Question from omzig85

Asked: 2 years ago

How do i get the pick in the truck at the motel?

How do i get the pick from the truck at the motel?

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From: weirdo254 2 years ago

-Grab the Pillow first on the left
-Then go to the truck on the right where you gotta get the pick
-Peek over to the left of the truck and use the pillow to cover the zombie's face
-Check the car where the zombie was leaning on, you'll find a spark plug
-Use it upon the window and you will be able to retrieve the pick!

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You must go to the car to the left.
For that, you will need to kill a zombie by using a pillow found at the left of the starting point.
When near the car, pick up a spark plug in it and return to the truck.
Use this on the window to open it.

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