Question from John33021

Asked: 1 year ago

Can someone upload an all diamond gun camos game save (PS3)?

I would like to have a game save that has all the guns unlocked with the diamond camo

Additional details - 1 year ago

But I just created a game save editor. It works! It works without a jailbroken or dex ps3. A ll I have to do is copy save to pc and chose options. The options are: Aimbot (HEADSHOT) Master Prestige (WHEN YOU GO ON THE GAME AGAIN) God mode AND DIAMOND CAMO UNLOCKER

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lol all your stats are saved online to the servers for a reason pal. The game save on your actual PS3 is for the game (updates, DLC, etc.) How abut you stop trying to cheat your way to diamond camo and actually EARN them like they were supposed to be. It's hard to get diamond camo, but it was meant to be hard.

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