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Swapping CarePackages in Black Ops 2?

I know Im not crazy...I was playing with hardline in BLACK OPS 2, not BLACK OPS...BLACK OPS 2 lol...and it gave me the option to double tap to switch what I got, I got a stealth chopper.

Now I switched some stuff around in my class and can no longer double tap square to change the can I get it back???

I know im not crazy...was it all a dream..?

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johnuk27 answered:

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millionman99 answered:

As johnuk27 said, its a perk. I think third tier.
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codaded781 answered:

When you use the engineer class perk you can "roll" care packages. Aka double tap square. It is in the third teir of perks. Engineer let's you see enemy equipment, reroll care packages and rig enemy ones, as well as hack enemy turrets/equipment.
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iToro86 answered:

Engineer, allows you to change contents of a care package and hope it contains something better
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