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How do I purchase Upgraded Ammo in Zombies?

It lists the price at 4500, yet even when I have over 7000 nothing happens when I press square other than simply reloading or purchasing standard ammo for 500.

jdaddykillamonk asked for clarification:

How do i teliport in tranit zombies

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Korokiro answered:

@Knightmare1128 - I'm afraid whoever you heard that from is mistaken. While it is true that you can Pack-A-Punch certain weapons more than once, it is a misconception that it will refill your ammo OR increase the damage output. All it does is change the site or attachment on guns specific to Black Ops II. I know this from personal experience, not just some YouTube video.

As far as the issue of not being able to buy upgraded ammo, I really don't know what to tell ya. I have noticed that the game is much more finicky than its predecessor in terms of how close you have to be to the wall to buy guns and ammo off of it. All I can think is that it's either a software glitch that should be fixed in a future update, or perhaps you were at the wrong wall weapon.
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dark_will answered:

Upgraded ammo is for when you have that weapon pack a punched. It won't work otherwise.
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Knightmare1128 answered:

The Upgraded Ammo will only be available for purchase if you have already Pack-a-Punched your weapon, otherwise it will just buy the regular. Also I hear to get upgraded ammo for weapons that are not on walls, you Pack-a-punch a weapon twice.
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Jwmgreen answered:

GO to STORE...
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