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Will restarting the story or replaying the missions reset my completed challenges?

I recently beat the story and I'm tempted to start again on Veteran for the difficult based trophies. But I don't redo my completed challenges. So, just like up top.
Also, does playing on Easy not count towards any of the challenges?

Accepted Answer

mordeca1 answered:

Yes. Starting again will erase all challenges completed. However, trophies, PSN Scoreboard placings will remain. You then have the ability to change the storyline (An easier way is to 'Rewind Story' in the level select menu).
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Truhazzard3260 answered:

noPe it just resets your choices
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TRICKYY11500 answered:

It does not reset your challenges/trophies. If you unlocked a trophy, that challenge is completed meaning your Playstation has no way of knowing you started a new mode so then you continue through the campaign (veteran of course) unlocking your new trophies. That's really the only way to convince you of this is by that example. Your Welcome!
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z_ShadowMan_z answered:

You can complete all of the challenges on Recruit by simply selecting the Replay Mission option.

If you want to play the entire campaign again, do NOT select to Start New as this WILL reset all of your completed challenges (unless you save your game data file to a flash drive or PS+ and then restore afterwards). I made that mistake but luckily had already completed all challenges and saved the file first. I believe that you can just replay each mission on Veteran and can complete the veteran trophies that way. But you won't be able to change the story direction even if you make a different decision in the applicable missions.
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