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True Ending?

On second play through and wanna go for the true ending, how do I get it please?

Accepted Answer

AceRyonik answered:

In Chapters 5 and 6, view all of the optional events with young Compa, IF, and Peashy to unlock chapter 8.

In Chapter 9, you have to go to six optional dungeons and view the events in each of them. They are in Leggo Island in Planeptune, Keraga Dimension in Hello Continent, So Shal Forest in Hello Continent, Vita Dimension in Lastation, Pii Shii Game Factory in PC Continent, and Graphics Pass in Eden. All of them need to be discovered by Scouts.
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lonewolf159 answered:

I can only give you what I heard from other contributors but it's pretty reliable. You need to obtain five key items in chapters 5 and 6. Don't worry; they're impossible to miss. You also need to view 6(?) special events which could actually be a problem because most of them are in secret dungeons that your scouts have to find. Also, I don't remember which chapter(s) these events are in.
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