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Once you reach level 55 in mp is there any other way of getting unlocks?

So ive reached level 55 in multiplayer and i still have plenty of weapons and perks to unlock. Do i have to prestige to get more unlocks or is there another way? I really dont want to prestige

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Also if i prestige do i lose all my unlocked perks weapons and scorestreaks?

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So i prestiged and everything locked again so i have to unlock them again . N i still only get one unlock token per level so wen i reach level 55 ill have the same dilemma-_-


daspoter88 answered:

Prestigeing only gives u a new flashy rank medal and more challanges for prestigeing i think. All unlocks just come from leveling you weapons up
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Thexderat answered:

When you reach prestige 10 you unlock everything
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Patch336 answered:

Pretty sure prestige is the key.
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Master3203 answered:

with the new prestiging system it is impossible to have every item unlocked at the end of a prestige as there is about 70 items and only 55 tokens. This means that you have to carefully choose what you want to unlock as you progress through the next rank. going through multiple prestiges and trying different weapons out will gradually give u a feel for what you like best. Then in a prestige of your choice you can just unlocked the weapons you most frequently use.

All unlocks in previous prestige will be relocked, however when u buy a weapon with a token, all you unlocked attachments and camos for the guns and game emblems/challenges will still be there ready for you.
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Knightmare1128 answered:

The only way to unlock more, but not everything, is to use your prestige rewards you get each prestige to permanently unlock an item. You get one per each prestige so after reaching master PRestige you will have earned 11. use each and boom, 66 unlocks.
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Uchiha_Sasuke38 answered:

Master Prestige unlock everything for you once you reach it.
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tartarsauceman answered:

You'll unlock everything automatically once you reach Prestige Master, or Prestige 10 level 55.
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