Question from mattferrell529

Asked: 1 year ago

Master Prestige messed up?

Im currently a level 10 prestige and maxed out at level 55 but still i cant get to master. can anyone help or tell me why?

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From: tartarsauceman 1 year ago

You need to get some more XP once you reach 55. It's like gaining access to Prestige mode.

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From what I'm led to believe Master Prestige is just like Prestiging a last time, so I'd belive you would go back into the Barracks menu and prestige there like usual, unless you mean that you literally can't push it and it is unavailable then yesa, something would be wrong there.

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Play a few games and after a while, you'll get to master prestige and try not to quit games as you get it after a game from a message.

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the same thing happened to me just play a few matches and it should give u master prestige. I tried to go to barracks and the option wasn't there but after i played a couple matches i was at prestige master

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