.

Endako  Metropolis

Rescuing Clank

To rescue Clank, turn left at the start of the level. There is a vendor at the
start, just in front of the ship on a balcony. There are floating rubbish
monitors and lamp-posts that can be destroyed for bolts. Have you not bought
the Pulse Rifle, now would be an excellent time. Approaching the black steel
door, there will be an Electrolyzer repair circuit. this shouldn't be too hard,
and when it is complete, you will be introduced to the Megacorp Sweeper Bots.
They only will ever take one shot from the un-upgraded Lancer, so don't worry
too much about them unless they're in a large pack. To the left of this room
are two Megacorp Laser Bots, which shouldn't be too much trouble, as you are
standing on a ledge. Two or so Chopper discs should do it for each one. After
that, there will be another Electrolyzer circuit, slightly harder than the
first one. Now, there is a crane control. finishing that circuit, you will be
able to operate heavy machinery, so the skill point says. To gain the skill
point, you will need to kill 10 robots with any implement linked to the crane.
For this room, there is a large crate that you can pick up and use to squish
the robots without using any ammunition. Once done having your fun, take the
crate and stack it against the opening in the wall. Disengage the crane, climb
through and walk out of the tunnel. Now, face another Laser Bot, jump across
the two floating platforms and meet the Megacorp Rivet Bots. They fire rivets,
but aren't all that accurate. Take him down, and jump to the other building by
the stairs. Inside the room there will be a group of sweeper bots, easily
cleared with the Gravity Bomb, or the Mini-Nuke. To the left will be another
crane control center. Now, the fun begins. You will find that you can pick up
the Laser Bots, and aim their lasers downwards. This way, you'll be sure to pit
one enemy against the other an take down all the robots without too much
stress. Drop the Laser Bot and pick up the red, explosive crate drop it in
front of the steel door, and it will explode, leaving you with a platinum bolt.
Returning to the Crane room, stack the large indestructible crate against the
other, more obvious steel door and explode the red one on top of it. The tunnel
will lead to two more Rivet Bots. Fire away, as they are at close range, then
go inside the room. 5 more Sweeper Bots will come down on each side, and once
taken care of, grab the Nanotech if needed. Head up to the elevator, and walk
down the tunnel. A movie sequence will begin.

Rescuing Ratchet

After Ratchet is trapped down in the prison, gameplay turns to Clank. Compared
to Ratchet, Clank has extremely limited agility, but still has his Heli-Pack
upgrade. Glide down to the ledge, and punch out the sweeper-bots. Around the
edge of the building are four little Micro-Bots you can control once you smash
open the stasis jars.If you press Triangle, there will be a list of commands
you can issue to the Micro-Bots, including Wait, Follow, Enter and Attack.
Don't worry about the Enter command for now. Looking back, there will be a
Laser-Bot at the edge of the bridge. Order the Micro-Bots to attack the Laser
Bot. Notice that the Micro-Bots automatically respawn if destroyed. Make your
way across the bridge, then whack open the stasis jar containing the Bridge
Bot. These guys will take on the form of bridges extending themselves from one
ledge to another on command. When everyone is across, command the Bridge Bot to
retract itself. It will retract on the same side Clank is on. Inside the
building there will be another stasis jar with yet another bot: the lifter bot.
These will lift things out of the way. Select the Lift command, and the bot
will be too happy to obey. Once he's done, he shows off his stature and smiles,
before returning to Clank. Now, there will be a ledge accessible only with the
Bridge Bot. Use him to make a platform, then send over the Micro-Bots to attack
the two Laser Bots. There are two stasis jars in the nearby room to keep you
happy, so don't worry if they are zapped. Now, stand next to the small igloo
projecting the number 2. The number specifies how many Micro-Bots have to go
into the igloo for the door to open. Select the Enter command from the menu.
The antennae on the Micro-Bots will glow blue, and they will disappear into the
small igloo. The door rolls up so you can now deactivate the forcefield
containing Ratchet.

he Megacorp HelpDesk Assistant will explain how you can use Clank as a backpack
hovermachine. Now, make your way around the building until you see a ledge.
Double-press X to glide down. Notice how much further and higher Ratchet can
jump with Clank. Once you're safe, you can experiment. Glide down to the other
building, and whack all the crates and lamp-posts for bolts. Watch out for the
red crates, though. Make your way to the teleportation pad. Teleport to the

Get To The Thugs-4-Less Leader

At the starting Vendor, turn right. Whack all the crates (Except for the red
one, which you can explode at a distance), lamp-posts and the rubbish monitor
for bolts. whack over the trash can, and 5 or so Sweeper Bots will teleport in.
Dispose of the trash neatly, then proceed to the next room through the
cross-shaped forcefield. Tip over the rubbish bin, then take out the two Laser
Bots with the Lancer as needed. One shot of the seeker will do it each. In the
next area, there are more Sweeper Bots, disposable with the   rapid-fire
weapons. there are more on the steps too, so watch out. Go up the top and
through the cylindrical tunnel. Several Sweeper Bots will come down as you kick
over the trash can, and two Laser Bots as well. in a pack, you can easily take
them out with the Gravity Bomb/Mini-Nuke if you have it. Go out through the
tunnel once the forcefield has been deactivated. Oh dear. The thug leader, big
time rival, has just appeared.Fire a shot from the Pulse Rifle to make him
clear off. Don't worry. He'll come back. Jump across the 2 platforms and take
out the Sweepers with a rapid-fire weapon. Down the alley will be several Laser
Bots, but you will be unreachable to them. Use the (Heavy) Lancer to take them
all out, or use them for target practice with the Pulse Rifle. Leap across, but
don't turn right just yet. Go to the end of the alleyway and look down. At
first, you may think that there is a bottomless drop just waiting for Ratchet
to fall in, but there isn't. Jump down to snag a platinum bolt. Now, jump up
and turn left into the room ahead. Don't hop down just yet, and take the
rubbish bin out from the ledge. A lot of Sweepers will come down, confused by
your absence. Use the Gravity Bomb/Mini-Nuke to destroy them all, jump down and
load the Blitz Gun/Cannon and take out the Laser Bots that appear as you touch
down. If Ratchet has sustained an injury or two, take the two Nanotech cubes at
the side. Go through the next tunnel, then confront the Thug Leader again.
Another shot from the Pulse Rifle will be all it takes, and he sets off again,
determined to meet somewhere else, at another time. Take care of the two Laser
Bots, then take the elevator pad upwards. Ratchet arrives at a room with two
trashcans. Explode both, then load the Blitz Gun/Cannon and go insane. Once
done, clear up the mess, and proceed along the bridge. Take the four ammunition
boxes (You'll need them) and get ready for a showdown with that annoying
chopper you saw twice already.

The Thugs-4-Less Leader Boss

The Thugs-4-Less Leader is in a helicopter for this battle. Using the Heavy
Lancer to quickly drain the helicopter's health works well. The helicopter's
attacks include floating electric orbs with lightning coming out of them that
will electrocute you, these orbs are hard to see against the sky so keep
moving. The next attack uses one of the machine guns on the wings. Take refuge
behind a barrier or jump over the attack while shooting it with preferably the
Blitz Gun/Cannon. The most devastating attack is a rocket launcher that fires
slow, non-homing missiles that will destroy the barriers, so strafe out of the
way or jump the missiles while attacking it with Pulse Rifle shots. The last
attack is firing both machine guns at the same time, but too little too late,
the helicopter should be destroyed by then if you keep using the (Heavy) Lancer
or Chopper/Multi-Star. Take the teleport pad to Clank's Apartment.

Clank's Apartment

Grab the Swingshot and the Grindboots from Ratchet & Clank. The HelpDesk
Assistant will walk you through the uses of these two gadgets. Notice the small
object on the coffee table? Use the Dynamo on it to enter a mini-game of Sheep
Invaders. Otherwise, bust it up for around 1000 bolts. Load the Swingshot, and
target the spinning green versa-target. You will shoot out a line to land on
the platform underneath. The next target, two yellow, stationary ones with a
yellow fuzzy line between them, will launch you swinging back and forth. Try to
land on the other platform, otherwise it's pancake Lombax. Next, there will be
a rotating blue trget, which will pull a specific platform towards Ratchet. Do
this, and a bridge will fall down to link you with the next. Repeat to fond the
Teleportation Pad back to the Star-Cruiser.

Barlow     Vukovar Canyon

Start off by moving in the direction of the vendor. Use the Blitz Gun on the
enemies. This path is extremely simple, in that all you really have to do is
shoot everything in your way and move on. After about 10 - 15 tribesmen attack
you, you may want to jump off the cliff if you want to upgrade weapons or
health. From there, continue to the vendor (more like a shop) and talk to the
fembot. Most weapons are extremely weak and useless, while a few others have
some use. The RYNO II is a brilliant gun but you will not be able to afford the
1,000,000 bolt price tag.
Assuming you have rescued Clank, jump over the chasm and talk to the man. He
will let you race in his hoverbike if you can fix it.

To the Thermanator

Most sections here only require basic skills. However, the first point is that
after the first pool, there is a Versa-Target in the building. Secondly, after
the long series of Versa-targets, just hang on until you can land on the
machine. If you die, simply do the swingshooting again.
When you see the frozen scientist, whack the ice and free the scientist. Pay
him 1000 bolts for the Thermanator. Unfreeze the pool, swim through, freeze,
and climb out.

Feltiz System

This is your second space battle kill most of the ships using your lasers. If
you are low on bolts you can do the other challenges.

Notak Canal City

Explore the Promenade

From the vendor, head left. Defeat the crowd of Robochickens, and head left
into the building. More Chickens are waiting for you, as well as a new enemy:
the Thugs-4-Less Henchman. These guys are armed with Assault Rifles that shoot
blue spheres at you, and they can take quite a punch. The Blitz Gun (or
Cannon) will do the trick in most cases. If you find yourself overrun by
Henchmen, either use the Gravity Bomb/Mini-Nuke to clear them out or use a
Mini-Turret and back off a little. Anyway, after defeating this first Henchman,
head towards the big planet up ahead. Some Henchmen appear, and more Chickens
to accompany them. There's some sort of Chicken-dispenser behind the planet,
it will keep spawning Chickenbots until you destroy it. You can have some fun
with the Planet for a Skill Point, read below. When you approach the glass
window near the elevator, some Henchmen will break out and attack you. After
clearing them out, head up the elevator.

Another group of Henchmen will break through the glass window on your left.
After defeating them, take a look at the ship up ahead. It's probably already
shooting balls of fire at you, so watch out. This is a Thugs-4-Less Attack
Ship, and it's quite tough. Run up to it while dodging the fire, and blast
your Blitz Cannon when close to take it out. Now cross the bridge, and prepare
for another group of Henchmen to break through the window. There's an elevator
nearby. Take it up, after checking the area on the other side of the next
bridge for a Platinum Bolt. Here you'll find a lot of enemies:
Chickenbots, Henchmen, an Attack Ship, and a Chicken-dispenser. If the action
gets too heavy, don't be afraid to run to one of the elevators, and head back
into safety to catch your breath. Go up the next elevator, and you'll find a
Nanotech boost. The objective is now done. Enter the Teleporter to get back
to your ship.

Investigate the Wharf Area

. Defeat the Chickenbots and the Henchmen
that appear. Note that you can smash up the light poles around this area for
some easy bolts. There's a purple force field up ahead. You can't cross it, so
head left into the building. Use the Thermanator you got on Barlow to freeze
the water, then use a Boost Jump to get onto the ledge. The next room contains
a lot of Chickenbots. Use the Mini-Nuke for an easy victory. Exit outside, and
defeat the Henchmen waiting for you. Check ahead to see an Attack Ship. If
you're still out of it's fire range, you can take it out easily with 2 shots
from the Pulse Rifle. Continue on the path, defeating a lot of Chickenbots and
Henchmen as you pass. You'll also pass a Dynamo panel, which you should use to
get a Platinum Bolt. . When you get
to the end of the path, make a long jump to the big platform. Kill all the
enemies that appear. Take up the elevator. Defeat the Attack Ship to your
right. Remember to strafe a lot to avoid its attacks. Clear out the Chickens,
and check out the video screen there. You will now get co-ordinates to the
Ship Shack of Slim Cognito. Objective complete.

Search Canal City for the Thief

From the video screen, float down to the platform below. You're now on the
other side of that purple force field mentioned earlier. Cross the bridge to
the factory. There's a Chicken-dispenser on it, so watch out. Turn the bolt in
front of the factory to open the door. Inside, use wall jumps to get up to the
higher ledge. In this very big area, freeze the water with the Thermanator.
Skate to the low ledge on the right, and climb up. Turn the bolt here to
create a bridge. Cross the bridge, defeat another Chicken, and thaw the ice in
front of you. Swim through the tunnel. On the other side, drop down to the
bolt behind the fence, and turn it. Another bridge appears. Thaw the ice
around the bolt you've just turned. Swim through yet another tunnel, and climb
out on the other side. Freeze the water you've just left. Wall jump up, head
left, and you'll drop down on the platform you were on earlier. This time,
cross the bridge you've made.

You'll get to another pool with water. This time the water's rising and
falling. You have to freeze it when it reaches the highest point. To make it
easier, fire the Thermanator until the water's almost frozen, then complete
the task when the water reaches the highest point. Don't jump into the water
by the way, the fish will eat you instantly. Get across the ice. There's
another fish in the next pool. A tunnel leads to the other side. Freeze the
water when half of the tunnel is filled. Skate through the tunnel. On the
other side, grab the ledge. If you can't reach it, the water level's too low.
Go back, thaw, and refreeze. When you've climbed out on the other side, thaw
the ice, then freeze it again when it's on it's highest point. Continue to a
pool very similar to the one you've just left. Again, freeze the water when
the tunnel's half filled. Skate to the other side. You'll finally get to the
last room. Here you'll encounter some friendly robots. You can buy a
transmission from them for 6,000 bolts. Doing so will give you co-ordinates
for the planet Siberius. Use the yellow taxi to get back to your ship.

Siberius  Frozen Base

Find the Thief

As soon as you land you will find a vendor. Purchase ammo if needed. Now head
straight to the path ahead of the vendor. You will see strange little circular
things. Those things spawn some small Blade Balls. Take them out with the
wrench or the Heavy Lancer. A little past the blade balls is a building that
will break once you get too close. Inside are MSRII take them out however you
please. Now head right to the bridge and defeat some more enemies. The Mini
Nuke is a good way to clear the path. Jump across the gap. Do you see a ledge
nearby? Well it should be above you, so high jump up there and go into the
hidden alcove. There is a platinum bolt hidden there. Now head back and defeat
some more enemies. Turn right and head into the elevator inside the building.
The path will cut off and enemies have infested your path. Take them out
however you want. Jump to the snow covered platform with the circular things.
Take them out and long jump across the gap. Take out more enemies along the
way. A drop ship will be in your way later on. It will send out more bots
towards you. Be careful. Now there will be a vehicle ahead of you. First buy
ammo from the vendor nearby.

Inside the Vehicle

The first car will contain some enemies. Take them out and head forward. With
the Swingshot, swing your way to the next car. More Blade Balls will appear.
There will also be some other bots. Once they are all gone head a little
forward and the Masked Thief will appear! You can deal damage to him with the
Blitz Cannon. Personally, I would throw some turrets because they do a lot of
damage per second. When he goes away a swing shot target will appear. Use the
Swingshot. The vehicle will open and head inside. More Blade Balls are in your
way so take them out. When the door opens some MSR II's will appear along with
the MSR I's. Once defeated the door will open once you head there. Behind it
reveals a swing shot target so use your swing shot again.Traverse around the
vehicle and go up the ramp. The Thief will arrive. Use the Blitz Cannon to do
some good damage. Once you've dealt enough damage to continue, a cutscene will
occur showing that your vehicle has fell.

Fight with the Thief

When you gain control, head forward and go up the ladder located right of the
Teleporter. Some MSR II's block your path so take them out. Now Blade Balls
will come attack you. Take them out with your wrench or the Heavy Lancer. Once
defeated jump up to cross the gap. Now restock on ammo and head forward to the
circular platform. A cutscene will ensue and once its finished, its time to
fight the thief! I suggest you use the Miniturret Glove near the thief. When
you start the battle, the thief will have the damage you already did on him
while on the vehicles. His attacks include firing his gun. The shot is easily
dodged, but his second move is deadly. He will shoot the ground releasing a
shock wave. It will do considerable damage if your hit. But both moves are
quite easy to dodge. Shoot him with the Blitz Cannon and Heavy Lancer and the
job will be done in a seconds. Another cutscene occurs when you defeat the

Tabora    Mining Area

Escape the Underground Tunnels

When you first get to Tabora, you give Mr. Fizzwidget the experiment. He
accidentally smashes your ship and kicks you out of his ship. You finally end
up falling into the underground tunnels under the surface of the planet. Once
you're there, continue straight forward. There are crates around you, and a
Megacorp vendor. Keep going, and destroy the enemies. There are a lot of
Spitting Dune Crawlers on the way, though. There are also Mutant Sandflies that
follow you and try to bite you. It is possible to make it through without
battling enemies, but it's a little harder. Also, visibombs don't work in the
underground tunnels, so use other weapons. Other than that, the path is pretty
simple, just don't fall into the lava. Then, you'll reach a place with three
big platforms sticking out of the lava, including the one you're standing on.
You can jump directly to the third one, or you can go from the first to second
to third. Defeat the enemies there. After that, you'll reach a place with a lot
of small platforms sticking out of the lava. To get across, jump and glide from
platform to platform until you reach the other side. Then, go up two ledges and
you will find the OmniWrench 8000 V2, a stronger version of the wrench you
already have. After finding the new wrench, climb up another ledge, and you
will come to another place with three large platforms. After defeating the
enemies, use your Swingshot to get to a strip of land mostly surrounded by
lava. From there, use the Swingshot again, but don't un-grapple the Swingshot
too soon. Get a big swing, and let go. Glide down toward the big doorway on the
bottom left corner of the tunnel. Congratulations! You survived the underground
tunnels and made it onto the surface of the planet. Upon arriving on Tabora's
surface, you will meet the theif. After she trips and reveals herself, she
gives you coordinates to the Testing Facility on Dobbo, but first you need a
new ship. After that's over, go up the elevator, where you'll find a tiny empty
town, with only one person. Right now, you can either repair your ship, or get
the item the Glider.

Repair your Ship

Walk up to the strange man standing by your smashed ship. Watch the scene. He
will ask for ten crystals from the desert to repair your ship. Go into the
desert, and find ten crystals. Crystals are gotten by hitting the pink glowing
stump-like things in the desert. There is also a few bridges the lead to a
different part of the desert. Crystals are usually guarded by creatures that
pop up from the sand when you approach them. In the desert, there is also a
weapon mod vendor that sells weapon mods in exchange for platinum bolts. If you
come back later with the Gravity Boots (earned on Planet Joba), you can find a
raritanium mining car that can be used to dig up raritanium from the ground
that can be traded for ship upgrades and paint jobs. Watch out for Desert Dune
Monsters, that look like a pile of big sticks. If you get too close, the
monster will burst through the sand and attack. After getting the crystals, go
back to the New Age Mystic. He will take the crystals and use them to repair
your ship. If you get more crystals.

Get the Glider

To get the glider, go to the back of the town, and find a small building by the
bridge. Go inside, and there is an opening in the back that leads onto a narrow
pathway with many Spitting Dune Crawlers on it. Keep going, and you'll reach a
tunnel building. Inside, there is a pool of water, along with a ledge too high
to jump to. You need the Thermanator here. Use the Thermanator gadget and
freeze the water. Then jump onto the ice, and up onto the ledge. Kill the
Mutant Sandflies up there, then you'll see another pool with a strange looking
three part machine like thing in the middle. Jump onto the platform closest to
you, and it should make a staircase sort of thing. Now, don't move off, and
fire your Thermanator into the water to freeze it. Now go up the staircase,
then get onto the ledge above. Kill all the enemies there, and destroy the
boxes if you want bolts or ammo. This part is a bit tricky. You see a double
waterfall in front, and walk up to it and freeze it with the Thermanator. Now
wall kick back and forth up the frozen waterfall, until you reach the land
above it. Destroy the enemy there, and proceed to the edge of the tunnel. Once
you're there, glide onto the tunnel below. Keep going, then you'll find the
glider. There's a glider launch pad right in front of you.

Use the Glider

To use the Glider, jump when you're on a launch pad. Don't crash into the
towers or the side of the canyon, and go through the circular openings in the
walls. On top of one of the towers is the nanoboost. Glide over that tower and
touch the nanoboost to get it. At the end, you'll see a small piece of land
sticking out in front of you. Approach it and you will automatically land.
There is a teleporter that takes you back to the town, along with a platinum
bolt. After you get back to your ship, you are done with this planet for now.

Dobbo   Testing Faclity

Get To The Mathematician

First you jump on the another platform with a Megacorp armor vendor. After that
you will see some Megacorp Chickenbots; these enemies are not that hard at all.
I would recommend the OmniWrench 8000 V2 or a starter weapon like the Heavy
Lancer. After that you will see Megacorp Troopers which are quite hard. I would
use a Lava Gun/Meteor Gun. Once you have defeated the troopers and got hurt you
can use the a pink Nanotech crate to the right where troops came from. When you
turn left you will see Chickenbots and two Dynamo targets which will make
platforms. After you zap the two targets and jump on them, you will see a
Megacorp ammo crate. Smash it if you use a weapon. Then jump onto another
platform which will have two Troopers and health. Defeat them and then go up to
the barriers and get your Pulse Rifle/Vaporizer then kill the tank. There will
also be Troopers there too. Come up and smash them into pieces then use your
Swingshot and swing to the other side. There will be two Troopers behind
barriers and a lot more behind those two Troops. And there are two health
boxes; one is blue and the other is pink. Exterminate the two Troopers and get
ready for a lot more gun firing. I recommend you use Synthenoids/Kilonoids and
a great gun. Before you do that use a Pulse Rifle/Vaporizer to kill a Megacorp
Trooper at the top of a big tall platform. After the bit you fight you might
need to go back to the Megacorp vendor. Climb up the big block and turn left.
Here's a Swingshot target; you could use your Swingshot or jump either way, it
doesn't really matter. Annihilate the two troops and don't fall down.
Exterminate a Tank bot and a Troop. After annihilating the Tank, swing on a
Swingshot. Turn right and run but do not jump on another platform unless you
want to make it harder. Use the Pulse Rifle/Vaporiser and vaporise the
Troopers, especially on the tall block. After terminating the robots and using
the Swingshot target to pull yourself to another platform, immediately defeat a
Megacorp Trooper. After the death of the Trooper, jump over to the platform
ahead. There is a room left of the platform which has a little vent. Which you
need to put a Spiderbot/Tankbot Glove that you can purchase at planet Joba to
get a special bot. Use the Dynamo and jump to the other side. Your last enemies
on this track are here. Then use your Swingshot to get to The Mathematician.

You will have to defeat the Thugs-4-Less Leader with Giant Clank and he will
give you a movie to Megacorp Games at Joba where you will get two new weapons.
the Plasma Coil and the Spiderbot Glove.

The Megacorp Factory

Go to the teleporter and teleport; you will see some Megacorp Sentinels. Use a
strong gun like the Seeker Gun/HK22 Gun and smash those up and move forward.
There will be a Megacorp Security Turret so watch out get a Lancer out while
you're crossing the lines of electricity and use a strong gun to terminate some
Troops. Then go down and shoot some bad guys. When you go on the bridge get
prepared for some green Blade Ball v2.0s which are more tougher than the ones
that are red. The bottom part seems to be almost symmetrical so keep shooting
and go through the track after you get up on to the lift. You will see a Tank
there waiting for Ratchet. Annihilate the dangerous Tank and swing to the other
side; there will be a lot of Dynamo targets so get past them .Go up to the top
and there will be a movie. After the movie, use the glider and follow the
bot.After Ratchet completes the Electrolyzer puzzle you will guide him to the
Teleporter and there will be a movie .This movie is about the Protopet and
Ratchet talks to Abercrombie Fizzwidget who is not paying attention.

Joba  Megacorp Games

Get to the Hoverbike Races

Across the bridge from where you start, you'll see a couple of Jobian
Tribesmen. They're much like the Tribesmen on Barlow, only tougher. Equip your
Vaporizer, and zoom in. There are three Tribesmen with swords standing around,
and one with a gun patrolling the area. This last one is really dangerous: the
gun will shoot green beams, and each beam will do lots of  damage! So, it's
best to
snipe the one with the gun from here, and take out the others with some other
weapons. Now, don't enter the 'cave' they're guarding. Instead, go right, and
swing two times to the next platform. You'll see a bridge to the right, with
a blue ball on it. Use the Swingshot to pull the bridge down, and cross it.
Pull down another bridge, and you'll be at the start of the Hoverbike Race.
It seems today's grand price is a pair of Charge Boots.

Get to the Arena

When you're done racing, return to the ship. Now enter the cave. There's a
Dynamo panel to the left. When you activate it, a door on the other side of
the pit will open, a floor will cover the pit, and several horizontal beams
start moving back and forth. There's a small army of Tribesmen behind the
door, and they're accompanied by a Jobian Saur Beast. One of the Tribesmen is
sitting on the Beast, and together they can shoot purple lasers at you that do
lots of damage. You should use your Charge Boots to get to the other side of
the pit as quickly as possible. There, fight off all the enemies. The Blitz
Cannon does wonders, and it also helps to activate some Synthenoids before
crossing the pit. After some time, the door will close and the pit will open
up again, swallowing any enemies that stayed behind. Turn left. You'll see a
gun turret up ahead. Several Tribesmen are standing around it. When you kill
the enemy that's using the gun, a new one will come to the gun and start
shooting at you. You can snipe the gunner for an easy victory. Once the
Tribesmen are all gone, use the gun turret. Blast away the door to the left,
and use the turret to kill all the enemies that come out. Enter the building.

After this short building, you'll be outside again. A lot of enemies are
waiting up ahead. Amongst them are some Saur Beasts and some of those
Tribesmen with guns. They should be your priority. If you've still got some
ammo for the Vaporizer left, snipe them. If not, the Minirocket Tube works
great too. There's also a bunch of normal Tribesmen in the area, they will use
the turret to shoot at you. Best thing is to stay at a distance. If you want a
really easy victory, find some cover and send out a couple of Spiderbots.
Clear the area around the turret of enemies, and get on the turret to activate
it. There are two doors here. First blast away the one on the left, and kill
the Saur Beasts behind it with the turret. There's some health and ammo in
this small room. Now blast away the door to the right, and kill the Tribesmen
behind it.

Use the Dynamo activator here. This platform doesn't disappear after some
time, like all Dynamo platforms. Step on it, and it starts moving. Beams will
come out of the wall, and try to shove you off or block your path. The first
part isn't that tough. It does get tricky near the end: after going right,
you'll go up, and a big barrier will block the way to your left. Jump onto the
single beam to the right, and then wait until the big barrier to the left
disappears. Now double jump and glide to the left, and land on the beam that
is now above the moving platform. Jump onto the next beam, and then back onto
the green platform. With some practice, you'll reach the top. Note that
from now on the green platform will take you to the top so you
won't have to do all that jumping again.

Enter the next room, and be prepared for a massive attack of tribesmen. You
can take cover outside the room, but be warned: if a Saur Beast comes rushing
out, it can very well push you off the edge. These Saur Beast are behind a
pair of doors, and they will only appear when you or a Tribesmen opens the
door. Try to snipe the turrets, or use rockets. The higher turrets will
probably hurt the Tribesmen on the ground. When most enemies are gone, enter
the room. Some Tribesmen with guns appear when you approach the ledge at the
back of the room. Climb the ledge, and immediately get on one of the turrets.
Some enemies will appear, and one will probably open the door, spawning forth
more foes. While in the turret, you're pretty safe from most attacks, and you
can kill the enemies with easy. After killing them, head out and stand on the
red spot. Jump to grind down to the platform below. You can now buy the
Levitator from the shady guy for 20,000 bolts.
Stand on the blue circle, and press and hold [X] to fly. Fly straight ahead
from the launch pad to reach the Arena entrance. It's far above the launch
pad, so you'll have to fly up several hundred meters to reach it.

Right, after you have the Infiltrator, exit the Arena. You now have to use
this gadget to lower the force field. This is another mini-game. You'll see
a ball, with a lot of blue spot on it. There are paths between the spots. The
green lights show in which direction you can 'move' from your current spot.
When you move from the first spot, a timer will start. You'll have to start
again if the timer reaches zero. Your goal is to reach the start position
again. You'll see your progress on a bar on the right. When you don't see any
green lights from a spot you've arrived on, it means you're at a dead end,
and you have to get back. There's only one possible route, try to remember it.
This mini-game is a lot tougher than the Electrolyzer game, so you might have
to practice a little. When you get it, take the yellow taxi back to the ship.
Before you head off to the Hrugis Cloud, pay a visit to Slim. Buy the upgraded
shield, laser and rockets. If you don't have enough Raritanium, return to the
Feltzin System and fight Challenge 1 there. When you're done, head to the Deep
Space Disposal.

Hrugis Cloud  Deep Space Disposal

The cutscene before the mission will tell you that the code Fizzwidget provided
you did not work. The turrets that surround the rendezvous point have now
started attacking you. I heavily suggest that you save 30 Raritanium and go to
the Ship Shack and purchase the Fusion Laser Cannon upgrade. The upgrade
replaces your existing laser with a much more powerful blue laser. As you start
off the mission you will need to destroy the turrets surrounding the area.
Remember to be careful not to get too close to the turret or else you will
explode. Repeatedly fire your lasers and use the missiles when they lock on. A
repair bot will come and try to fix the turret once it one of them goes down.
Quickly destroy the others before the turret is repaired. If you listened to
the advice, you can easily destroy each turret by holding X to fire lasers, and
use a missile, each turret would be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Once
you've destroyed all 6 turrets, you will watch another cutscene.

Todano     Megacorp Weapons Facilty

Explore the Weapons Facility

In this first area, a robotic Fizzwidget will lead some robotic tourists
around, and he will show them four equally boring rockets. Anyway,
the place is also crawling with Mutant Test-Squirrels. They're not too much
of a problem. You don't have to stay near the tour group, just continue to the
end of the area. Here you'll have to use the Electrolyzer. An elevator comes
down, ride it to get onto the dam. You can smash these yellow lights (with the
Box Breaker) for a vast amount of bolts, if you like. There's a cable that
leads back to the ship, and a Teleporter too. From the vendor here, you can
head north or west. For now, head north.

Search the Rocket Silo

From the vendor on the dam, head west. Use the Infiltrator to take down the
force field. Now it's best to snipe those big robots ahead of you: these Robot
Guards do quite some damage, and you'll have your hands full with the
Squirrels anyway. Two Vaporizer shots is all it takes. Now enter this mine
field. Those blue thingies are mines. If you come near one, it will explode.
The blast is pretty easy to avoid, and it also hurts the Squirrels, so you can
just walk through the field, and watch how the mines blow up the Squirrels for
you. Use the elevator at the end of the field. You're in a big rocket silo. A
lot of Troopers attack you. Take cover, and use the Minirocket Tube to take
them all out. Continue through the next door. There a more Troopers in the
next room, and of course they're respawning. The Bouncer works great: throw
one into the room, After the room's cleared,
enter the next corridors. Three Troopers are across the gap, and they will
respawn too. If you fire a Minirocket at the one in the center, you can take
all three out with one shot. Across the gap, use the Infiltrator. Defeat the
Robot Guard behind the door, and enter the room with the video screen.
Finally, the big plan is revealed...you now have to save the galaxy from the
Protopets. The female Lombax Angela will give co-ordinates for planet Boldan.

 Investigate the Facility Interior

From the vendor, head north, and kill the Squirrels in the ring. Enter the
building. There's a column with a Tractor Beam sign on it. Use the Tractor
Beam to push the column into the force field to your left. This should create
a gap in the field. Go through the gap. In the next room, there a two moveable
columns, two force fields, and one maintenance robot. Place the columns in the
force fields, thus creating a safe path across the field. Now drag the robot
onto the identification pad to open the door. Use the elevator. In the next
room, kill all the Chickenbots, and then move the column with the rocket in it
to the 'hatch' at the back of the room. The wall will blow up. Cross the long
corridor. Some Troopers are waiting for you in the next room. When you kill
one, a new one will spawn. Keep killing these until they stop coming.
Now drag the column into force field, and leave it there. Drag the Robot
through the gap you've just made. Put it onto the blue circle to open the
door. Ride the elevator up.

You'll see two columns, one small and one big. First, move the big column to
the left. Now move the smaller one to the slot on the left. Place it in the
slot, and the rocket will be armed. Now drag the big rocket to the slot on the
right. Once both rockets are in place, the wall blows up. In the next room,
you'll see a field of lasers to your right. Put the column here on the
conveyor belt. Wait until it comes back your way. When it stops near you, jump
onto the ledge to the left of the column, and follow the gap the column makes
in the laser field. This way, you should reach the other side. After beating a
couple of Chickenbots, you have to solve another column puzzle. Put the small
the middle rockets on the path towards the middle hatch. Drag the biggest
rocket to the right, and put it in the slot there. Move the middle rocket to
the right, and put the small one in the slot to the left. Now put the middle
column in the middle, and watch the wall blow up.

Another laser field. Put the small column onto the conveyor belt. When it
stops near you again, jump on top of it, and ride it to the other side. There
are a lot of Troopers to kill in the next room, and they will keep spawning
too. If you don't feel like taking them all on, just jump into the next
corridor. Another Trooper is waiting there, and more will appear when you kill
this one. Once it's safe again, go into the room with all the sheep and get
the Sheepinator, one of the coolest weapons in the game. It works simple: aim
it at an enemy, and press and hold [O]. A progress bar on the right shows you
how much longer you need to keep firing. When the bar's full, the enemy
changes into...a sheep. It's now completely harmless. Note that it will take
longer to 'sheepinate' bigger enemies. Use the Teleporter to get back to the
dam, and practice your new weapon on the Squirrels that have appeared.

Boldan   Silver City

Open the main entrance

At the vendor, step onto the taxi and take it to another platform. Here, take
the elevator down. You'll see a Levitator pad in front of you. Activate it,
and fly through the tunnel with all the clockworks. Behind it is another
platform, land on it. Now from the Levitator pad here, you have to fly north,
against the stream of the traffic. This flight is VERY tough, you need every
drop of fuel in your Levitator to make it to the next ledge. The stupid thing
is, that when you're out of fuel, you'll crash and die instantly, even if
you're only 2 inches away from the ledge, and you could make it easily.
Anyway, you need to practice a bit, and then pray you get to the next ledge.
When you're on it, you have to fly again. This part is pretty easy, you have
to avoid electrical wires, but that's not really tough, and this time you'll
at least have enough fuel. At the end, take the elevator up. Step on the
button here to lower the force field in front of the main entrance. Objective

Grind the Power Cables

From the intersection with the button, head east, and take the elevator up.
You now need to grind over a bunch of power cables and steel beams. On the
cables are insulators. Of course, you shouldn't bump into one, but if you stay
on the cable that leads to a tube for too long, you'll get electrocuted, and
you don't want that either. To start, jump on the rightmost cable. After the
second set of tubes jump to the middle cable. Grind two steel beams, and when
you get back on the power cables
move to the middle one. After more beams, you'll have to get past some tubes
again. After that, it's pretty straightforward to the end. At the end, you'll
find a weapon modification shop just like the one on Endako. Upgrade the
weapons you use most frequently. The Shock Mod for the Heavy Lancer is great
if you want to win the Timed Limited Weapon Challenge on Joba. Anyway, step
into the teleporter to get back to the ship.

Find Mister Fizzwidget

From the ship, head south. In front of the building ahead of you are some
Thugs-4-Less Elite Henchmen. Needless to say, they're a lot tougher than the
normal Henchmen. Use the cover that's provided. The Minirocket Tube does
wonders, so does the Vaporizer. Continue to the building, and step on the
button in front of the door to open it. Fight the enemies inside. There's also
a Thugs-4-Less Brute Class II here, and it's even tougher than the Elite
Henchmen. After that you'll have the choice to go either left or right. Going
left allows you to get a Platinum Bolt,  Go right and defeat all the Henchmen,
Brutes and Chickenbots in this area. The Bouncer
is a pretty good weapon to take out the enemies that are taking cover. Once
all enemies are gone, go up the elevator. Now you need to fight yourself past
a whole group of Thugs. Remember to take cover often. As for weapons, the
Vaporizer, Minirocket Tube, Plasma Coil, Bouncer and Mini-Nuke should be in
your Quickselect menu for these fights. After going down another elevator,
you'll have to fight even more Thugs. Go up the elevator at the end of this
area to reach a continue point.

You can now buy the Duraplate armor from the armor vendor for 100,000 bolts.
Quite a sum, but worth it. Damage is now cut in half. Restock on ammo at the
normal vendor, and then head out of the building. The small ledge will move
down, and you'll be on the vertical wall of a building. Move down. Thugs will
pop out of the building from time to time. One shot is usually all it takes to
push them off their ledges. After that, gravity will take care of the rest.
When you're almost at the bottom, a hatch will open. Enter the building, and
go through the corkscrew to get your feet back on the actual ground. Snipe the
Thugs in the next area, and collect a lot of bolts. Continue, up the elevator,
across the gap, and through a very big corkscrew. Thugs will be waiting for
you at every step, so be prepared. After a lot of fights, you'll find yourself
on the wall of a building again. Walk down again, defeating all Thugs that pop
out. At the end, you'll find a robotic Fizzwidget. Ratchet and Clank are then
captured by the thugs, and brought to the prison on Aranos.

Aranos     Flying Lab

 Free Ratchet from his Cell

First, cross the lava pit. The lava is rising and falling, start crossing when
it's going down. On the other side, kill the Chickenbots, and free the Hammer
Bot. This big guy can smash things.Order him to hammer the crate
blocking the door. In the next room, there's another crate for your friend to
hammer. Stand on one end of the balance, and have the Hammer Bot hammer the
other end. You'll fly up, into an airduct. A lot of Chickens are waiting here
for you, but one punch from Clank will take them out. Free the two Micro Bots
along the path, and have them kill the enemies up ahead. When you get to an
elevator, ride it down and step on the button to open the door. The Hammer Bot
can now enter. Get your Micro friends on the balance, and have the Hammer guy
hit the other end to fly to the next air duct. Order the two Micro Bots to
enter the door, and continue. Two MSR's will appear to the right, but you can
ignore them for now. Go up the elevator, and free two Micro Bots. Have them
attack the MSR up ahead, and free two more Bots here. Now walk towards the
door, and let the Micro Bots kill the MSR's on the elevators. Order them to
enter the door, and step on the button. The power will now be down in this
section, meaning Ratchet is free. You'll switch back to him automatically.

Meet up in the Hangar Bay

First of all, kill the flame throwing MSR's in the corridor. There are three
of them, so it shouldn't be too tough. Now check out the vendor. You can get
the Zodiac from now on, but it costs 1,500,000 bolts. A better buy is the
Shield Charger, although you might not have enough cash at this point to get
it. Now continue down the corridor. When you step on the next platform, it
will turn around, and you'll have to cross this room hanging from the ceiling.
Some flying robots will appear, you can shoot them down but it's safer to just
ignore them. At the end, another platform will take you back to the ground.
Perform a wall jump to get further up here. After killing more MSR's, jump
onto the block in the corner. Now you have to jump over some little platforms.
The platforms will disappear if you stand on them for too long, but don't
worry, you'll have plenty of time. Once you reach the elevator at the end,
you'll switch back to Clank.

Get to the room with all the lava, and glide down to the platform in the lava.
When the lava is sinking, jump via some platforms to the other side. Free the
Bridge Bot that's waiting here. A big gap is up ahead, use the Bridge guy to
cross it. There are some Chickenbots on the other side, be careful not to get
hit because Clank's got very low health. Get onto the elevator behind that.
The bridge Bot will follow you. Wait until it's on the elevator as well, then
go up. At the top, defeat some more Chickens. If they accidentally kill your
Bridge Bot, head down the elevator again to find it. Now at the top of the
elevator is a big room. Order your Robot to build a bridge. From the end of
this bridge, you should be able to glide down to the next platform. Here, free
two Micro Bots and another Bridge Bot. Order it to build a bridge again, and
have the Micro guys take out the MSR at the other side. Now free the Hammer
Bot, and another Micro Bot. Let the Hammer guy clear the doorway, and free a
fourth Micro Bot in the next room. Clear the crate in front of the gap, and
create a bridge. Send your Micro Bot friends into
the door here. When you enter the doorway, you will switch back to Ratchet.

Ratchet will now find a new Wrench. It's much more powerful than the old
Wrench, so After the painfully not-funny cut-scene, get to the wall
and perform a wall jump. You should land on the small platform to the left.
It's one of those disappearing things, so don't wait too long! You'll now
find yourself on the outside of the ship. Walk along the magnetic path,
killing enemies as they come. Remember, gravity is your friend, so if you hit
the MSR once, it will fall off. Continue along this path until you get inside
the ship again. Clear the room of all MSR's (the Bouncer works great), and
prepare for another jumping puzzle. This time, some of the little platforms
will appear vertically. This means you have to jump to them, and press [X]
again when you hit it to perform a wall jump. You'll then land on the next
platform. After this part, Ratchet and Clank meet up again, and it's time to
explore the rest of the base. Your ship is blocked by a force field, so you
can't enter it yet.

Get the Qwark Action Figure

Enter the door on the southwest end of the docking bay, and climb the ladder
inside. You now have to fly with the Levitator again. Wait for the lava to
drop, and then fly ahead. When you've crossed about half of the distance, the
lava will rise again, so stay near the ceiling to avoid it. When it falls
again, continue to the end of the path. Here you'll find the plumber who was
also in R&C1. You can buy a Qwark Action Doll from him for the sum of 20,000
bolts. If you do so, you can trade the Figure for the Armor Magnetizer on
Todano. When you buy it, he will say "See you in a year or so...". Ratchet and
Clank 3, anyone? Anyway, when you have the thing, return to the Docking Bay.

Lower the Force Field around your Ship

Climb the ladder near your ship, and open the door using your Infiltrator.
Now, you have to fly through 3 more tunnels using your Levitator. The first
part is really easy. Just wait for the lava to drop, then enter the tunnel
and fly through it to the next platform. You should have plenty of time. The
second part's a little tougher. Wait for the red electricity up ahead to
appear, then start flying. The red barrier should disappear as you approach
it. Fly through the gap in the blue field to get to the next ledge. From here,
you need to cross one last tunnel. The white force field's pretty easy to
avoid. After that, fly under the blue field and over the red. It might take
some practice, but you'll eventually reach the other side. Angela will contact
you from the Thugs-4-Less fleet, but she's captured. You have to save her!
First, step on the button here to 'free' your ship.

Snivilak    Thug HQ

Rescue Angela

From your ship, swing a couple of times. Go through a little building, and
swing on to the next ledge. The main entrance to the HQ is to your right, but
it's blocked. Use the Swingshot on the blue ball in front of you. You will
pull down a piece of rails. Grind down the rails, it's really easy. At the
bottom, you need to get up again. Walk up the sloped path, so that you're on
the vertical wall. Activate the first Dynamo panel in front of you. After a
few seconds, a platform will move past you. Jump onto it, and quickly activate
the second Dynamo panel. This activates a second platform, jump onto it when
you pass it. Repeat this activating/jumping until you reach the top. If you
stay on one platform for too long, you'll hit a blue barrier...and die. When
you've reached the top, walk along the path, and then walk down to the
choppers. The choppers will rise up, try not to get hit by their blades.
When you're back on the ground, continue to a jump pad. You'll be shot to
the entrance of the base. Check out the armor vendor here for the
Electrosteel armor. It costs you 250,000 bolts.

Now you need to cross the bridge. There are some tanks in front of you. These
are Hover Tanks v2.0. They have very high health. Luckily, their shots can
easily be dodged. When you destroy it (the Mini/Megarockets work great), a
couple of Thugs will come out. There are three tanks on the bridge. Once
you've killed them all, restock on ammo at the vendor, and continue. When you
reach a set of lasers, some Thugs will appear on the other side. Take them out
too, the Bouncer is very helpful here. After a big wave of Thugs, cross the
lasers. You might want to head back to the vendor first if you need some ammo.
Now, on the other side of the lasers, move left. Destroy the tank up ahead.
When you cross the lasers leading to its wreck, an Attack Chopper appears.
Take some distance, and let the Rockets do their work. It really helps if you
have the Lock-On mode for the Mini/Megarockets. After the Chopper, turn right,
and kill a whole bunch of Thugs. After killing the ones that spawned in from
the force field, get to the next area and destroy two Choppers. Now go south,
past the lasers, and kill another group of Thugs. When you smash the nanotech
box in the center of this next square, two doors will go down, and you'll have
to battle six Thugs. When they're gone too, head west, to the question mark.

The Thug leader seems upset about something. You'll have to battle another
giant robot controlled by him, but this time you don't have an oversized Clank
to do the work for you. You can't hit the boss with your normal weapons. You
will need to use the various turrets located around the base. They're all
located on roofs; there are several jump pads to get there. Now for the boss,
he has six attacks: when you just walk around, he will shoot blue lasers that
are very easy to dodge. When you're shooting at him from a turret, he'll shoot
some homing bombs. These things will always go to the turret, and then
explode. To avoid them, simply leave the turret. Like I said, the bombs go for
the turret, not for you. So if you keep your distance, you'll be fine. When
the bombs have exploded, get back on the turret, and continue firing at him.
When you've done some damage to the robot, it will try to destroy the turret
you're on. It can do this in various ways: 1) Come close and fire a red laser
at the turret 2) Come close and smash the turret 3) Rises up into the air and
fires some missles at you, and 4) Takes the air, grabs an airship, and throw
it at you. All attacks will destroy the turret, and the jump pad leading
to it. This can't be helped. You can only try to avoid the fourth attack by
shooting the ship before it reaches your turret. Don't worry, there are more
than enough turrets around the area, if the robot destroys one it means you
just have to move to the next one. Anyway, this is a really easy fight, but a
long one. Just keep firing, back off when the bombs come, and you should be
fine. You can even complete the whole fight without taking damage once.

When the robot finally goes down, Angela will be freed. You will now split up
again: she'll get her Megacorp ID from her home planet, you'll try to disrupt
the Protopet transport.

Smolg    Distribution Facilty

 Explore the Docked Ships

Jump over two platforms (don't stand on them for too long), and swing twice to
the next ledge. Kill the Grulches that are on this ship. Like all small
monsters, one or two hits from the wrench does the trick. Now jump over more
platforms, and use the elevator to go down. Here you'll find a Levitator Pad.
Facing east, fly up and forward. You should arrive on a smaller platform with
another levitator Pad. Fly to the next one, it's east of the platform you're
currently on. From this platform, fly to the ship to the northeast. Here
you'll encounter your first Two-Headed Smolgian Snapper. You'll also be
attacked by a Robo Guard. Use your Megarocket Cannon to defeat them both. Now
enter the ship to find another Levitator Pad. Fly through the gap between the
lasers, and head to the next platform. After killing two Snappers, fly to the
ship to the south. Here you'll encounter more Grulches, and a thing that keeps
spitting out more Grulches. Once you've killed them, you can enter the ship.
Use the pad here to fly through the roof, and to the big construction to the
west. There are a lot of Snappers here, but you can ignore them: use the
Levitator Pad at the very start of the area, and fly towards the big wall of
crates to the west. Jump down on the other side to find another Pad. Fly to
the last building, the one with the question mark in it. Here you can buy a
transmission from an intelligent Snapper. It costs 40,000 bolts, and it will
give you co-ordinates for planet Damosel. Use the teleporter to return to your

Traverse the Warehouse

Use the jump pad near your ship to be warped to the warehouse. Step onto the
button in front of the force field to lower it, and kill the Snapper behind
it. Now climb onto the boxes to the left, and kill a small crowd of Grulches.
When you drop down into the next area, two Snappers will appear, they hardly
pose any threat. Continue north. You'll pass a bunch of cages, a Snapper will
come out of each one when you pass it. When you've dealt with them, jump down
into the lower area. Kill all the Grulches, and the thing that spits out more
of them. Step onto the button in the center to release all the Snappers. The
Bouncer works great if they get you cornered. Continue into the next area, and
locate a conveyor belt to the west. Use the Dynamo at the end of the belt, and
the block on it starts moving. Jump onto this block, and when it reaches the
end of the belt, jump off onto those big crates. Now activate the second
Dynamo panel, and jump onto the platform that starts moving. Jump off onto the
ledge to the east. Kill the Grulches, and step onto the platform here.
Activate the Dynamo to ride up. Jump down to the next area. The wall of crates
in front of you will steadily break down, and enemies will come out. The
wrench takes care of the Grulches, the Snappers are easy to defeat with the
Bouncer. When all boxes are gone, continue to the next conveyor belt. First
activate the panel on the left with the Dynamo, and step onto the platform
that starts moving. When you reach the end of the belt, use the Dynamo again,
and the platform is pulled up. Use the Electrolyzer, and ride the elevator up.
You will receive a message from Angela, she seems to be in trouble. Co-
ordinations for planet Grelbin acquired.

Explore the Distribution Facility

After getting Angela's message, grind the short rails down to the vendor.
Stock up on ammo. A Robo Guard will attack, kill it with your Megarocket
Cannon. Use the Sheepinator to take out the various Grulches ahead. Another
Robo Guard will attack when you approach them. Make your way to the end of the
ledge. Jump to the ship using the small platforms . Kill all the Snappers on
this ship. Then follow the other path of platform back to the ledge. Head to
the force field. Use your Infiltrator to lower it, then kill the enemies in the
area beyond it. Again, the Sheepinator works great, and the Black Sheepinator
works fabulous. Jump to the next ship using the small platforms, you'll have to
walk around the ship where you'll be attacked by 2 Robo Guards. Then use the
small platforms to get back on the ledge. Defeat the 2 Snappers, climb the
boxes on the left, and step on the button to lower the force field. Again use
your Sheepinator on the small Grulches. Head through the small building, and
you'll find the first piece of the Hypnomatic. The other pieces are located on
other planets. Head back to your ship, and blast off, destination Damosel.

Damosel  Allgon City

Grind the Train Rails

When you go north from the vendor, you'll find the start of a very long rail.
Jump on, and jump onto the train to the left that appears. Jump to the right
twice, and then quickly go all the way to the left. Jump right twice again,
and you'll be on a long winding rail. There are some Protopets here, but
they're no threat at all: just hit them with your wrench, and they'll fall off
the rail.
Timing is everything. Jump over some gaps, and then jump left, to the 5
parallel rails. The camera will switch, and you'll have to dodge some trains.
Jump to the right twice, then to the left once, and then again twice to the
right to survive the trains. Get past the part with all the Protopets. At the
end of this long and winding rail, jump onto the train in front of you, and
jump onto the trains as they appear. You'll land on a platform with the second
part of the Hypnomatic device. Use the teleporter to get back to your ship.

Fight the Alien Mother Ship

From the vendor, head south, and you'll find a Giant Clank launch pad. Use it
to go to the moon. Here you'll have to battle a big spaceship. The spaceship
often drops down big robots, that can do some great damage too. This fight is
considerably tougher than the other Giant Clank fight. If you don't have the
right strategy, you'll be slaughtered. The main problem are those robots,
they're plenty in number, they take a couple of punches to beat, and they do
big damage. The spaceship itself doesn't fire very often in the first stage.
To deal with the robots, try jumping. When you're in the air, you're safe for
their shots. When you come down, try landing on top of one or two robots.
You'll easily kill them this way, and they drop health, so you can stay
healthy. So keep jumping to take down big crowds of robots. Now, for the
spaceship. It will sometimes fire at you, but the shots are easily avoided.
The problem is that the ship is protected by a force field. You can't really
damage it while the force field is up. However, from time to time the ship
will get down to drop some more robots. The force field will disappear. Shoot
a bunch of missiles at it to damage it. Keep following the ship, meanwhile
jumping to take out those robots, and you should be fine. When the ship's
almost destroyed, it will remain stationary inside a ring, from which it will
fire at you. The rings protected by electricity. You can just shoot your stuff
at the ship, but it's easier to just try to get on top of the ship. If you can
make it to the ship, keep jumping on top of it to destroy it. The fight's
pretty long, and it can be tough at times.

Save the overrun planet from the Protopets

Alright, back at the vendor, go west. The street is filled with Pets that try
to eat innocent civilians. The Protopets can all be killed with one blow of the
wrench, but when they attack in groups, it's hard to keep them all away. The
weapon of choice against these cuddly things is the awesome Black Sheepinator
It takes less than a second to 'sheepinate' one Pet, and the black sheep can
each take out at least one other Pet. Just spray your Sheepinator around, and
enjoy the chaos. When you approach the back of the area, two Extermibots
appear. These guys are pretty tough, they shoot electricity and they'll kick
you if you come close. Use the Megarockets or the Bouncer to take them out. To
stop the Pets from coming, destroy some vents around the area that spit out
the Pets. Climb the ladder at the end, and fight some more robots. The Bouncer
works great here. Swing to the next platform, and get ready to 'sheepinate' a
lot of Pets. Some robots will appear too, but if you've got the Black
Sheepinator, the explosive sheep will do most of the work for you. Enter the
next room, and fight off another crowd of Protopets and Extermibots. Not much
to say about this, really. Continue, and stretch jump over the gap to the next
street. Kill all enemies here too. The two robots on the barricade shoot gas
grenades at you, so watch out. Destroy the barricade, and take the taxi to the

Fill up on ammo at the vendor, then wall jump up. There are some Protopets
here, and a ship will bring in a couple of robots too. Two of them will throw
down gas grenades from the balcony. Kill the enemies, go up the stairs, and
kill these two robots. Now exit the building. Walk around the big Megacorp
sign. You'll be attacked by small and unnamed robots, but they're a piece of
cake. At the end of the area is another crowd of Pets, accompanied by robots.
By now, you should have figured out a tactic for yourself. Enter the next room.
Protopets will jump at you from the shelves, and robots are awaiting you at
the back of these shelves. After beating all enemies here, go up the elevator,
and kill the robots and Pets in the next area. Kill the two robots that throw
grenades, and then freeze the water. Jump up to the ledge to end this boring
section. Here you'll encounter a guy who will assemble the Hypnomatic for you.
. With this new
gadget, hypnotize the Receiver Bot behind the bars. With the robot, clear the
area of Protopets, then jump to the statue, and step on the button next to it.
You have 30 seconds before the robot explodes. When you make it to the button,
a taxi will appear, it will take you back to the ship. If you don't have all
three parts yet, the taxi will be there anyway.

Grelbin Tundor Wastes

Moonstone Hunting

West of your ship, there's a big snowy field. Here you can find moonstones.
Like on the desert planet, you can get these stones in two different way. You
will see stones here and there, hit 'em to get one Moonstone. Also, there are
Arctic Leviathans hiding under the snow. If you kill one of these big suckers,
you get a Stone too. The Leviathans' hiding spots are easy to recognise. At
the start, you can only explore around the ship. You have to go through the
mines (read below) to activate some bridges to the big plain. The entrance to
the mine is blocked by a big rock. The psych near the block will lift it for
the sum of 9 Moonstones. So, head out into the field, and search for some
Stones. The action's pretty tough, since the Y.E.T.I's will come in big
groups. The (Heavy) Bouncer works great against these monsters. Use the
Megarockets to take out the Leviathans here. You can get around 14 Stones in
this small area. Return to the psych, and have him remove the block to the
mines. Go through the mines (read below), and activate the bridges. Now you
can explore the area even further. There are a lot of Stones, but a lot of
enemies too. Carbonox armor and the Shield Charger will help a great deal. To
speed up the process, you can grab a Raritanium hovercraft near Angela's
house (again, read on for directions). Don't be afraid to return to the vendor
for ammo often. After you had the psych remove the block, you can buy the last
part of the Hypnomatic from him for 16 Stones. When you've bought that too,
he'll give you Bolts for every Stone. This is a great way to get a lot of
bolts in a short time, so hunting for Stones is really worth the time.

Explore the Caves

en you give 9 Moonstones to the psych, he'll remove the block in front of a
room. Enter this room, and take the teleporter to the caves. First, you have
to glide through some caves. This is pretty easy. Some stalagtites will come
falling from the ceilings, but they're easy to avoid. Near the end you'll have
to get into a cave with a really low ceiling, so you'll be pretty close to the
lava. If you survive this cave too, you'll be at the end of the glider course.
Use the vendor if you need to, use the Infiltrator at the door, and then
continue into the next room. There are some Receiver Bots here. They're
complete pussies, so don't waste too much time on them. Continue to a room
where more Receiver Bots will keep spawning through some elevators. Again,
use your basic guns to take them out. It's worth putting the Blitz Cannon in
your Quickselect ring for this fight. Step on the button to open the door, and
kill the mass of Receiver Bots that appear this time. Take cover if the
resistance is too heavy for you. When you've defeated all robots, step onto
the teleporter here, and warp back to the surface. You'll now be at an armor
vendor, and this one sells the ultimate armor: the famous Carbonox!
Unfortunately, you'll have to pay 1,000,000 bolts for it. Whether you buy it
or not, you have to use the Infiltrator to open the door ahead. You're now
back at the ship.

Find Angela

After you've bought the last Hypnomatic part from the psych for 16 Moonstones,
return to Damosel and have the gadget assembled there. Now, back to Greblin,
and enter the teleporter east of the ship. There's a Receiver bot across the
gap. Use the Hypnomatic to take control of it. With the robot, jump up the
ledge, and then Hypnotize the robot behind the force field (with [O]). With
this robot, fight your way through a crowd of other robots. When you get to
the end of the path, hypnotize the robot across the water. With this last bot,
get to the button on the floor, and step on it to activate some platforms.
Back to Ratchet, climb up these platforms. Kill the robots, and hypnotise the
one behind the force field. Take this robot down the elevator, and have him
kill the other machines there. Hypnotize the next robot behind the force
field. Now fight your way through this next tunnel (use your guns with
[square]), and step on the button at the end. The force field in front of
Ratchet disappears, and the tunnel is flooded by water. Back as Ratchet, swim
through this tunnel, and jump out on the other side. Watch out for the lasers
in the tunnel. Swim close to the ceiling to avoid getting hit by them.
On the other side, exit the building and kill the small group of Protopets.
Now knock on Angela's door, and you'll receive co-ordinates to the planet
Yeedil. You can now grab the Raritanium hovercraft near the house, and mine
for some Raritanium. When you're done with this, return to the ship
and blast off to Yeedil.

Yeedil  Protopet Factory

Break into the Megacorp Headquarters

At the vendor, look north. You'll see a Receiver Bot in the distance.
Hypnotize it with the Hypnomatic. With this robot, hypnotize the next one on
the platform to the left. Step on the button, and kill the Protopets behind
the force field. Hypnotize the next Receiver Bot, and after you've killed the
other robots with this one, hypnotize another robot on a ledge to the right.
Now, with this robot, you need to get past a lot of laser fields. Press the
buttons in front of them to lower the fields. There's only one route, and
it's not hard to follow. Blast all enemies that cross your path. After
defeating a couple of Troopers, step on the last button to activate two
Swingshot balls near the vendor. Time is of the essence in this part.

Back as Ratchet, swing to the next ledge. Kill the Protopets behind the first
force field. when you step on the next button, two Hover Tanks will appear.
The Heavy Bouncer and Megarocket Cannon work great. When the tanks are gone,
climb onto the ledge behind them, and kill two more tanks across the gap.
Return to the vendor if you're low on ammo, you'll need a lot of ammunition
for the next part. Cross the gap, to where those tanks were. Now a lot of
Troopers will appear, plus another Tank. Take them out with your strongest
weapons, especially the Heavy Bouncer does wonders. The Blitz Cannon is also
worth using. When all enemies are gone, a door on the left will open. Enter
this building, and hypnotize the Receiver Bot across the gap. With this robot,
you'll have to beat a lot of enemies. If you kill enough enemies, the door at
the back of the area will open. Inside is a button that activates a teleporter.
The shooting is pretty easy, but the problem is time: 30 seconds isn't enough
to kill all enemies. Luckily, there are some other Receiver Bots standing near
the start of the area, so if your Bot is running out of time, hypnotize the
next one, and you'll have 30 seconds again. When all enemies are gone, step
onto the button in the room at the back, and switch back to Ratchet. Use the
teleporter in the previous area.

Buy some ammo at the vendor if you need to. When you go down the corridor,
some Troopers appear. Use the Heavy Bouncer for some quick kills. Head into
the next area. with your Gravity Boots, you can climb up onto the centre
part. From here you can easily shoot at the Troopers around the centre, and
the ones behind the barricade up ahead. Especially the ones behind the
barricade take some time and a lot of ammo to beat, because when you beat
them, new ones will be beamed in. Keep defeating the robots until they stop
coming. You can either shoot at them from the centre part with the
Megarockets, or get closer and use the Heavy Bouncer or other close-range
weapons. The Kilonoids also work great, stand near the barricade, beam in
some droids, and watch how they will obliterate all enemies. When you've
killed them all, return to the vendor and get what you need there. Go past
the barricade, and kill a couple of Protopets. You're now in a fan room.
Use the Dynamo to activate the fans. When you get to the ledge in the
centre, you'll be attacked by some Troopers. You have to be careful here,
since if a Trooper hits you, there's a very real chance you'll
get knocked off the ledge, and you don't want that. The best thing to do is
to activate a Shield Charger before you get onto the ledge. You'll still get
hit by the Troopers, but you won't get knocked off the ledge anymore. When
you've killed the robots (with Rockets, preferably), continue to the end of
this fan room.

After the fan room, there's a big room with more Troopers behind barricades,
and a Tank. Also watch out for the Troopers on top of the blocks to the left
and the right. Take cover behind the low barricade at the entrance, duck to
stay out of their shooting range. When all Troopers (including the
reinforcements that are beamed in), are gone, use the infiltrator to open the
door. Kill the Protopets on the small field of ice. Use the three small
platform to get to the next ledge. In the next big room, swing to the ledge in
the centre. Two Tanks will open fire. Use the Shield Charger to prevent getting
knocked off the ledge. You can also stay near the entrance of the room (before
you swing to the conveyor belt), and use your Vaporizer to snipe the Tanks
from a safe distance. When you've destroyed both Tanks, swing to the green
ball that appears. Use the vendor if you have to, and then use the Electrolyzer
to activate a platform. Ride this platform to the next ledge. Now continue
through this area, killing all robots and one Tank that cross your way. It's
pretty straightforward, and if you know how to kill Troopers, you shouldn't
have much trouble with this part. Pull down a bridge on the way, and kill
the Troopers that appear. When you approach the door at the end, you'll see
the biggest revealing cut-scene of the game. I won't completely spoil it,
but it features the truth about Fizzwidget, the return of Captain Qwark,
and the birth of a giant mutated Protopet. Time for a final boss battle!

Defeat the mutated Protopet

You can go back to your ship, and prepare yourself for this last fight. I
suggest you get some decent armor (the Carbonox is best, get the
Electrosteel if you can't afford the Carbonox). Make sure you've got a
couple of strong Gold weapons. The Heavy Bouncer works great, and so does
the Megarocket Cannon. If you've got other strong upgrades, like the
Megaturret Gun, or the upgrade of the Plasma Coil, the fight will get
easier. Also, head over to one of the weapon-modification shops (on Endako,
Tabora and Boldan), and buy mods for all weapon you frequently use. Now, let's
fight! Swing towards the Protopet to start the fight. The Pet has two basic
attacks: most of the time, it will be rolling towards you. If you don't move
out of the way, you'll be squashed. The roll attack is pretty easy to avoid,
use the Charge Boots if he's really got you cornered. After some time, the
Pet will stop moving, and it will eat an object in the arena. This can be an
ammo box, or a bomb. After eating the object, he will unleash one of these
three attacks:
1) Shoot small homing missiles at you,
2) Shoot balls of fire at you (much like the Meteor Gun), and
3) Cover the arena with a truckload of small bombs.

Number 1 is the most dangerous, since it's the toughest to
avoid. You can easily dodge 2 is you keep moving. If it uses 3, take as much
distance as you can, and wait for the bombs to disappear. All three attacks
do quite some damage, but getting squashed by a rolling Pet still is the most
painful experience. Now, of course, besides staying healthy yourself, you
want to damage the boss. To do so, simply use the most powerful weapons in
your arsenal. If you've bought the RYNO II, use it! Big chance is that you
couldn't afford it though. Other great choices are the Megarocket Cannon and
the Heavy Bouncer. The problem with the Megarockets is that with charged
shots it runs out of ammo fairly quickly. The Heavy Bouncer's a great choice,
especially with the Acid Mod. You can defeat the boss pretty easily with just
the Heavy Bouncer. Using other weapons, like Kilonoids and Megaturrets,
makes the job even easier. The Meteor Gun works surprisingly well, but only if
you've got both the Acid and the Lock-On Mod for it. After you've done a fair
amount of damage, the Pet will smash through the floor, and you'll have to
follow him to a next arena. Here you'll encounter Troopers, but you shouldn't
pay too much attention to them. The Pet will kill most of them with its
rolling attack, and the area's too big for the Troopers' shots to be
accurate. Keep moving, and keep firing your favorite weapon at the big sucker.
He'll smash through the floor again after some time. In this last arena, you
can see some Tanks, but again, ignore them. Focus on finishing off the
Protopet. All in all, the big mutant is disappointingly easy for a final boss.

Thank you for Reading