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.hack versus: Advanced Game Mechanics/Character Guide ver.1.01

Author: SPK/Somepunk

This guide may not be used elsewhere besides gamefaqs and my personal google
docs page. It took a lot of hard work, I'd appreciate the credit.

This guide isn't intended to help you beat the missions or unlock stuff. It's 
designed to give a deeper understanding of the game mechanics. 
My notation system isn't perfect, but it'll have to do, I may improve it later
Don't complain, at least someone made something about this game XD This has a
very detailed recount of the games system, as well as multiple video links to
help learn the characters options in combos and abilities. I would like to 
see more players, but that isn't gonna happen. This game is overlooked sadly,
and with the level of play I've seen, I can see why. This is a real fighter, 
and it's scary complex with surprising simplicity on the surface that most 
players will sink back into. What's the point in taking it past that? There
isn't one. I did it because I see something I don't even think the Devs saw,
but read on anyways and learn some stuff!

If you need the menus translated, or the skills, this should help: 

Thanks to this person for posting this.

Now lets get to the good stuff.
-V1.01 - Fixed formatting, fixed some almost naughty words
-v1.0 - initial release(google docs)


Z1: controls

Z2: shorthand

Z3: systems explanation

Z35: advanced mechanics

Z4: Tier List

Z5: Character overviews:

Q1: Kite
Q2: Tokio

Z6: credits/video log


Z1 - Standard controls: The default control settings, you can tweak these in 
the options menu to whatever you like as well.

Left stick: movement
Triangle: launcher
Hold triangle: break attack
Circle: grab
X: jump
X(x2): dash/air tech
L1:skill select
R1: guard
L1+R1: exceed mode
L1+R2: ultimate attack
R1+Triangle: crack burst

Z2 - Arcade shorthand: Since I haven't seen a proper notation system, I came 
up with one, based off past knowledge of arcade notation and other games. I'm 
aware this isn't an arcade title, and most people will complain, but it has 
enough similarities that it just makes sense.This is by far the easiest way 
to explain some things, so it's worth learning:


Think of your movement stick as the center of this numpad.

You really only need to know...

5: neutral
8: up
2: down

a: Launcher

b: Chain
b(#): number of melee button presses. If no number is present, just finish 
the melee chain.

cc: homing dash/dash cancel
d: Grab
j: jump, or aerial
xx: skill/ultimate/burst cancel (basically, this denotes an animation from a 
new attack canceling the old one.)

La/Lb/Lc/Ld: Skills, L1 + a,b,c, or d.

CH: charge(hold button)
CB:crack burst
EX: exceed
UT: ultimate attack.
GD: guard
GI: just guard
GC:guard cancel

So, jumping down melee into crack burst will look like:

J.2b xx CB

I may not always use notation though. Just enough to make it all easier to 

Video notation: due to me not developing a system yet, the skill notations in
my videos are incorrect. All future videos will contain the new notation 
system. This only applies to skills, shouldn't be too hard to decode:

LT: left trigger and triangle  = La
LS: left trigger and square = Lb
LO:left trigger and circle = Ld
LX:left trigger and X = Lc


Z3 - System explanation:

Launcher: A fast upward strike that all characters possess (even Tsukasa, his
only melee option). Can be used as a quick anti-air when someone starts
jumping on wakeup. Very unsafe when blocked for all characters. Initiates a 
float that allows a meterless homing dash into an aerial chain. Range 
characters(Tsukasa/Ovan/Haseo exceed) get the added bonus of a projectile 
juggle chain after launcher, which cannot be bursted. Typically 500 damage 
before follow up, scaling applies.

Break attack: Initiates when launcher button is held, forces a guard break. 
Character remains stationary.  Charge time is pretty long, and these attacks 
are easy to see coming, and can be just guarded easily. Some characters have 
very good range with this attack. BlackRose has a special version that has 
armor and allows movement. All breaks lead into the launcher cinematic, 
unless interrupted somehow, which rarely happens. Typically 600 damage, 
scaling applies.

Chain: Everyone has a standard chain set, composed of 6 unique chains. 
3 ground chains, 3 air chains, while holding either down or up on the control
 stick, or just hitting the melee button. Usually requires around 5-6 button
 presses to finish a chain depending on the character (cough Sora) Every set 
has different properties. The up sets launch, allowing further combos with a 
homing dash. They do the least damage amount. The neutral sets usually do 
good damage and carry the opponent to a wall, which can lead to heavy damage 
and combo extensions. The downward sets are usually the most damaging and 
unique. The occasionally have the juggle properties of the upward sets, 
but with way more damage! In the air, the same situation applies, downward 
sets are typically combo Enders, as the final hit unscaled normally does 
over 1000dmg.

Jump/single jump state: All characters come standard with as jump, some with
great distance, others not so much. Single jumps have grab invulnerability. 
All jumps have a small amount of landing lag. Jumping can be very dangerous 
in this game, especially when used to get in on an opponent. Jumping melee is
very unsafe on block, minus two characters (kite/Tokio).

Meter system: Characters start with 50%. This system is hard to explain, as 
different impacts have different amounts of meter gain. Typically, finishing 
strikes on chains and skills always build the most, usually 10-12%. During 
combos, opponent will occasionally gain more meter than you, this is to 
promote bursting. Meter begins to refill at a slow rate after you've used it,
depending on how much you had previously. Missing skills usually only adds 
about 2%. Wall impacts build no meter for either side. The stages also have 
breakable objects that promote large meter gain, usually near 75% when all 
orbs are collected. This is a strategic part of the game. Occasionally 
you'll want to take advantage of a down to collect some. Aerial combos gain 
your opponent double your meter, keep this in mind when going for extensions.

Dash(cc) - 25% meter: There are two types, homing and directional. A homing 
dash is initiated when no directional influence is used. In other words, beat
your head against the x button, and you will dash right into someone! Homing 
dash is very quick at close range, and can be used to quickly punish 
techniques after blocking, such as Tokio's Lb. Homing dash is used to chase 
launchers, such as up chains, to continue combos. Homing dashes are 
vulnerable to counterattack.

Directional dash:  These dashes have shorter range, but also allow you to 
escape from bad situations. A directional dash should always be considered 
before a burst in bad wakeup situations. They do have startup invincibility,
and can get you out of situations like EX Ovan's grab mixups. They can also
extend combos, such as with Haseo's La. He can directional dash forward 
afterwards and continue a ground combo, rather than doing a lower damage 
aerial combo with a homing dash. This dash will not avoid Haseo's vortex 
mixups though, it is partially invincible, but not for long enough.

Throws: Throwing is both effective and powerful in this title. Some 
characters have exceptional ones that suit their play style, such as Tokio,
Kite, and Haseo. Normal throws do get scaled when comboed into, but they are
considered a cinematic (discussed later). Throws can be avoided with a 
simple jump, and have awful recovery. BlackRose's command throw is special,
and will be discussed separately...

Float State: Usually inflicted by being hit by an 8b chain, float state is 
the period of time a character is floating in the air and can do nothing 
about it! Besides bursting, at least. This state allows the player that 
isn't floating to extend their combo, usually with a homing dash (cc).

Teching: When sent into float state, hitting x can flip you back around, with
a short period of invincibility. Teching is almost always the right choice,
as it prevents your opponent from continuing a combo off a technique that 
shouldn't be comboed after, such as kites Lc or Ovan's completed Lc.

Clash system: This is very uncommon, but when two normal throws connect on 
the same frame or two launchers do, a clash can occur. This basically cancels
 all animations and forces both opponents briefly backwards with no damage. 
This occurs very rarely however, so little that most will barely ever notice 
its existence.

Crack Burst - 50% meter: This is a tool not to be abused, and that's what I 
see happening most of the time. The burst is a very powerful technique in 
this game, and it prevents things from getting broken. If it wasn't in the 
way to regulate certain combos, this game would suck. Anytime you have the 
meter, you can burst, in almost any situation for a quick escape. Being 
comboed, in block stun, in dash recovery, even after certain knockdowns 
like Tokio's 2b! It has a secret secondary function as a combo ender, as it
 causes wallbounce. Burst only inflicts one hit on its own, so armor and 
invulnerable techniques plow straight through it, and it can be blocked. 
Bursting is very unsafe if baited or avoided. Bursting cannot be used during
cinematics. If you choose to burst, it should be timed for the ending of 
an opponents combo, so you gain maximum meter without soaking the final, most
 damaging hit. The question is: burst, or save meter to end the round in a 
couple seconds.

Exceed 50%-100% meter:  Exceed mode is character specific. Its a game changer
 for some, and not worth the meter for others. It's a special state that 
changes the games conditions. It typically changes the characters skills 
and melee sets. You cannot use an ultimate attack during any exceed mode.

Ultimate attack- 50% meter on miss, 100% meter on hit: An unscaled technique 
that normally does 3000 or more damage. Ultimates can normally cancel any 
melee chain. They can also cancel things like landing recovery and 
occasionally techniques that cannot normally be canceled (Sakuya 2b) Once 
again, these techniques differ on a character basis, some worth it, some 
not. They can also be used to instant Guard Cancel(GC) in a pinch...

Guard/chip/Just Guard: Guard cannot be broken by normal chains or skills. 
All character come equipped with a very slow break attack to defeat guard 
happy opponents,  and all throws beat guard clean, normal throws and skill 
throws. BlackRose has multiple charge break attacks that will defeat normal 
guard. Tsukasa's ultimate also forces guard break.

Chip damage takes place from blocking specific strikes and techniques. Some 
techniques specialize in finishing a round with chip damage.

Just guard is very unique, and a very dangerous situation for both players. 
It can be used by inputting guard on the frame your opponents strike 
connects. This goes for all strike based cinematics as well. It is designed 
to give the defender an advantage by slowing down time and putting the 
defender behind the opponent. Just guarding is deeper than this, though. 
You can just guard as a last ditch effort in certain unsafe situations. I 
haven't compiled a list yet, but until I do, give it a shot!

The opponent still has options when they have been just guarded. They can 
burst AND ultimate cancel out of their predicament. The attacker should 
approach carefully, possibly with a cinematic, or use the time period to 
break a stage object for meter. This is also a good way to force your 
opponents hand and bait them into spending meter by merely blocking!

Knockdown/Downed state: An invulnerable period from being knocked down. 
Wakeup game comes into play as your character flips to its feet. In this 
situation, both characters have a different set of options and 
advantages/disadvantages. The person downed is invulnerable until flipped 
and animation is reset. Unless Tokio stops time. Then you're still screwed, 
as it applies a hurtbox to the down opponent regardless...

invincibility: any technique that flashes the character model white during 
its animation is invincible for the duration of the flash. This includes 
against throws and command throws, as well as bursts and Ultimates. 
These skills are amazing for Guard cancels and frame traps.

Armor: certain characters have armor on their techniques, allowing a certain 
number of hits before the character model is put in hit stun. This allows 
you to plow through your opponents techniques with your own. Armor is 
negated by Ultimates and all throw types. It is effective against chains 
and bursts, as well as many skill. Some characters have more armor hits on 
their techniques than others. Sora can only take 1 hit on his level 3 chain
starter, whereas BlackRose can soak 4 hits while charging a break. Getting
your armor hit still causes scaled damage to your character, around 80% of
its former value.


Z35: Advanced engine mechanics:

Now I'm going into the dirty stuff. This game has a remarkably deep engine for
a 3D fighter, and I don't think the people who developed it even know it, 
nor do half the people that play it. If you have played the ninja storm games
and have been told this game is like them, it couldn't be less true. I've 
torn the engine apart and analyzed everything I can, but there will more than 
likely be updates:

Damage Scaling: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBKIEt_MDHA

Official scaling starts after hit 15. Cinematic skills will deal full damage 
at hit 15 or before. Non-cinematics will start being scaled at their 16th hit 
mid-combo. So will chains and launchers. The thresholds are as follows:

1-15 = 100%
16-20 = 90%
21-25 = 70%
26-30 = 50%
31-35 = 30%
36-45 = 20%
46 or higher = 10%

Unscaled techniques: These are techniques that are not affected by the above 
chart. There are 3 I currently know of:

Ultimate attacks: Never fall prey to scaling. In essence, this is the real 
reason they cost 100%, because you can tack them onto a very damaging combo 
and make the damage skyrocket.

Wallbounce: Any chain or skill ending in a wall impact adds an additional 300
damage. This is where most of the biggest damage in the game comes from, 
since combos after wall state are possible.

Tokio's Exceed Unfreeze: Always causes a 7 hit, 490 damage Unscaled attack.
The aerial neutral chain variation causes wallbounce as well, for a total of 
790 unscaled. After Tokio has already done around 5000, this boost is serious.

Emergency escape: got burst baited? If you got the meter, you can still dash 
after missing a burst. This is a very expensive maneuver, but as a last ditch,
it can save you.

Cinematics skills: These attacks cannot be bursted out of, giving them serious
power in this game. Relying on cinematics can be effective and powerful due to 
the enemy not being able to break them. If a cinematic lands on hit 15 or 
before, it will always deal it's normal Unscaled damage, regardless of what 
the combo counter says afterwards. This is different from non cinematic skills
which begin losing damage mid combo. This makes cinematics fantastic combo 
enders as well, and should usually be the first option for that situation. 
All normal throws are cinematics.

The following techniques are cinematics:
Kite: EX Lc
Tokio: Lc, Unfreeze
Haseo: EX any skill.
BlackRose: Lb/d
Sora: Lb/d, La
Ovan: EX Lc, EX La

Wallbounce: Wallbounce state is one of the most powerful tools in the game. 
It allows massive combo extensions. Most of the characters have a 5b and j.5b
chain designed for wall combos, and some characters can cancel the final 
ground 5b hit into a skill/UT/Dash/Burst. These characters are:
- Level 3 Sora
- EX Ovan (2b)

Ovan and Tokio have skills that can be ultimate canceled after they end in a
wallbounce (ultimate/dash only):

Tokio - Lb/d
Ovan - Lb/d

Guard cancel (GC): This is probably the most effective defensive technique 
in the game. It is essentially blocking an opponents attack and canceling 
your guard animation with a skill or an ultimate. 
If utilized properly, you can 
use this technique to parry almost anything, especially if you have a 
character with invincible skills. This includes Haseo's wakeup game! You can 
also use your ultimate attack as a high damage parry. If you wish to use an 
La skill, you need to let go of guard for a fraction of a second and input 
the skill, otherwise you will burst.This technique will plow through many 
things, but if your opponent is watching for it, he can also reverse it by 
landing a chain and inputting an early cancel, so it should be used smartly.

Offensive bursting, or "winning" bursts (a.k.a don't use extended juggles): 
When it comes to finishing juggle combos, this is the most effective way to 
add additional damage. The trick is to input a burst near a wall after your 
final hit completes. This adds a safe 300 damage to any combo, but it is most 
effective when used in conjunction with j.2b with most characters. The 
downwards aerial combo adds the most damage on its final hit, and in 
conjunction with the unscaled 300, combined with damage scaling reductions, 
the damage typically is either close or occasionally exceeds the damage you 
would receive from doing an extended combo with a cc j.8b, as that aerial 
juggle only adds scaling and packs zero punch. Wallbounce impact does not 
give give either side any meter! This is incredibly important when 
considering dumping meter on an extended combo over using a burst!

Those long extended homing dash combos feed your opponent meter, and you get 
less meter from them. The only character that should consider extended aerial 
combos is Kite, as he has low scaling and a very special trick. Offensive 
bursting is invincible, safe, Unscaled, and gives the opponent zero extra 
meter on impact. If you absolutely must tack some extra damage on, this is 
the most effective method.

Characters that can take advantage of j.2b xx CB are:
Tokio: Can also burst after j.La for serious damage
Haseo: both forms
Ovan: Situational
Sakuya: very difficult, requires being flush with wall. Can also do tri-burst
in exceed...

Hit reel: This is an animation that takes place after a couple melee chain 
strikes impact an opponents block. This is character specific, and some are 
immune to its effects to an extent, allowing extended blockstun and more safe 
escape opportunities. Here are the options:

Kite: 5b 4th hit reel, unsafe.
8b has no reel, full animation completion, can be safely canceled into 
2b,  5th hit reel. However, the fourth hit is a cross up that avoids many 
attacks, and can be canceled into a safe Lb/d (fireball)

Tokio: 3rd hit reel, unsafe.

Haseo: 3rd hit reel, unsafe. EX mode no hit reel...because its all 

BlackRose: No reel animation, all chains can be finished and canceled by 
anything. This allows grab mixups.

Sora: level 1 and 2 3rd hit reel, unsafe. Level 3 has no hit reel. 8b 
finishes completely, but it cannot be safely canceled at the end. 5b and 2b 
do not finish completely, can be canceled into anything, anytime.

Ovan: 3rd hit reel, unsafe. EX mode no reel animation.

Sakuya: 4th hit reel, unsafe,

Broken chains/frame traps: This is where the dirty mixup game starts. Broken 
chains are done by inputting your chain attack on the ground without hitting 
the opponent. This allows you to impact with particular portions of your 
string. Every one of those individual melee strikes most people mash out 
actually have very special properties. Take Tokio's 2b, his fifth attack is 
a dive kick that doesn't have hit reel, and is cancelable. It also does over 
900 damage on its own, probably the most damaging ground normal in the game. 
Get a knockdown, input the hits so the divekick portion impacts on your 
opponents wakeup. Then cancel it into another move. This confuses, evades, 
and makes you safe when the proper technique is chosen. It isn't easy to 
explain, but I will upload a video soon containing the method with multiple 

Frame traps are the opposite of guard cancels. This is an offense based 
skill, former being defense based. The attacker has better options. They are 
essentially canceling your melee strikes early into a skill while someone is 
in blockstun. If you use the proper technique, you can catch your opponent 
pressing a button, plow through a burst, avoid a guard cancel, you name it. 
An example with Lvl 1 Sora would be canceling two chain hits into an La while
your opponent is blocking, right before you get hit reeled. If they guard 
the whole thing, you can dash to safety. At high level, this game will come 
down to who guess right in the Frame Trap/guard cancel war, and proper meter 

Aerial cancels/instant recovery (Tokio/Kite): 

This section applies to these two characters only, and is clearly 
demonstrated in the above video. When an air skill is used with these 
characters, the landing recovery is removed. This only takes place on single 
jumps, single jump j.5b(1) cancels, and broken chain cancels. Using 
Tokio 2b(5)broken chain is most effective, because if it's canceled early 
enough, the game counts the La as aerial. Same goes for Kite, except with 
2b(4) and Lb/d.

Kite can take advantage of this recovery further when he lands a 5b into 
wall. This is also demonstrated in that video. The final hit of 5b is aerial 
for a moment, allowing an air fireball with near instant recovery.

Restands: This takes place when a juggled opponent is caught by an attack on 
the very first landing frame on their way down. The opponent will be put back
on their feet, allowing full ground combos. This can be best demonstrated 
with a well timed chain after kites throw, try it!

Untechables: There are 4 untechables worth noting that aren't throws. These 
are techniques that cause a juggle that cannot be flipped out of. They are:

Tokio's 8b(5) - Outside of super canceling, and then using a meter to dash, 
this is unusable.

Tokio's EX j.8b as finisher - this causes a cinematic unfreeze that cannot be 
teched. Combined with a well timed Lc afterwards, it leads to Tokio's highest 
mid screen damage.

Ovan's EX La, without finishing. Causes an untechable throw, can be comboed 
into and after.

Haseo's La - probably the most useful and cool one. This invincible technique 
cannot be teched, can juggle multiple times, and can be followed with a 
directional dash (not a homing) or an ultimate cancel for extended combos. 
See this video:

Damage transfer: This takes place when a combo is transferred between normal 
and EX states or vice versa. Basically, it just means the damage counter 
resets in training mode, but the scaling and combo counter do not. Kinda 

Exceed Stop: When a cinematic is initiated, your exceed bar stops draining. 
Yup, throws included. This can prolong exceed mode for awhile if cinematics 
continue to land. EX Ovan and Haseo benefit from this heavily.

Exceed freeze: For some characters, this is ridiculously powerful. Exceed 
freeze is literally freezing the exceed meter, keeping your character in 
exceed mode longer than they are suppose to be. Any technique that forces 
your character into an alternate animation will keep you in Exceed even when 
the meter has run dry. Examples include:

Tokio's time freeze: if you input ground or air chain, you stay in exceed 
until the chain is finished and your back in a neutral state. Break attacks 
exceed freeze as well. This allows you to continue doing damage and cancel 
into any skill in the middle of your chain, prolonging it even further. A 
staple of Tokios heavy damage.

Tsukasa - unlimited guardian works: as long as you continue using Tsukasa's 
chain projectiles on the ground, exceed freeze will occur. The meter will 
run dry, but guardian will stay on the field till you stop or your opponent 
forces you to. Very effective.

Glitched chains: Two characters have glitched ground chains. These are 
chains that the opponent can tech out of the final hit. They are:

Ovan's 5b: the final projectile doesn't impact fast enough, allowing an 
easy escape for the opponent, avoid at all cost, unless you want to attempt 
a reset with a skill cancel.

Level 3 Sora's 2b: This is a damn shame. The final hit can be teched out 
of, effectively eliminating her highest damage potential. Yup, any combo 
videos you've seen on Nico Nico with Sora are now garbage. This is the 
reason I didn't include any in my video for her.

Kara movement/Feints: This game is unique in a way that almost everything 
can be canceled without hitting the opponent at all. This allows for 
ridiculous mobility for some characters when combined with cancels, and 
allows some impossible things to connect. Good Kara techniques include:

Sora's level 3 5b(1) - this armored kick is probably the best starting 
normal attack in the game. Add  it's ridiculous travel distance to a 
canceled La and you have yourself an invincible train that crosses most of 
the stage in an instant. This will destroy a Tsukasa.

Tokio's throw to Kara ultimate: Just throw, then use b xx UT, much easier 
than running up and initiating it. It has a very small hitbox, this 
effectively ensure its connection.

Feints are also very useful, and scary if utilized properly. Finding good 
feints is a matter of creativity. Use momentum based special move, such as 
BlackRose La, and cancel them into Ultimates.  One feint that is useful for 
some characters is the Exceed feint. This is as simple as charging an 
exceed and canceling it into an ultimate.

I will list the best option in the character sections.

Hit stun/Late hits/loops: All techniques cause a certain amount of time on 
impact that you can follow up with another attack. This is hit stun, and is 
different on every attack.

Unfortunately, I don't have the frame data for this game, and if anyone 
does, please send it my way. I have had to make due with trial and error. 
Late hits, or "meaty hits" are techniques that generate their hit stun on 
their last active frame. This means the move recovers faster, and still 
generates the same hit stun, allowing follow ups. This is demonstrated with 
two standing b attacks in the Sora video, found in the Sora character section.
I haven't found many uses for this, as it's difficult to time and too 
cumbersome to be applied in battle, but maybe for the future.

Loops are repetition of chains, preferably meterless, where one chain causes 
enough hit stun to allow the chain to be restarted from the beginning. Some 
of these would be infinites without bursting. Characters with loops include:

BlackRose: 2b(4), then repeat. Incredibly high damage, easy to time.

Sakuya: 5b(4), repeat. Gives her a little extra boost, still not much. 
Also easy to time.

Sora level 2: demonstrated in her combo video, the least likely to work here.
It's 5b(3) xx Lc(2), then repeat.

EX Ovan: 2b, repeat, wall required. Good for racking up damage/killing time. 
Also easy.

Kite jump fireball loop: demonstrated at the end of this video:

Very difficult to learn, very powerful. Basically it's 5b xx Lb/d (cancel 
must take place early as possible) into wall. Then an instant j.b xx Ld/b, 
repeat. Insane damage, little scaling.

Kite exceed loops: seriously, watch his video in his section. Many can be 
bursted, and rack up way too much scaling and meter for your opponent. Best 
to end them early before EX Lc does too little damage.

Z4 -  Tier list
After many online fights with some of the highest ranked on the 
leaderboards, I've come to a pretty solid list. Obviously, this isn't 
tournament data or anything, but hell, is there even gonna be one? Feel free 
to contribute and submit alternates on the forums, as I believe the mid to 
mid-high tier is close.

S tier: 

Kite/Tokio - equal in many ways, insane damage, safe options, good throws, 
borderline overpowered techniques, amazing skills, and very few weaknesses.

A Tier:

Haseo - amazing damage potential in knockdown situations, and a laundry 
list of solid options. His health is a serious weakness, his opening damage 
pales to S tier.

Tsukasa because he negates many strategies when played right. His complete 
lack of a melee chain is his only problem. Even if he had one small one, he 
could be S tier.

BlackRose - because of cancel mobility and Dat grab. Not higher because of 
mobility and technique speed. The grab is good, but gets predictable.

B Tier:

Sora - great options, but the character has some major flaws. Primarily, 
getting bursted drops levels. Glitched chain doesn't help. Advanced 
techniques require a degree of luck.

 Ovan- zero mobility up front, with slow and predictable attacks. Exceed 
becomes predictable and easy to avoid.

"Get this kid a sandwich" tier:

Sakuya: very random, insanely low damage, no cinematics or wall combos. 
Hermit is good, but not good enough.


Z5 - Character overviews:

This will go over specialized abilities with each character. Every 
explanation will have video resources added to it. The technique section 
shows the input, damage, combo counter number, number of presses, and special 
properties like invincibility.

Q1 - Kite

Health: 10,000

Video resources:
Combos :

Jump loop/100% see ending:

Strengths: fast startups, best normal throw, restands, a borderline broken 
ultimate, good stamina, safe options, easy confirms, high damage for no m
eter, a fireball that shatters the games rules.

Weakness: exceed mode not the greatest, no good Karas.



5b - 1720 dmg, 10 hits, 5 presses. Hit reel on 4th press. Last hit can be 
both air canceled into Lb/d or ground canceled into any skill/Ultimate/burst. 
4th press launcher cancelable, at up to 7th hit. Causes wallbounce. Kites 
major damage comes from this chain near a wall. Cancel into air Lb, then use 
La for heavy damage.

2b - 1910 dmg, 7 hits, 5 presses. Hit reel on 5th press. 4th press hit is an 
amazingly solid broken chain, can be air/ground canceled into anything. Final 
hit causes down(no further damage). Final hit can be canceled.

8b - 974 dmg, 8 hits, 5 presses. No hit reel animation, full completion on 
block. All hits cancelable, including final hit ground recovery.  Homing dash 
follow up. Low damage, only use for blockstring mixups.

J.5b - 1260 dmg, 6 hits, 4 presses. First 3 presses can be Lb canceled. 
Causes wallbounce. There are better damage options. allows longer wakeup game.

J.2b - 1920 dmg, 5 hits, 4 presses.First 3 presses can be Lb canceled. Final 
hit is high damage at 1440, preferred finisher. Can be offensive burst 
canceled for 2220.

J.8b - 935 dmg, 5 hits, 4 preses. First 3 presses can be Lb canceled. 
Low damage, used for combo extension with follow up homing dash.

Throw - 1080 dmg, 4 hits. Can be followed with literally anything. Restand 
is possible. Possibly the best normal throw in the game, due to the amount of 
options. Can be used as an easy confirm into ultimate.


La: 1269 dmg, 2 hits. Two uppercut blade slashes. Low scaling, Invincible 
startup. Great for combos, as it can be followed with homing dash extensions.

Lb/d: 800 damage, 2 hits. Projectile. Blue flame cross. Can be used 
ground/air. Aerial variation has quick animation recovery, and inflicts a 
special wallbounce that can be followed with anything. These factors allow 
for heavy damage extended wall combos when used properly. See ending of:

Lc:  1460, 4 hits. Two sweeping strikes, combined with a rotating upper. 
Covers good distance, fast startup. Best used after Data Drain to quickly 
chase down opponent. Cannot be followed up with homing dash (can be teched 
out of, not a true combo blahblah.)

Exceed mode:

Effect: multi hit, long hit stun on everything, allowing multiple loop. 
Also causes longer blockstun and allows all ground chains to be completed on 
block, effectively disabling hit reel. Changes Kites skills. Also causes 
massive scaling, usually doing far less damage than normal combos. Lasts for 
good amount of time. Activates at 75%. Pretty blue flames. Here are the 
changes. Unless otherwise noted, these chains have the same cancel properties 
as normal:

5b - 1932 dmg, 29 hits

2b - 2130,  22 hits. Final hit does many more hits then regular mode.

8b - 1271 dmg, 21 hits.

J.5b - 1035 dmg, 7 hits. Less damage.

J.2b - 2115 dmg, 6 hits.

J.8b - 819 dmg, 7 hits max. Randomly whiffs 1 hit.

Throw - 1219 dmg, 11 hits. Throw restand loop possible by comboing into 
throw over and over off chain starter restands. Watch video resource ending.

Exceed skills:

La: 1282, 4 hits. Same attributes as before

Lb/d:  1200 damage, 4 hits. 2 projectile sets instead of 1. Causes massive 
hit stun, can extend combos. Does not have aerial instant recover properties. 
Causes wallbounce.

Lc: 2116 dmg, 5 hits. This move is completely different from the normal 
version. It's an armored dash that crosses a good distance at a solid speed. 
Cinematic attack. Best finisher option in exceed mode.

Ultimate: Data Drain (chimchimality) - 2399 dmg. Kite stuns you, then breaks 
the game in a very pretty fashion. It's great!

Animation is invincible for duration of kites run. Moves fast with large 

 This ultimate is basically Kite's true exceed mode, and the meter should 
definitely be saved for it. It transforms your opponent to a nearly helpless 
state that cannot block or burst. They have the option to run, jump, and 
attack with a measly little single hit. This is where Kite's Lc comes in 
handy, for chasing the little one down. Keep in mind that with the smaller 
hitbox, many specific throw juggles may not connect properly. You can deal 
an entire lifebar in this mode if you're efficient.

This is most definitely the character with the most balanced stats. He has 
an amazing normal throw, allowing any type of combo follow up, including 
restands. Kite also has a nearly instant Invulnerable La, allowing easy GC. 
Kite is also the only character besides Lvl.3 Sora and BlackRose that can 
complete chains without  hit reel initiating. This allows for incredibly 
dirty broken chains for mixup, since many of the chains can be canceled into 
air Lb/d(fireball), which has instant landing recovery off chain cancels and 
off single jumps(not double jumps or lauches though). This air fireball also 
creates a special wall state that other characters don't have, allowing 
extended combos and loops, as well  doing unscaled wall damage. All of this, 
and I haven't even mentioned his ultimate...while it has the lowest overall 
damage in the game, the damage potential is massive, and it's just one easy 
throw confirm away.  His only weakness is his exceed not being too effective,
 and his primary Lc really only good for chasing down the opponent after a 
data drain ultimate. His Exceed causes far too much scaling, and is easily 
bursted out of. The exceed Lc armor move isn't that great either. This is 
minor,  Kite just does a lot right with high damage. Speaking of exceed...

Q2 - Tokio:

Health: 9,000

Video resources: combos and tutorials.

Tokio - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEqsiRd4B0c

Tokio 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4QgS8cXLuM&feature=relmfu

Tokio  3- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBKIEt_MDHA

Strengths: Absolutely absurd damage output. Best exceed in the game. Good 
wakeup and mixup options. Excellent skills, each with purpose. Second best 
throw in the game, allowing exceed setups and solid combos. Excellent aerial 
chain starter. Good Karas.

Weakness: below average health, bad ground chain starter, with bad hitbox. 
Massive scaling on Lb/d. Ground La is horrid. Needs max meter badly, so using 
bursts is a problem. Long exceed startup, requiring setup vs most characters.



5b - almost guaranteed 1690 dmg due to almost always wall impacting, 1390 
otherwise, 7 hits, 6 presses. Hit reel on 3rd press. 5th press can be La 
cancelled. Almost a guaranteed corner carry combo, good for setting up 
exceed. Otherwise, always use 2b. Final hit of this cannot be canceled 
besides burst.

2b -1939 dmg, 6 hits, 6 presses. Hit reel on 3rd press. 5th press can be 
both air and ground canceled into anything(ultimate, launcher, skill, burst, 
homing dash), including instant La,  5th press does 920 on its own.Amazing 
for broken chain mixups and wakeup game, when combined with skills. Possibly 
the best normal in the game. Finished chain causes down. Final hit is 
cancelable, use a late cancel in exceed for hit stun reset. Check the videos.

8b - 1259 dmg, 8 hits, 6 presses. Hit reel on 3rd hit. 5th press is 
untechable, but it has no practical combos unfortunately. Final hit can be 
followed with a homing dash or extensions.

J.5b - 1212 dmg, 7 hits, 5 presses. First 4 presses can be La canceled. If 
initiated off a single jump, j.5b xx La will have instant recovery. Causes 
wallbounce. Useful for corner positioning. Causes time stop unfreeze 
cinematic when used as an exceed finisher, which also cause wallbounce, add 
490 and 7 hits.

J.2b - 1542 dmg, 7 hits, 5 presses. First 4 presses can be La canceled. High 
damage ender. Can be offensive bursted, raising damage to 1842. Causes 
unfreeze cinematic when used as exceed finisher at 2032 total, no remaining 
combo potential.

J.8b - 852 dmg, 7 hits, 5 presses. First 4 presses can be La canceled. Low 
damage, used for extending combos with cc. ALWAYS use j.5b xx La cc, does 
much more damage than j.8b combos.This string should only be used for mid 
screen max damage exceed combos. Causes unfreeze cinematic when used as 
exceed finisher. Leads to an untechable juggle. Can combo anything 
afterwards if close to corner. Otherwise, an Lc finisher will end the combo 
at maximum after exceed unfreeze.

Throw - 1220 dmg, 4 hits. Causes juggle stage, can be followed with j.La. If 
opponent is thrown into the corner, can be followed with anything, including 
restand. Amazing throw, great for setting up exceed mode.


La: 1320 dmg for all hits, finishing hit does 1200 on its own!! Individual 
ticks do 20 dmg, 7 hits if all connect. Tokio locks onto the opponent and 
spins through the air at high speed to attack. Has amazing homing and large 
hitbox. Ground variation is very slow to startup and recover. The air 
variation recovers quickly, tracks better, and starts up faster. It should 
always be used when available. The air variations finishing hit is the key 
to the heaviest damage combos in the game in exceed. When La is used at a 
jumps apex over an opponent, only a single strike will land, then the attack 
will instantly recover. This keeps scaling low and the damage absurdly high. 
When used off an aerial cancel, it can be offensive bursted for heavy damage.

Lb/d:  814 dmg minimum, 7 hits, final hit does 550, others do 44. Tokio does 
machine gun punches. Can be mashed for extended damage and meter gain. One 
of the few techniques in the game that will gain you 1% meter over your 
opponent when mashed after connection. 1352 for 29 hits is maximum dmg, with 
heavy scaling in combos. Use as ender. Causes wallbounce, final hit can be 
ultimate canceled. Triggers unfreeze cinematic off final hit.

Lc: 1986/2286 dmg(very common wall impact) cinematic attack, invincible for 
the animations duration. Tokio spins at high speed through anything and 
pummels the opponent  from multiple angles. This is one of the best skills 
in the game, and has a ton of uses. It can be early canceled off a blocked 
2 press for a frame trap, it can be used on wakeup, it blows through 
projectiles, and it's invincibility is so long it will even defeat wakeup 
Ultimates and GCs. Given its cinematic properties, it is also the prime 
ender for exceed combos, as it delivers powerful Unscaled damage as well as 
easy wall damage. It's also amazing for positioning, quickly cornering a hit 
opponent. This skill is damn good, period. It is also very unsafe on block. 
The blocked hit can be dash canceled in an emergency however...

Exceed mode: 100% activation cost: Tokio literally freezes time. Yup, the 
other character is your sitting duck for the next couple seconds. This gives 
you enough time to dish out massive damage. The best part? It doesn't matter 
what state your opponent is in, even if they're downed or hit with a downing 
attack like 2b, this mode re-coats them with a hurtbox.  You can take 
advantage of exceed freeze by using a chain during the meters final moments, 
or initiating a cinematic like Lc or break charge. This is the best exceed 
in the game because you can exceed 7000+ damage. That should kill by the time 
you have the meter. Also, Time your exceed to sync up with your opponents 
wakeup. This is so damage scaling resets. Watch the video resources for an 
overview to get you started with combos.

Unfreeze cinematic: this is an unscaled 7 hit, 490 damage cinematic that 
occurs after specific techniques used at the end of exceed. This state also 
causes wallbounce and free juggle. It does have a random mechanic however, 
and it will occasionally do 420 and 6 hits.

Ultimate: god , mystery dragon fist supremacy ( blame google translate) 3300 
dmg: Tokio screws with time, covers his fist in rainbows, and proceeds to 
beat the living crap out of the opponent, WITH RAINBOWS, in SUSPENDED TIME! 
It really doesn't get cooler then this. Ends with an explosion of joy.

Has quick startup, short range and small hitbox. Heavy damage, useful with 
2b(5) xx Lb(mashed) in the corner, or off a throw (d,  kara 5b(1) xx UT.) 
Quick and dirty combo for half health is 2b(5)xx UT.

Kara techniques:

5b(1) canceled: moves Tokio a small distance. This can be used with any 
skill cancel for extra and quick step in range. Can be used off a midscreen 
throw into ultimate for easy timing.

2b(5)- can be used to cover the ground in a confusing manner, the divekick 
portion can be air canceled, even though it appears to touch the ground. 
This allows aerial La cancels. Can also be used with other skills like Lc.

Exceed Feint: This is a good character to use exceed feints with. Many 
opponents will begin trying to close in on you when Tokio activates exceed. 
Canceling into an Ultimate will surprise the pants off them. Basically, it's 
a last ditch effort when they get too close, but it does work!

Write up:
 If Kite were balanced top speed and acceleration, Tokio would be equivalent 
of dumping all your points into top speed. While his normals aren't the 
greatest, his skills rival and exceed Kites in many departments. His air La 
is safe on landing, allowing amazing pressure when coupled with the best 
broken chain 2b(5) (dive kick). Tokio is also home to one of the most 
annoying skills in the game, his Lc. It is invulnerable through the whole 
animation, tracks like a missile, can be guard canceled and chain canceled, 
and does heavy damage with a guaranteed wall carry...plus its a cinematic, 
so no bursting...it's good. He also has the only other normal throw that can 
be comboed after. It doesn't have as many options as Kite's, but it is the 
perfect setup for his exceed. Tokio's exceed is the primary reason he able  
to level the playing field with Kite. One setup = guaranteed burst free 
7000+ safe damage...nuff said. Hell, you don't even need the setup....Tokio 
is on this tier because he forces an opponent to play his game, rather than 
theirs. The trick to beating him is to stick to him like glue and force 
bursts, while waiting for an Lc attempt, then countering it.

Q3 - Haseo:

Health: 9,000

Video resources: Combos

Strengths: amazing wakeup game, chances to double damage output, great 
variety of tools, excellent exceed, good setups, a usable untechable hit. 
Techniques designed to keep opponent on the ground, right where Haseo wants 

Weakness: subpar attack damage(not low, just not outstanding) early hit reel, 
bad ultimate, lower health.

5b - 1660 dmg, 13 hits, 5 presses. Final hit cancelable, causes wallbounce. 
Great near the corner, off wallbounce use La for high damage.

2b - 2190 dmg, 9 hits, 5 presses. Causes down state, final hit cancelable, 
no combo potential after. Good for starting wakeup traps with Lc.

8b - 1020dmg, 10 hits, 5 presses. Causes Float. Final hit can be cancelled,
also be followed by cc.

J.5b - 1320 dmg, 5 hits, 4 presses. Standard wall carry. If proper distance 
from wall on landing, landing recovery can be ultimate canceled for 

J.2b  1540 dmg, 5 hits, 4 presses. Heavy damage finisher, can be offensive 
bursted for 1840.

J.8b - 795 dmg, 5 hits, 4 presses. Used for combo extensions with cc.

Throw:  1080 dmg, 4 hits. Excellent for Haseo's wakeup game, using Lc over 
the opponent. Allows ample time to setup a mixup.


La: multi stage attack. 1st press: 2 hits, 500 dmg. Second press: 2 hits, 
600 dmg. 4 hits total Final press: 4 more hits, 659 dmg. Total: 1759 dmg, 8 
hits. Haseo strikes upward with a very large sword, then follows the opponent 
and strikes downward, finishing it with a scythe slash. Not a cinematic. Has 
long startup invincibility. After final hit, flip recovery can be exceed 
canceled, and a new combo can be started by using 5b on landing. Great skill, 
amazing range, follow up damage is superb. Since it's untechable, you can 
repeat the upward sword strike of La over and over in the corner. Make em mad 

Lb/d: 770, 12 hits. Can be mashed up to 1374, 28 hits. Can be used before hit 
reel if canceled on hit 2, relatively safe if animation finishes. Causes 
knockdown state on final hit. If you intend to keep your opponent on the 
ground, this can be a good cancel option off a 5b after the wallbounce.

Lc:  700dmg, 5 hits. Projectile. Has long startup, stays on screen for 
awhile. Once 5 hits impact, projectile disappears. This includes if it 
impacts Hermit when fighting Sakuya, meaning this matchup is harder for Haseo.
 If used after a knockdown above an opponent, it traps them and limits their 
options. They cannot side dash out of this trap, as there's not enough 
invincibility. Their options are to block, burst, use an invincible skill, 
or guard cancel. This allows Haseo to force the opponents hand. Haseo can 
bait bursts with an invincible La. You can also go for a throw, a combo, or 
a break attack. If your opponent chooses to block the Lc, a break attack is 
unblockable, so they will be caught by it while in blockstun, very dirty. 
Haseo get his best damage from this.

Exceed mode: 75% activation cost:  Haseo has a very unique exceed that 
integrates well with his game. He's the only character I've found so far that 
has an exceed cancel, off the last hit of his La. Basically, he takes out 
some guns and all his chain sets change to shooting directions. You have 12 
shots, and 2 are shot per press and dodge. All the shots can be canceled 
into his skill justice, except for the last two, which force a reload 
animation. It changes his move set drastically, with all aerial attack 
animations changing and doing much more damage:

5b: chains shots do 400 dmg apiece for two bullets. 12 hits for 2400 is 
maximum. Can control directions with 4/6/2/8b.

You'll really only use these next 3 moves as a short hop grab counter, but 
I'm trying to be thorough:

J.5b - 1599 dmg, 9 hits, 4 presses. Causes wallbounce.

J.2b - 2600 dmg, 9 hits, 4 presses. Extremely heavy damage. Should be first 
choice. This can be offensive bursted, but the situation probably won't 
present itself, as you need a little distance from the ground for an 
offensive burst to connect, which can really can only be obtained by an j.8b 

J.8b - 1399 dmg, 9 hits, 4 presses.

Throw: 1220, 8 hits. Causes wallbounce, can be comboed into justice 
occasionally. (depends on distance of throw from wall, very random 

Launcher: max 1400 dmg, now causes projectile juggle launcher instead of 
homing dash chase: cannot be bursted,

EX Skill: justice- judgement: 2450dmg, 15 hits.

In exceed, all of Haseo's skills change to Justice. You can continue justice 
with button presses at the end of the animation, into judgement. This is all 
cinematic damage, so no bursting. You can choose to not go into judgement if 
you wish for 1590 total, but why wouldn't you? The ending is just free dmg!

Exceed Reload: Just hit L1+R1 again, and you will reload your guns! Kinda 
cool, found it at random...

Ultimate: Skeith, Fear of Death:  3000dmg. Haseo Stuns the opponent, summons 
a very large chef, and makes tasty bacon burgers.

 One of the worst Ultimates in the game unfortunately. Has bad range, slow 
travel speed, and actually takes a massive step back on startup, effectively 
only moving a few feet from where you started the attack. Low damage as well. 
It's hitbox is also VERY random, meaning it will miss for seemingly no reason 
in juggles. Best to use exceed mode instead.

Write up:
 This character is just shy of being one of the best, don't mistake that for 
him being worse than the other two. The reason he isn't is because he plays 
by most of the rules. While his base damage is lower, Haseo is designed for 
one thing: mixup. His skills, throw, and down chain all lead to a knockdown 
setup right in front of you. This is designed so you can setup an Lc, which 
pins the opponent in block stun. From here you can charge a break, bait a 
burst with La, throw again, start a combo, whatever really.  A blocked Lc to 
Lb is an amazing chip setup. Haseo also has one of the best invulnerable 
skills, one of only 4 techniques that cannot be air teched out of in the 
game, and by far the most useful one(La). It can be followed with a cc for 
extended combos, guard canceled, and it also leads to his heavy damage, his 
exceed cancel. Haseo's exceed is also very good for racking up burst free 
damage, and if utilized properly, can be difficult to dodge. His ultimate 
isn't the best, with low damage and an occasionally strange hitbox. It's 
also a bit slower then others, with medium range. His meter should be saved 
for safe moves and the exceed cancel. Overall, solid, but with a knockdown, 


Q4 - Tsukasa:

Health: 9,000

Video resources:

Strengths: amazing range on everything, shuts down things like Tokio's exceed.
Good damage on ranged skills, with excellent tracking. If played properly, 
hard to get in on. Insanely powerful exceed and ultimate. Fast GC.

Weakness:  completely different type of character from the other cast members.
 Absolutely no melee chain or wallbounce techniques. Chain projectiles do 
absurdly low damage, only good for cancels and defense. GC skills absolutely 
required to keep opponents out.


- chains

5b/2b/8b: all individual projectiles do 50 dmg apiece. It is too random and 
difficult to calculate all the scenarios where these may combo. 5b is a 
forward projectile that homes with good speed. 2b is multiple wide sweeps 
of 5 slowly moving projectiles. 8b is defensive projectiles that hover in 
the air around the player, then home in when the target approaches.

J. 5b - up to 200 dmg, 4 hits, 4 presses.  Fast homing projectiles. Can be 
canceled into air skills. Changes Tsukasa's jump arc, and has quick ground 
recovery. Great for moving and keeping opponent pressured.

J.2b - 150 dmg, 3 hits, 1 press. Projectiles home in on  opponent when 
approached.  Moves Tsukasa back a good distance, this is a defensive move.

J.8b - usually 100 dmg, one press, 2 hits, 3 projectiles released. 
Projectiles home in on opponent when approached. Moved Tsukasa forward, 
projectiles hit from all directions. Intended to be offensive, but not the 
greatest tool.

Throw: 1060 dmg, 10 hits

Launcher: projectile juggle, 8 hits, 1100 dmg. Tsukasa's only melee 
technique.Works as an anti air in a pinch, as well as a last ditch 


La: 1900 dmg, 1 hit. Slow moving projectile, a giant chunk of molten rock. 
Can be used in air. Causes bounce state, which can be comboed after using
Ld or even ultimate. Air variant can have instant ground recovery if used 
immediately off the ground. Can be ultimate and dash canceled.

Lb: 1300 dmg, 1 hit. Causes the earth to quickly rise into a spike in front 
of Tsukasa. Invincible on startup. Cause float, can be followed with cc. 
Very useful GC, and is Tsukasa's primary up close defense option. It also 
allows his best combos. Move properties are a bit strange, required very 
strict timing to combo after an Lc.

Lc: 1200 dmg, 1 hit. Plants a ground trap. Tsukasa can typically have 3-4 
on the field at a time. They disappear after a bit if they are not impacted 
by the enemy. All of Tsukasa's techniques can combo out of Lc, including 
ultimate. Great for protecting Tsukasa and controlling space. Long startup 

Ld: ground - 800 dmg, 5 hits. Air 640 dmg, 4 hits. Incredibly quick spread 
of homing projectiles that have amazing tracking. Ground version packs more 
damage. Air version sends Tsukasa backwards with use, intended to keep him 
retreating. This skill keeps opponents pressure, and crosses the stage very 
fast. It alone can shut down many tactics. You can also use it in combos 
with multiple homing dash cancels for pretty heavy damage. Watch the video 
resource for examples.

Exceed mode - 75% activation cost: In exceed, Tsukasa summons a guardian 
that attacks with you, depending on the buttons you press. All of Tsukasa's 
attacks also receive a 10% damage increase. Tsukasa's aerial b attacks all 
get extra projectiles. Guardians attacks tack massive damage onto things, 
and allow for previously impossible combos. Also, due to exceed freeze, this
becomes one of the best choices in the game. If you continue to hit b on 
the ground after the meter runs dry, guardian doesn't leave! Here are some 

5b/j.5b: Tsukasa does 55, guardian hits for up to 319. Extended hit stun, 
allowing a j.5b xx La to connect for 2354 dmg.

Lb: Tsukasa 1300, guardian juggles for up to 2046 dmg. Can be followed 
with cc 5b(3) xx Ld.

La: guardian does a sweep that may restand opponent after La impact.

Lc: same as La.

Ld: guardian forms a barrier, for defensive use.

Ultimate: battery of the commandments: Tsukasa creates a very large elevator 
of light and summons a guardian, which then creates a planet around the 
opponent. Gravity ensues.

3599 dmg, forces break. This is the only ultimate in the game that forces 
guard break. It is also the most damaging one in the game. 
It can be comboed into in very rare circumstances, but this ultimate pretty 
much demands a setup. If time properly on wakeup, it will connect, unless 
the opponent burst or uses an invulnerable skill. Dashing works sometimes, 
but not always, depending on the timing. Exceed should be used instead, but 
this is a formidable GC and has its uses.

Character write up:
Many will probably argue with this one, because he was initially labeled as 
the worst character in the game. This is because people have no idea how to 
play it yet. I get online, people bash their heads against invulnerable 
skills and slam burst at first moments notice(doesn't help that the netcode 
from here to oversees is horrid). This is not the character for that person. 
Tsukasa has one pure weakness, no melee chain. Outside of that, he's a 
monster. His Ld is the fastest projectile with the best tracking in the game. 
His La controls space and forces the opponent to move, with the the instant 
air variant having superb tracking and instant recovery. His Lb is 
invincible on startup, but it has bad range. This is meant to be used as a 
guard cancel when someone gets in on you, as well as a combo tool. He also 
has greater mobility then most will realize, try holding jump to float! 
Oh, and Lc is a powerful zoning tool, and can be comboed with all of the 
above tools. His exceed is the second best in the game imo. When coupled with 
his chain projectiles, the meter doesn't run out! Yup, unlimited Guardian. 
Oh,  and if you can set up block stun off a knockdown, you can ultimate 
cancel to force a break, with the highest damage ultimate in the game. This 
character is this high up because he stops some opponents dead in their 
tracks, and prevents other's best moves (Tokio's time stop charge). 
He's not higher because if you guess wrong when someone gets in and forces 
a knockdown, it could be game over.


Q5 - BlackRose:

Health: 11,000

Video Resources: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbW4NYq5MbY

Strengths: You bring all kinds of pain. Over average health. Almost all 
combos lead to at least 4000. Has one of the best skills in the game, forces 
opponent to play differently. meter efficient exceed mode. Best ground loop 
in the game. Her break attack resets destroy burst spamming. No hit reel 
animation period, meaning any blocked chain can be grab canceled, including 
final hits.

Weakness: Low mobility and ground speed. Very slow techniques, very unsafe. 
Easy to predict.

Chains: BlackRose has many variations that can happen in her chains, due to 
her being able to charge each strike. So, this would make MANY damage 
combinations if they were all calculated. I am going to supply the optimal 
chains instead. Since the break attack charges will rarely connect with an 
aware opponent, I won't list the totals for them. None of them can be comboed 
after, they typically just break guard and have a high damage strike, but are 
incredibly slow. Here are the optimal chains:

5b(press 2, half-charge 2, press 1) 2252 dmg, 7 hits, 5 presses. Last hit can 
be air canceled with Lb and ground canceled with anything. Causes wallbounce. 
Effective combo near the corner, if wallbounce occurs, landing can be 
canceled into Lb/d for good damage.

2b(press 2, half charge 3, final charge must be perfect!) 3180 dmg, 5 hits, 
5 presses. If final hit is timed properly, causes float that can be followed 
with anything, even ultimate. If it's mistimed, causes down. This is 
BlackRose's best chain. The 4th hit causes so much hitstun that you can do 
whatever you'd like afterwards, even a j.2b! This is the key to her high 
damage loop. It allows you to repeat 2b again! Some characters require a 
small step forward however (Sakuya/Haseo) This chain can always be canceled 
into a Lb/d for maximum damage, or before your opponent gets a burst. See 
video resource for examples. This loop is also great for a break attack 
reset, explained later.

8b:(press 2, half charge 3) 1879 dmg, 5 hits, 5 presses. Causes float, 
intended for easy homing dash combos. Lower damage. All hits cancelable. 
This string does make the loop easier though, it moves you closer to the 
opponent. Still, always use 2b over this, it's damage pales in comparison, 
and 2b looping is already pretty easy...

Air Chains: Second hit of each chain is Lb/d cancelable. While it doesn't do 
as much damage as finishing a 2b, it puts you at a better wakeup advantage, 
due to your character recovering much faster.

j.5b: 1324 dmg, 4 hits, 3 presses. Causes wallbounce. Should not be used, 
2b damage is too good.

j.2b: 2092 dgm, 3 hits, 3 presses. Massive damage for final hit. Should be 
first choice. Cannot be offensive bursted, due to BlackRoses sword pushing 
the opponent too far away.

j.8b: 1040 dmg, 4 hits, 3 presses: Used for extending combos, final hit cc 

Throw: 1220 dmg, 2 hits. Can be comboed into off of 2b/8b loop for quick 
knockdown. Leaves opponent in front of BlackRose for wakeup game.

Launcher/Break attack: 500/600 dmg: Blackrose may have the most notable 
break attack in the game. While holding the launcher button, BlackRose 
can still walk around. Not only that, but she is armored for up to 4 hits 
while walking, and it can be held until you get hit. If used in the 
middle of a chain, BlackRose will INSTANTLY begin charging and get armor. 
This can be used for combo counter resets AND to cancel a string right 
before your opponent slams burst.


La: 625/750/1250, depending on charge level. Normal does 1 hit, max charge 
does 5. BlackRose jumps into the sky and then thrusts at high speed, 
covering the stage distance quickly. This technique is designed to increase 
her mobility. It can be dash canceled to be made safe, and it can also be 
followed with a homing dash, as it puts the opponent in float state. If max 
charge, technique is armored. Very unsfafe if missed, with extremely long 
recovery animation. Recovery can be dash/burst/ultimate canceled. Use with 
ultimate cancel for gimmicks.

Lb/d: Dat Throw - ground 2320, air 1202. BlackRose's best move, her throw. 
Considered a cinematic. On ground, has incredibly fast startup, so fast that 
it beats almost any technique clean, besides invincible skills/ultimates. 
Can be comboed into off any chain hit, prefferably 2b(4). Can be jumped out 
of. Air variation grabs both grounded and jumping opponents. If timed 
properly on wakeup, it will beat your opponents jump escape attempts. 
Very deadly mixup!

Lc:(depending on charge level) 1600 dmg, 6 hit, 2100 dmg, 9 hits, 2300 dmg, 
11 hits. BlackRose does her best Kung Lao impression, without the hat. This 
technique has little practical use. Can be comboed into off of 2b loop, but 
really no point. Easy to just guard, easy to block, very unsafe. Kind of a 
bad skill overall.

Exceed Mode, 50% activation cost: This is a great exceed with a cheap 
cost, and it lasts forever. It does have very strange properties, though. 
BlackRose gets a 10% dmg increase to her chains and normal throw, but her 
skills recieve random increases(ground Lb/d only gets a 3% increase, air 
version gets 10%). She recieves a large speed increase. There are some big 
changes to her techniques as well. Her chain starter gains armor and has 
double range, and her command grab (Lb/d) recieves double range. If you use 
the chain starter to kara the grab, it's a HUGE distance now. The most 
noticeable change hasn't been mentioned yet. She gains projectiles! With 
every chain sword strike, BlackRose sends out a small medium range 
projectile that does 169 dmg. This makes all your chains hit twice, which 
does rack up scaling faster. However, you gain a small zoning game with 
your j.5b and your ground chains. Overall, a very useful mode, and most 
definitely better than her ultimate.

The biggest advantage to this exceed? You can literally start the round with 
it! It gets better, the recharge time for meter in this game is actually 
faster than the exceed meter drain time. This means, if you play smart, you 
should have the meter to use it again almost instantly! This is how BlackRose 
should be played.

Ultimate: Meteor Strike: 3300 dmg. BlackRose twirls in a very awkard motion, 
then pummels the opponent with a sword the size of Honda Civic. She then 
creates a ceiling (yup, one just appears) just so she can jump off it and 
proceed to grind your opponent into the earth. Massive hitbox, good range, 
but BlackRose has better options across the board to use her meter for. Can 
be used a super ghetto midscreen anti air in a pinch though!

Write up:
Dat grab. No really, Dat grab. Here is a character with many amazing things, 
a throw, a loop, incredibly high damage, and an exceed mode on tap. Add to 
this that all chains can be canceled into grab (Lb/Ld) and she is scary. The 
move has very unique properties. It appears to be invincible/have armor/not 
be invincible, depending on the situation. If it is used during almost any 
attack, it will win in priority. 

She is also the only character that can move while charging a break attack...
with armor! This one tool gives her a massive chance against characters like 
Tsukasa...without it she may be totally shut out. Since she can move while 
charging it, you can break chains early and reset the combo counter with a 
break attack, which is amazing. This tactic also beats bursts clean, because 
she is armored in break! Yup, mobility is not her forte. Outside of that, her 
exceed is amazing. It can be activated at 50%, and gives you an armored chain 
starter, and adds a nice amount of extra hurt, plus lasts forever. Oh, and 
all your chains shoot little tornado projectiles now...giving her a mini 
zoning game with moves like j.5b. She is lower on the list because other 
characters simply have more, better, and less predictable options. Her grab 
is damn good, and scary at first, but once you figure out that jumping beats 
it clean, all you have to do is wait for it.

Q6 - Sora:

Health: 10,000

Video Resource: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhTKw6LLEK8

Strengths: Random. Great Cinematic attack game, amazing skills. AMAZING kara 
in level 3. Level 3 in general is just effing crazy, insane mobility increase. 
Crazy loops, battlefield chaos. Forcing opponent to adapt to each level can be
confusing. Good zoning tool. Only character in game with aerial ultimate 

Weakness: Random. Getting bursted by opponents drops levels. Pretty bad level 
1 dmg. Glitched chain in level 3. Opponent will always be watching for La. 
Early levels have block reel and no broken chains. Level 1-2 chain starter 
VERY slow.

Chains: I am going to seperate this into two sections. Since the animation 
properties from level 1 to 2 don't change much, they will be listed in the 
first section. As for level 3, it's like playing a different character, so it 
will be treated accordingly:

Level 1-2 Chains:

5b: 1460/1606 dmg, 8 hits, 4 presses. Hit reel on 3rd press. Slow startup, 
but good range. Final hit cannot be canceled by anything! However, the 4th 
press does two hits on the ground before the animation finishes. These two 
hits(hit number 6-7) can be canceled by launcher. This allows you to tack on 
some seriously needed damage in level 1-2, and should be taken advantage of. 
The third press of this chain can be canceled into Lc...banana cancels. This 
is where Sora gets her loops. However, this is very random, and only works 
about 20% of the time. Should only be attempted in Level 2 with two bananas, 
it increases chances and doesn't cost meter. If you need a quick cinematic 
combo to gain a level, just use 5b(3) xx Lc xx La.

2b: 1450/1595 dmg, 6 hits, 4 presses. Causes down, no further combo 
potential. Final hit can be canceled, good time to set up a banana to limit 
opponents options! (I can't believe I just typed that...)

8b: This is a poor joke, avoid at all costs.

j.5b: 1170/1287 dmg, 4 hits, 4 presses. Causes wallbounce. Final hit can be 
aerial ultimate canceled, which will hit the opponent off the wall. Good 
damage overall when wall is close. Damage will actually exceed j.2b, unless 
offensive bursting is used.

j.2b: 1320/1452 dmg, 4 hits, 4 presses. Solid damage, but can be exceed with 
j.5b near a wall. If you wish to spend 2 meters on an offensive burst 
however, j.2b is the most damaging option (besides ultimate).

j.8b: 595/654 dmg, 4 hits, 4 presses. This is only used for combo extensions, 
and shouldn't be used at all. See the video resource for the reason why, it's 
just horrid damage.

Throw: 1073/1180 dmg. Great range! Sora has the longest normal throw range in 
the game, so this can be effective.

Level 3 Chains: No level 3 chain has block reel. All level 3 chains force the 
opponent to be aerial...this is unique and allows strange things to happen 
(random combo drops...not even kidding)

5b: 2090 dmg, 10 hits, 7 presses. Covers INSANE distance, causes wallbounce. 
First hit is armored (1 hit armor). Final hit is fully cancelable. This 
should be Sora's go-to ground chain for damage, especially with a wall 
nearby. Cancel into La if you have good distance between you and the wall, 
and Lb/d if you are too close. La is slower in level 3, and travels really 
far. It only connects when the hitbox is out, whereas Lb has a hitbox the 
whole time.

2b: 1353 dmg, 7 hits, 6 presses. You may say "wait! isn' there one more hit 
that does MASSIVE damage?". Yes, yes there is. However, it is not a true 
combo. go into training and turn on air tech. Now slap yourself. This string 
shoud not be completed ever. Only use it up to press 5 for midscreen 
cinematic combos. 2b(5) is actually the best method for doing midscreen 
cinematics in level 3, use this combo: 2b(5, delay 3) xx La for easy 
cinematic damage to prevent bursts.

8b: 1441 dmg, 9 hits: causes float, only use for mixup on block. mess with 
some cancels and find your favorites!

j.5b: 1386 dmg, 7 hits, 7 presses. causes wallbounce. Each hit can be delayed 
for crazy distance carrying. Only use this string if you plan to ultimate 
cancel or you want someone in the corner. j.2b does better damage.

j.2b: 1979 dmg, hits, 6 presses. Higher damage, lower scaling. All the good 
things in this world! Can be used with an offensive burst for crazy damage.

j.8b: 935 dmg, 6 hits, 6 presses. Causes float, used for extensions with cc 
cancel. Usually not worth it, still not.

Throw: 1303 dmg: One of the best normal throws in the game, Level 3 Sora gets 
armor and insane reach with this throw, plus good startup. Don't be afraid to 
use it, you will blow through your opponents chain starters!

Skills: Skills will be seperated by damage in all 3 levels like 1/2/3:

La: 1602/1804/1881 dmg: Sora does an uppercut, moves out the way, and an Orca 
clone steamrolls the opponent! This is a cinematic, and a staple of Sora's 
offense. It is invincible through the whole animation, and in level 1-2, it 
has fast startup. Makes an excellent guard cancel for Level 1-2 Sora. In 
level 3, it's properties change. Sora's uppercut now travels VERY far and 
fast towards the opponent. Due to this change, it is a tad bit slower before 
the hitbox is active, meaning it is slightly less effective as a GC. It still 
works though. great for frame traps in all Sora forms. Combine this with a 
5b(1) kara and you just covered half the stage! If you need to level, do it 
after this move, the opponent won't recover for a bit.

Lb/d: 1176/1540/1853 dmg. Sora rushes forward, and when she connects, a 
Balmung clone kicks the crap out of the opponent. Considered a cinematic. 
Very slow startup and travel speed in levels 1-2. Gains armor in level 2. In 
level 3 this attack is much faster. It is always very unsafe, no matter the 
level. The only advantage it has over La is that Sora's whole body is a 
hitbox, and it is active the entire duration. In level 3, this makes your 
corner combos more guaranteed, as La travels a bit too far for connection 

Lc 50/55/55 dmg. Projectile, banana. Continue pressing button to throw more 
than 1 in level 2-3.

This move is so versatile and random I don't even know where to begin. It 
can either do absolutely nothing, or break the game. On the surface, the 
banana is a simple zoning tool. In level one, you throw one banana, level 2, 
you throw 2, and in level 3 you throw 4. This move is actually better in the 
early levels, because you can cancel the animation of the final banana into 
La or Lb. If opponent steps on it, they enter an extended reel state. This 
technique allows loops on level 1 and 2 if canceled after 5b(3). Watch the 
video resource for more details...but don't rely on it unless your messing 

Kara: Level 3 5b(1) xx La. OMG. Just try it. You are literally a train of 
death. You can blow straight through a Tsukasa with this technique. You can 
also use it into you other skills as a ghetto armor startup! Seriously, just 
mess with it, it's fun!

Level Differences: Leveling costs 25% meter. Level 2 gains armor on Lb/d and 
more damage. Level 2 also gets meterless banana loops. It also gets a massive 
speed and good damage increase. Those are really the only major differences 
between level 1-2. But those differences are MAJOR, and make Level 2 viable, 
even in the face of level 3. Because of how effective bursting is, and how 
it levels you down, this is typically the level you'll be playing in. If you 
choose to go to Level 3, you'll need to learn how to counter-burst so you 
don't level down. Basically, if you're hit by your opponents burst, pop 
yours! It costs an extra meter than just re-leveling, but you wont be put in 
down state if you do it fast enough, and you will preserve Level 3! That 
extra meter is worth the time it takes to level back up! This skill is 
essential to playing Sora.

Level 3, different options. You gain access to crazy frame traps and great 
damage,  but you lose a few things in translation. Just think of level 3 as 
a different character. Since you have armored normal and grabs, you can 
literally blow through your opponents chain starters. This is scary, abuse 
it. Outside of that, get tricky!

Ultimate: Fiana Rush aka Bromance: 2999 dmg (yup, stupid number): Sora floats 
backwards, grabs her robot bro Makoto, phones in two more bros, and makes the 
doom sound. If this ultimate wasn't air cancelable, I'd say not to use it. 
However, off a Level 3 5b(6)a cc j.5b, the damage is worth it.

Write up:
Sora is good, but unpredictable even for the person playing her. Entry level 
players love spamming the invincible La, but this won't get you very far 
later, it is insanely unsafe. Other players might think she's only effective 
in level 3, this isn't true either. Sora has very unique tools, Lc being the 
most interesting. The banana allows you to make chains safe, extend combos, 
and control the field. The problem is that they are thrown at random angles 
no matter how you use them. Sora gets her primary strength and damage from 
her two cinematic skills, since they cannot be bursted once connected. What 
makes Sora interesting is how intricate each level is once you understand 
them. Level 2 may actually be the best of the three. I could write forever 
on why, but basically it's because of the changes to the damage, speed, and 
the banana amount. The ending of the last banana thrown can be canceled into 
a skill/dash. This is really only effective level 1 and 2. In 2 however, 
there is a good chance of a loop happening for no meter.

Level 3 is a different beast...with a brutal glitch. Plus side is you are 
now the fastest character in the game! Basically, all chains in level 3 can 
be completed on block stun...no hit reel happens. This is unique to 
Sora, Kite, and BlackRose. You can cancel into a skill at any time for a 
frame trap (probably La lol). She also gains access to an amazing normal, 
the fastest chain starter with the best range in the game, which is also 
armored. She also get normal throw armor, and keep in mind all armor beats 
bursting.  Unfortunately, the one thing that could make her amazing, her down 
chain, isn't a true combo. You can tech out of the last hit! I am convinced 
this is a glitch...not like this will ever get patched though... Oh, and you 
can ultimate in the air, meaning any aerial wall combo can end with it. 
Meter is best used elsewhere however, like making La Safe.

Even with all these unique tools, Sora is shut out easily, as she is just one
 burst away from losing a level, and everyone knows how badly you want the 
Orca clone to come out. Characters like Haseo eat her alive, with constant 
knockdowns, but because of how unique her abilities are, I think she has the
 most room for argument. I need to get back in the lab later with her 


Q7 - Ovan:

Health: 12,000

Video Resources: Combos. Some impractical, but here to show you what's 
possible. Take pieces.


Strengths: Best health in the game. Very Powerful overall damage output, 
decent skillset. Good Exceed with great knockdown mixups and good range. 
Can punish almost anything really hard. Easy execution.

Weakness: Mobility. In his normal form, slowest character in the game by a 
longshot. Lacks an invincible skill. Easily avoided projectiles. Ultimate 
has short range. Exceed is predictable and unsafe for the most part. Ovan 
cannot use broken chains!

Normal Chains/Skills: This will be split into two portions, normal and exceed.

5b: 1020 dmg, 5 hits, 4 presses + untechable 440 = 1460 dmg. Hit reel on 3rd 
press. This is a glitched chain, and is worthless. The final hit can be 
teched out of, in which time you can be punished. Final hit cancelable. 
Has no practical or fancy use. Just avoid.

2b: 1400 dmg, 9 hits, 5 presses. Causes float, final hit fully cancelable. 
This should be Ovan's go-to chain. You can cancel the final hit into Lc-c 
for good meterless damage. You can also follow it with a full Lb/d string for 
wallbounce damage. Excellent chain.

8b: 1260 dmg, 7 hits, 5 presses: Causes float. This is also pretty useless. 
You don't really have to worry about damage scaling with Ovan, so stick to 2b 
for everything. Canceling this into Lc actually misses the second hit, not 
worth it.

j.5b: 1608 dmg, 5 hits, 3 presses. Causes wallbounce. Use when close to wall 
for dat extra 300.

j.2b: 1764 dmg, 5 hits, 3 presses. Don't use too close to the ground, last 
hit won't connect. Use if midscreen. If you are high enough in the air, this 
can be offensive bursted for a cool 2064, but I'd stick to j.5b for corner 

j.8b: 1098 dmg, 3 hits, 3 presses. Causes float, can be followed with cc. 
This is one of the rare times a j.8b is worth it. Due to the low scaling 
number, this actually can tack on a lot of damage, but watch your opponents 
burst meter! They gain the most meter from being hit by aerials!

Throw: 1216 dmg: Ovan's throw is unique, as it can cause wallbounce. It 
cannot be followed up unfortunately. This is good to keep in mind, since 
damage is bumped to 1516.

Launcher: 1420 dmg: projectile juggle, cannot be bursted. High damage.
Best combo is 8b(4)a. Only use if you suspect burst.

Normal Skills:

La: 1248, 4 hits. Area-of-Effect auto tracking projectiles. Ovan Fires shots 
into the sky that linger for a bit, then rain down on the opponents postion. 
This skill will always place a ring around your opponents current position. 
It should be used after knockdowns for free chip, and after Lb/d knockdowns 
to continue pressure. It forces the opponent to move. With how slow Ovan is, 
this is a good thing. Can be comboed after if it connects close enough to 
Ovan, with almost anything.

Lb/d: 150 dmg apiece, up to five shots, 750 dmg for full string connection, 
5 presses. Literally just gunshot projectiles. Final shot always causes 
knockdown/wallbounce. Final shot can be canceled. Use an La cancel for long 
range pressure, and use and Lc cancel if they get too close. Shots only combo 
together when juggled. Good for pressuring the oppenent with 2-shot bursts, 
and great for wall combo damage into ultimate.

Lc: 1080 dmg, 2 hits, 1 press or 1480 dmg, 3 hits with 2 presses. Ovan does 
some quick blade slashes. Armor on startup, and I mean a LOT of armor. This 
is Ovan's get-off-me move. It is also used as a solid meterless combo ender 
off a 2b. If you don't use the final slash, you can cc cancel for some 
aerial damage or ultimate cancel. Very heavy damage potential.

Exceed Mode, 100% activation cost: Ovan's exceed mode is literally a 
different character. If I were to use his throws to measure a damage 
increase, I'd say a 20% increase. He gains a MASSIVE speed increase in 
comparison to his other form, I don't even have a percentage for it. It also 
lasts for a century. Here's the changes:

Exceed Chains: All ground chains have absurd range and no hit reel or broken 
chains. The chain starter itself won't activate the rest of the combo on 
block. This means you can use it to poke your opponent for free. It can be 
just guarded easily though, so this can be dangerous. It has insane reach, 
btw. These chains have ok damage and insane scaling.

5b: 2103 dmg, 17 hits, 3 presses. Causes wallbounce. Final hit cannot be 
canceled. There are better options.

2b: 1820 dmg, 30 hits, 3 presses: Causes ground float, causes wallbounce, 
final hit fully cancelable. Did you here that? That was you just breaking 
3 damage scaling threshholds. Can easily be followed midscreen with an Lc. 
This technique is the key to all of EX Ovan's goofy ass loops. If you make 
a wall impact, you can do another 2b, or a 5b(1)xxLa for more damage. Or you 
can just keep doing 2b...

8b: 1652dmg, 10 hits, 3 presses. Causes float. Use with launcher on last hit 
for heavy damage that cannot be bursted. Otherwise, only use if you want to 
do aerial combos, as it keeps the scaling the lowest. Cannot be canceled by 
any other technique besides launcher/burst.

j.5b: 1276 dmg, 6 hits, 3 presses. Causes wallbounce, prefferred ender. Can 
be offensive bursted for more hurt

j.2b: 1452 dmg, up to 8 hits, 3 presses. Hits multiple times downwards. Not 
all hits will connect if too close to the ground. Cannot be offensive 
bursted. Not very good overall.

j.8b: 1034 dmg, 5 hits, 3 presses. Causes float, used for cc combo 
extensions. EX Ovan doesn't like the sky though.

Throw: 1409 dmg: Causes wallbounce, very heavy normal throw damage near a 

Launcher: 1749 dmg, 9 hits. Projectile Juggle, cannot be bursted. Very high 
damage, very good tracking, very long range. Uhm...very good! Use after 8b 

Exceed Skills: 

La: 841/1496 dmg, up to 26 hits, must continue hitting buttons for followup. 
Ovan throws a ball of nasty. It is a Projectile/Grab/Cinematic.
It's one of a kind in this game, a very special tool. If it lands and you 
don't do the followup, it causes an untechable float and 841 dmg, which you 
can then follow with whatever you like! Lc is a good safe choice for 
followup. If you continue to hit buttons, you will enter the finishing 
animation which actually restores health to your already amazing health 
character...yup. This move is good, and should be used when possible. Can 
also be comboed into, see video resource.

Lb/d: 1386 dmg, 4 hits. Ovan sweeps with a very wide strike. Causes 
wallbounce. Has insane reach, can be used defensively to keep someone out 
safely. Good if used in conjunction with La on opponents wakeup. This will 
cover their dashing options!

Lc: 2243 dmg, 4 hits. Ovan zips across the entire stage VERY quickly and 
unleashes hell. This is a cinematic, so it's a good combo ender. Causes 
Wallbounce. It is also armored, and all of Ovan is the hitbox, so it can be 
used to anti air FULL SCREEN! You'll see a lot of people spamming this, but 
it is very unsafe and Ovan has smarter options. Use in combos, or to punish 
fireball spam.

Ultimate: Rebirth, or Big F***ing Gun: 3299 dmg(more stupid numbers). Ovan 
bashes you over the head, and shoots you. All of you. And half the planet. 
And Captain Planet. This is a good ultra if you get the meter and you're mid 
combo with Ovan, it tacks very healthy damage on his already damaging ground 
combos. Ultimate Cancel the second hit of Lc after an 8b chain for winsauce. 
Write up:
Here is a character that can't make up his mind. He is both a zoning and 
offensive character, depending on your form. The problem? You start at by 
far the slowest speed in the game, with easily dodged skills/melee with 
predictable patterns. Ovan's primary form is capable of incredibly high 
damage however, if you can get into a chain. Lc gives you a get off me attack 
and high damage combo ender, but it is armored, not invincible, throws beat 
it clean. His Lb/d gunshots track ok, and the ending shot causes 
knockdown/wall and can be canceled in any other skill or ultimate. This tool 
can be easily sidestepped, and if your opponent predicts the obvious Lc 
cancel follow up, your in an unsafe world of hurt, with no mobility.
 Basically, his zoning and speed are second rate to Tsukasa's.

The source of most players fear is his Exceed. This is because most people 
don't understand it. Truth told, not as great as you think. Ovan is more 
effective in this form with better mobility, and it lasts a while, but he is 
also just as limited as before. His chain starter is a good poke, but once 
you start watching for it, it is insanely easy to just guard. His chain 
loops do surprisingly low damage due to intense scaling. Then theres his La, 
the grab. think it's unblockable on wake up? For now on, just side dash, 
trust me. It obeys the same rules as other grabs. However, since it's a 
projectile, Ovan gets a recovery chance. If you guess what the player does 
to avoid La on wakeup, you can do more damage. Using launcher is a good bet, 
as it locks on and has insane range in Exceed.
His Lc in exceed is probably the fastest armor move with the best range in 
the game, and it's gonna be Ovan's go-to tool in exceed. Once everything 
else is decoded, it's one easy block and punish. Many characters can shut 
him out entirely, the primary reason he beats Sakuya is because of sheer 
damage output with a good guess.


Q8 - Sakuya:

Health: 9,000

Video Resources: Combos, Loops

Strengths: Fast. Cheap EX cost. good throw. Hermit, her assist, is very 
random and sometimes amazing. Semi-immune to Haseo mixups. Hermit takes hits. 
Good Counter. Easy Loop. easy everything. Insanely fast ultimate. unblockable 
projectile is very good. Counter damage amazing.

Weakness: No damage besides counter and ultimate, ungodly scaling due to 
multi hits, no cinematics, no wall combos besides bursting. This character 
doesn't take advantage of half the games mechanics...and Hermit is random. 
No broken chains, 4th hit reel. Need to have good counter skills for high 

Chains/Loop: First things first, the loop. Literally just hit melee 4 times, 
then do it again. Each Rep does 405 while unscaled...unfortunately, it can be 
bursted and scaling adds up quick. Use this for extra damage, you're gonna 
need it. Finish it with 8b, cancel it early into Lb/d. This is her best 
ground damage.

5b: 1305, 6 hits, 5 presses. 4th press hit reel. Poor damage overall, no 
wallbounce, no canceling whatsoever. Loop first.

2b: 1405 dmg, 7 hits, 5 presses. 4th press hit reel. Better damage than 5b. 
causes float. cannot be canceled during the roll animation by anything but an 
ultimate. HOWEVER if you do ultimate cancel, you can cancel the ultimate 
animation into a homing dash to follow it the 2b. This is the only way you 
can combo after 2b...and it costs 3 meter. Style only!

8b: 1165 dmg, 12 hits, 5 presses. 4th press hit reel. Causes float for cc 
followups. Can be early canceled into Lb/d for maximum damage. You are gonna 
be doing this a LOT, because it's the best ending she has after a loop.

j.5b: 907 dmg, 20 hits, 5 presses: crosses through, allowing follow up 
combos with cc. Yup, no wallbounce here. If you want to do extended aerial 
combos, this is your best choice. Can be offensive bursted.

j.2b: 1447, 18 hits, 5 presses. This is your best choice for an air 
finisher, as the last hit does fair damage. It can be offensive bursted, but 
the requirments are very strict. You need to be flush with the wall. I don't 
recommend trying it.

j.8b: 682 dmg, 19 hits, 5 presses. This is total trash. Do not use unless 
you want to sacrifice a nice margin of the already minimal damage you're 
getting in the air. Use 5b instead. Only use this if you are trying to 
double or tri-burst... more on that later.

Throw: 1080/1226 dmg: This is the normal and the exceed throw damage. 
Both throws are good and have more range than the standard throws of this 
game(besides soras). The exceed variant is armored, and will soak a hit or a 
burst in a pinch. Good for setting up an La unblockable after knockdown. 
Can be comboed into.

Skills: These will reflect normal and exceed damage:

La: 11 dmg: Hermit throws a projectile. This technique is unblockable, and 
is designed to give Sakuya a wakeup game similar to Haseo's. It puts the 
oppenent in a massive amount of hitstun, and allows you to start whatever 
you would like. This is a major tool for Sakuya, as she needs reset damage 

Lb/d: 1309/1439 dmg, 19 hits. Sakuya rushes across the screen while flipping. 
Causes Float. This attack is armored in exceed mode. This is how you will be 
finishing the majority of your combos after 8b. Has nearly instant startup, 
so fast that it can be used as a ghetto guard cancel (or a good one in 
exceed). You can dash/burst/ultimate cancel after the final hit. Sakuya's 
basic flowchart is loop, loop, Lb xx ultra. It's solid damage, and the best 
she usually gets. This move is easily GCed out of on block, and the last 
hit can even be just guarded, very unsafe. Sakuya also has another loop with 
this technique, but it has strict timing. Basically, after one Lb/d 
finishes, use a homing dash, then do another one! If you time it right, the 
combo will continue. This is possible because of the same startup. Damage is 
still horribad though.

Lc: 1800/1980 dmg: Counter attack only. Counters almost anything, including 
ultimates. Cannot counter bursts, normal throws, and command throws. Can be 
dash canceled for follow up combos. This is the most damaging technique 
Sakuya has, and should be taken advantage of with frame traps. This is a 
guard cancel happy players worst nightmare. Just do two chain hits on block,
cancel into this and see what happens.

Hermit attack damages: I'll throw these in as a bonus. All hermit attacks 
besides La are random. Completely random. Believe me, I've tried to find a 
way to control him...it would make Sakuya AMAZING if you could imo...

Hermit jumping rapid fists: 5 hits, 242 dmg.
Hermit dive and tumble:231 dmg, 7 hits.
Hermit ground slide: 132 dmg, 4 hits.
Hermit ground trap: 0 dmg, massive hitstun
Hermit hack the earth(exceed only): 550 dmg, causes float, can be followed
with cc.
Oh, and Hermit gives you meter sometimes.

Exceed mode, 50% activation: Sakuya's exceed is good, and at 50%, not a bad 
bargain. The biggest change she recieves is that all her meter usage is cut 
in half. Suddenly, you can do no wrong. Something unsafe? 1/2 meter dash. 
Something really unsafe? 1 meter bursts. This also means she can do something 
no other character can; Tri-bursting. It only works near a wall, usually off 
Lb. Since her meter is cut down, you can do three bursts in a row if you 
have max meter...not very practical, but cool. The problem with exceed is 
that her ultimate does such a healthy chunk in her low damage combos that 
it's hard to pass up. Still, she gets a 10% damage buff, a small speed buff 
for an already very fast character, and armor on her throw and her Lb/d. 
Overall, her exceed is a tool, and if used carefully it can give you all the 
right advantages. Oh, and hermit gets a pretty cool move that he NEVER uses.

Ultimate: Glimpse of the Black Tree Prison, 3000 dmg. Sakuya steps asisde, 
Hermit breaks stuff, opponents gets the crap beaten out of them by a tree. 
Behind closed doors of course. The tree hits them so hard, they explode back 
into your dimension. Pretty neat. Anyways, this should be used as a GC and 
after an Lb/d. It's easy free damage for a character that needs easy free 
damage. It's a 50/50 between this and exceed mode half the time. Neither is 
really a better choice over the other, so go with your gut. Very fast 
startup, medium range.

Write up:
Sakuya has all the right tools in all the right places. A good counter, 
Lc, that beats mashing and kicks things like Tokio's Lc abuse to the curb. 
An unblockable projectile. An instant start up Lb/d, so fast it can be used 
as a guard cancel without invincibility. She also has the fastest base speed 
in the game, and an exceed that cuts meter usage in half, makes her even 
faster, gives her an armor throw and armor Lb, with 50% activation cost. It 
effectively let's you dash and burst out of any mistake. Hell, she even has 
an easy ground chain loop. She also has one thing so unique that it changes 
the games flow, her assist Hermit, who randomly attacks, delivers meter, and 
sets traps.

Despite all these amazing things, I consider her the worst character. Sakuya 
is a character battling math, not the opponent. The games scaling kicks in 
after fifteen, and harsh scaling kicks in after 20 hits. This character not 
only has the lowest damage output in the game, lower than level 1 Sora, but 
also has the fastest scaling buildup! Her primary offensive skill alone 
breaks the scaling barrier. The game goes one step beyond even. She is the 
only character in the game without a wallbounce technique, outside of a 
burst. Wall hits are always an unscaled 300, and add healthy chunks to many 
combos. That isn't even the worst part, outside of her throw and ultimate, 
she has no cinematics. In other words, you generate a ton of meter for your 
opponent and do minuscule damage.

 With all this against her damage, you have to rely on your ultimate, 
projectile mixups, counter and hermit...who is random. This means you control
 very little of the fight, as she is very predictable and unsafe. Hermit 
isn't however, and depending on how annoying the damn cat wants to be could 
be the major deciding factor. He is the one contributing factor to Sakuya's 
game, the other being counter fear. He also nullifies certain strategies, 
like Haseo's Lc on wakeup. Hermit will soak the 5 hits before you even stand 
up! Hermit also randomly interrupts opponents combos, which is amazing. 
Same with your combos, which is usually still good. He can also be attacked 
by the opponent, and slip on Sora's bananas. When Hermit is knocked down, 
he takes a while to stand back up. Sakuya actually builds you more meter 
than she does damage, it's usually just worth letting her finish combos!

Z6: Credits: SPK

Well, I pretty much found all this stuff on my own. Outside of the 
translation link I posted at the top, I just google translated a link I got 
in the forums, cuz I'm lazy sometimes. I made the combo video series for the 
game first and it helped me tear the engine apart. I'm not sure exactly why I 
decided to write a FAQ...think it's mostly cuz I've read them for so many 
years and wanted to try. Future revisions may include detailed combo 
breakdowns and meter gaining numbers for techniques. It's been real. Here's 
the video log:

Kite - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbNUB2PrVqE

Tokio - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEqsiRd4B0c

Tokio 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4QgS8cXLuM

Tokio 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBKIEt_MDHA&feature=relmfu

Haseo - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmQtCVookzA

Sora - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhTKw6LLEK8

Sakuya - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLNPWCcH9-Y

Tsukasa - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46Oej-RaIJw

Ovan - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xd3jvLVC9Q

BlackRose - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbW4NYq5MbY