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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
IS Reznov in de game? Open 3
Other Help status answers
(Zombies) Why is there a teddy bear on the mystery box? Open 3
Anyone want to do the Black Ops 2 Easter Eggs? (PS3) Unanswered 0
Can someone upload an all diamond gun camos game save (PS3)? Open 1
Can you get more gun unlocks through Mission Replay? Answered 1
Can you have dual PSN account logins in split-screen online? Answered 5
Can you play all game modes offline with bots? Answered 1
Character Customization? Answered 2
Do I have to restart the campaign selecting "new game" in order to complete the glitched challenges? Open 2
Do you earn XP and weapon progress in league play? Open 2
Does using scorestreaks from care packages complete challenges? Answered 2
How do i prestige guns in MP? Open 5
How does the Scorestreak/Killstreak work in Black Ops 2 Multiplayer? Open 3
How many points do you get for a kill in multiplayer? Answered 2
How much exp do you need to reach Master Prestige? Open 5
I pre-ordered Black Ops 2 at Best Buy? Open 2
If I choose replay mission and get a different outcome, will it change the ending I get? Open 1
Is anyone else missing kills in there stats? Open 1
Is anyone esle having Skullcandy SLYR mic problems with Tranzit? Open 1
Is the 'You Have No Power Over Me' trophy glitched? Answered 1
Is your KDR reset when you prestige? Answered 1
Let me rephrase my question from earlier about the Black Ops 2 Pre-Order? Open 4
Level missions? Answered 1
Levels of weapon progress in multiplayer? Answered 2
Master Prestige messed up? Answered 4
Origins trophy in custom game? Answered 1
Play zombies with me? Answered 1
Prestige Emblems In Editor? Open 1
Release date for nuketown zombies when you buy season pass ps3? Open 2
Saving karma? Answered 1
Season Pass? Open 4
Should I buy Black Ops 2? Answered 5
What are the slash marks on the tranzit leaderboards for? Open 2
What is the ADS time for the AQcog sights on SNIPERS? Unanswered 0
What is the control configuration in ps3? Open 1
When did it come out? Open 1
Which should I get? Open 1
Why Can;t anyone join my party in black ops 2? Open 1
Why does everyone hate this game? Answered 3
Why does the sound of my game go out? Open 3
Why is my skull on zombies mode no longer changing? Open 8
Will Prestiging my player reset my Weapon Levels/Prestiges and Camo unlocks? Answered 2
Zombie Nuketown????? Open 2

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