Question from jakeykakes

Lou thesz press?

im in attitude era. How do i do the Lou thesz press when im stone cold steve austin against the undertaker with the kane mask or the kane with the undertaker cloths whichever it is

DinulD asked for clarification:

when I press the Y button, he just taunts! why is that? How can I make him do the lou thraz press?


MacManM2 answered:

It's his signature move get him down and move away when he gets up run and hit your signature move it will be the thez press
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TTLM87 answered:

Run and hit triangle when the signature icon shows up under your character's feet.
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halomaster1333 answered:

What you have to do is when you get your signature run towards which ever it is [won't spoil it for you] and press triangle.
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