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1)How do i do a mid-air finisher/ Must i keep a finisher for it?

2) How to steal an opponent's finisher?

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DevolutionX answered:

To steal a finisher you have to counter your opponents finisher when prompted. It's just like countering any other move except when you hit R2 to counter you will gain a finisher if you're successful.

I don't know about the mid air finisher. Haven't had a chance to use one yet so I'm not sure how they work . Hope the first answer helped at least.
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edwinhai answered:

when they go to the top TB,ropes for springboard or any other dive. Hold R2 and mash triangle. You can only do this with some fins
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cscheffer answered:

I put Alberto on top rop corner and waited for him to stand on it he jumped and I hit Triangle at the right time and Bam RKO'd him in mid air that's all it takes I have only done one though
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outlawdivided answered:

Wait for them to jump off the top rope and hit triangle at the right time with a finisher stored. The easiest way to do it is to set them up on the turnbuckle and strike them until they reverse it. After this they'll jump and you'll see the "OMG!" prompt for a VERY short time. You're welcome.
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