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Asked: 2 years ago

How does the Scorestreak/Killstreak work in Black Ops 2 Multiplayer?

Take the UAV for example it is 375 points in BO2. In BO1 it was kill 3 enemies and then you could use it

Do I have to get 375 points before I am killed?

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You have to score that many points before you are killed- yes. It doesn't have to be kills. The objectives score points (capturing a Domination point, plant/ defuse bomb, etc.), getting an assist, destroying enemy equipment, etc. I think they changed the points total required for the UAV (raised it to 425 I think). But the concept is the same. The Scorestreaks cycle too, so if you hit your top level SS with (600 points for example) it goes back to the 1st SS (425 for example). You can also select which SS to use by pressing up and down. I don't think we could do that in Black Ops. I didn't play MW3 so I don't know how the streaks worked in that game...

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You get one duh...

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You have to get a certain amount of points/score. You can find out the ammount by going into the "Scorestreaks" sub-menu in the main menu. The amount is located near or under the name of the scorestreak.

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