Question from Samus-Li

What are the different ways to earn VC points?

Besides winning games.


dboe313 answered:

Finishing a game in anymode
In my player you get points per action on the court
Online you get extra vc for using weaker teams
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bigchris2011 answered:

1. Go Online
2. Go to myPlayer Blacktop
3. Complete a game of blacktop
4. Win and get 160 VC
5. Lose and get 150 VC
6. Repeat
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mbiv answered:

1. Start up a quick game, any team and enable 'Coach Mode'.

2. Make sure the game is on 12 minute quarters and you have a wired controller so the game doesn't pause overtime.

3. Sit back and relax, do homework, or sleep. You'll earn about 600 VC each game. Make sure you exit to the main menu when the game is complete and repeat the process!

~Instead of paying for VC, you pay for your overpriced electricity bill!~
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RandomVillain answered:

If you try to spend more VC points than you have, you will get an option to actually buy VC points. $2.99 gets you 10,000 VC.
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gill_bill answered:

You gotta win games to get VC. But, there are quick ways of getting it. Blacktop is quick, but tends to have the issue of not giving vc sometimes. An easy way as stated before is to simply change the quarter time to 12 minutes and pit a good team like Lakers with someone lower (I usually just pick the Jazz). If you don't really care set the game sliders to up for user settings and down for cpu settings to make it guaranteed you win so you can pit pretty much anyone against each other. Then just let it play on coach mode. Easy 610. Especially if you wont be playing at that time. 5 min quarter makes it 260 a game. Or you can buy it. A dollar = 2000 2 dollars = 5000 and 3 dollars = 10 000. Good deal for cheap since you would usually buy a 20 dollar psn card (that's 60 000 vc, plenty to buy half or more of the attributes).
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