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The most scorestreaks you can have on Multiplayer?


steven-hoi answered:

What do you mean with score streak you mean how much you can get in 1 game or what the best Streak may be
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TheLastYogurt answered:

You can only use three different Score Streaks at a time in Multiplayer.
However, Care Package randomly chooses a Score Streak that you can use. They range from all of the Score Streaks, so you should use Care Package if you can't decide.
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Knightmare1128 answered:

The most score streaks you can have active at one time is three. As said before the care package gives you a random chance at getting one of any of the other scorestreaks (excluding another care package). As for having multiple active in the game however, only one of each air assault streak can be used by each team at any time. But you can call in multiple UAVs/ Counter UAVs etc at the same time, as they do not provide kills, just assists. For example, If you use UAV - Stealth Chopper - Dogs and each are already active from someone else, you may not activate your Stealth Choppper or Dogs, but you may Activate your UAV.
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tartarsauceman answered:

Well, do you mean how many Scorestreaks can you have at once? If yes, then the answer is three.
The highest Scorestreak in the game is the Swarm, costing 1,900 points without death.
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PaPa_GiiZMO_FTW answered:
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