Question from boomdoomfoom

What is the difference between signing with Nike or lebron: )?

I want to know what is good about signing with Nike or lebron shoe companys


Shadow2Life answered:

Nike or Jordan* lol

-If you sign with Nike brand you can only equip Nike brand sneakers.
-If you sign with Jordan brand you can only equip Jordan brand sneakers.
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Real8415 answered:

Look he didn't tell you everything of course when get endorsed the company that endorses you expect you to just where or use/promote that brand nobody elses brand, but here's the different Nike has a lot more shoes than Jordan about 30 more shoes than MJ I thout the J's was gone have a lot but I don't kinda wish I would've pick Nike now cuz I don't have any more shoes I can design and if im not mistaking u can only create a total of 20 shoes 10 for home games 10 for away that's how I got it I got UNC shoes cuz that's my college and I got some pink shoes cuz I support breast cancer and I play for the Rockets we are 47-5 right now we rolling!
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