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Asked: 2 years ago

Why is my skull on zombies mode no longer changing?

I have the skull with blue eyes, a shield, knife, and 5 checks. Whats going on?

Additional details - 1 year ago

Actually I did nothing that anyone from anyone suggested, like the round 40+ thing. I got the max rank by playing, what the game stated was my favorite. I ended playing with 3 random players two of them left the game half way. But me and the other player stayed. I did well, he did his best then we ended up making it to 24-26 I believe. After we die out. He got his knife and I got my shotguns.

Thanks to all who tried to help. But from my experience doing well on your favored map will more than likely increase your rank.


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I am 90% sure you're the max level for zombies (emblem wise)

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No, there are one or two more emblems. But the fact is, very little is actually known about the ranking system in BO2 Zombies. All anybody knows about it is that it's based in some way on your performance, and that it IS possible to be demoted.

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From what I've heard on youtube from Next Gen Tactics I hear that it might be based on the way you play such as how well you do or how bad you do. If you're always doing well in each game then your rank will change and increase however if you keep doing bad then your rank will be demoted. so if it hasn't changed then it must mean you've been staying at an average rate of succession and not been doing much progress wise. you might have to get a little more kills than your previous games, more reviving teammates, more of everything you've done in order to reach where you are now. However, this is just from what I've collected from various information.

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I run with the same group every time. I am not that good at this game and they're awesome.they usually get double the kills and points than me but I am at a higher ranking.y???

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I agree with everyone else here, little is known about the ranking system but I can tell you right now the next rank can be extremely hard to get, I too have the lit skull with a knife through it(lit skull means five tallies). However I have been deranked before due to bad playing, and for not playing in a while.. Good luck!

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If you go on the leaderboards, it will show unnecessary things like kills, opened doors, etc. instead of high scores. That's what you need to work on to rank up more.

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U can b deranked not playing the game for a while
add me on psn

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