Question from Flamemastuh

Is anyone esle having Skullcandy SLYR mic problems with Tranzit?

Sometimes my friends will no longer be able to hear me, but i can still hear them. I exchanged my pair for a new one and the problem still continues. It seems to only occur on BO2 Zombies/ Tranzit, but I can't be sure.

When I don't have problems:
I have Skype chatted (PC which means no amplifier, just aux cable used) for two hours and played black ops 2 multiplayer on the ps3 for 1 hour with my first pair with no problem
On second pair played BO2 Multiplayer for 30 min.

When I do have problems:
I played 1 hr on Tranzit on PS3 for each pair, with periodic problems occuring

The problem:
Sometimes my friends will no longer be able to hear me, but i can still hear them. This happens every 2-10 minutes on Tranzit. It's fixed for a few minutes when i change presets.

It doesn't seem possible for this to be the game, but when looking for the problem on google, i haven't seen 1 negative thing about the Skullcandy SLYR


Gatestoyourface answered:

No I have not
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